Australian Gun Owner trolls National Firearm Amnesty by surrendering Nerf Gun

It didn’t even take 10 minutes.

On the first day of the National Firearm Amnesty, a Queensland gun owner has surrendered a Nerf Gun:

What is interesting is that names and details are being taken (although it is standard procedure to do so when handing in surrendered property to Police). What will be done with the data of those who have surrendered firearms remains unclear given it is supposed to be a “no questions asked”amnesty. However, it has been stated publicly that no prosecutions will take place.

On the Nerf gun surrender, the surrendee told FOU: “I didn’t do this to cause a media shitstorm, I did this to quietly protest, what I believe to be, poorly written and fundamentally unfair firearms laws. I also did it to show that I can own Nerf but I cannot own Airsoft in Australia.

We 100% agree. Although Australia did ban Nerf Rival blasters because of Helen Lovejoy, while you can still buy others. Go figure. Australia is also one of only three countries that bans Airsoft.

We don’t know what’s more amusing, the gentleman who did this or Queensland Police for actually accepting it. Fair play to the Queensland Police Service member who did receipt it, if he did so out of the spirit of it.

The National Firearm Amnesty has been hailed a waste of time and “window dressing” by firearm owners and politicians Senator David Leyonhjelm and Jeff Bourman. Although announced last year, this follows on from many recent notable incidents of the use of illegal firearms such as the shooting of Brett Forte and the Brighton Shooting and previous incidents such as the Lindt Café Siege and Curtis Cheng.

This is also one day removed from Justice Minister Michael Keenan giving a press conference with the latest ACIC report and virtually admitting that authorities are losing the war on illegal drug importation. But somehow, they’re ‘winning’ the same war on illegally imported firearms.

In honour of this gentleman’s efforts, a $50 voucher to spend at his favourite gun store is coming his way.

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