Denied! Self-defence win as NSW firearm owner uses rifle to ward off knife-wielding home invader

Another one.

Flying in the face of Australia’s insanely stupid self-defence laws, a NSW firearm owner has used his rifle to ward off a knife-wielding home invader and protect his castle.

The Bordermail reports:

“TWO victims have armed themselves with weapons – including a rifle – during separate home invasions on Thursday morning. In one of the incidents, a home owner pointed a firearm at a knife-wielding intruder and ordered him into his car, before driving him towards Albury police station.

The man had heard a knock on the door of his family home on the Riverina Highway at Bungowannah about 3.30am.

He opened the door and was confronted by an 18-year-old man armed with a knife and a piece of wood. The resident grabbed a rifle, causing the man to drop the weapons, and told him to get into his car to drive him to the police.

He was met by officers on the way and the 18-year-old was arrested.”

Driving someone to the Police station at gun point after they’ve just tried to break into your home with a knife so they can be arrested? That’s so gangster even Ice-T is tipping his cap in approval.

The main takeaway from this incident is that no one was harmed, the family was protected, the offender dealt with and a firearm was used effectively to defend life and property without a shot being fired. Mere presentation of the firearm was enough to end the threat as it so often is. Very similar to this viral incident earlier in the year.

Coupled with the other incident mentioned in the article, with the offender being driven off by an armed family member wielding a hockey stick and wow, it’s almost as if criminals don’t like armed opposition!

I know more than a few victims of crime in Melbourne that could do with a force equalizer. But alas, they are now dealing with gangs of a dozen or more committing brazen daylight robberies now while Daniel Andrews is too busy using taxpayer money virtue signalling on a free social media platform.

As usual, the statements from Police were predictable.

“I would though suggest that you call Triple-0 straight away and leave the matter to police. However in these (instances), both families were fearful for their safety and detectives will investigate the matter further.”

Well Bungowannah is 18 minutes from Albury Police Station which is 18 minutes too late for dialling 000 and leaving it to Police.

According to the article “the man with the rifle was a licensed firearms holder and had the gun secured, and Detective Inspector Woodward said he appeared to have applied with all necessary conditions.”

While details on the storage arrangements at this gentleman’s house are not 100% at this stage, current storage laws across the country make emergency access to firearms in self-defence situations virtually impossible in many cases.

FOU vehemently supports the Castle Doctrine and storage law amendments to allow licenced firearm owners to store their firearms loaded, to purchase biometric “quick release” safes or alternative storage methods such as concealable safes within furniture, for quick access in an emergency situation.

Kudos to the firearm owner for protecting himself and his family and it’s great to see the Australian spirit still alive in these uncertain times.

Let’s hope NSW Police Detectives extend that same spirit in their investigation and find that this man did the right thing protecting his family.

5 thoughts on “Denied! Self-defence win as NSW firearm owner uses rifle to ward off knife-wielding home invader”

  1. I don’t know if you posted this late last night, but I am sure it wasn’t on the ch seven or nine; 6 o’clock news! Bet 10 million dollars it won’t be on tonight! Good gun stories are never f___ shown! Apparently being good by defending yourself is “evil!” 😐 I am sure anti gun activist Melissa Doyle (who works on 7) would be all too pleased! Keep the fake news coming!

    By the way, thanks for telling us these stories! I am vehemently support the castle doctrine, but also concealed carry (as a bare minimum when away from home) and open carry (because that’s what the police officers are allowed to do.)

  2. Latest news is that the police have now confiscated his guns and he is now under review, how pathetic is the system for now the farmer trying to protect his family is now the criminal.

    1. Yep, the police have moved in on the real criminal here and seized his firearms for having threatened the life of a misunderstood youth, who clearly did nothing wrong.

      IMO the police do it because they cannot tolerate the possibility that the wider public will notice the 2 salient points from this story – 1. they were not there, and 2. the public, when properly equipped can defend themselves without them – the major impediment to this happening is the police.

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