Fake News: Sam Lee claims Pardus shotgun takes same ammunition as an AR15

Gun Control Australia are at it again. After all of their Adler shenanigans, they’ve moved onto another firearm they want banned and tried to claim it’s a danger to the public:

“A shotgun with an assault rifle-like magazine, described as “more dangerous” than the controversial Adler weapon, needs far heavier regulation according to Greens politicians and gun control advocates.

NSW Greens state MP David Shoebridge and federal Greens senator Lee Rhiannon have come out against the Pardus LAX 12 MF shotgun, which is now available in Australia. MF stands for magazine fed, referring to the detachable ammunition magazine which can be quickly detached from the firearm and a new one inserted. The shotgun is advertised on the company’s website as having “the feeling of a more tactical usage as well fast loading with detachable magazines with different capacities”.

Yes, you read that correctly. “Assault like magazine.” Inventing new neurolinguistics terms all the time must require a decent amount of mental calories, something you wouldn’t normally associate with David Shoebridge et al.

That wasn’t the best part though, it was this from Lee:

“The magazine is the concern for this one. It’s quick release, you push the button on the side and the magazine drops out then you feed in another one. It’s the same magazine as an AR assault rifle,” Samantha Lee, chair of Gun Control Australia, told HuffPost Australia.

So if that didn’t sink in the first time, Lee is claiming the magazine on the Pardus which accepts 12 Gauge rounds is the same as the .223 Remington/5.56x45mm rounds an AR15 rifle accepts. Right.

Amateur hour has become amateur month at GCA.

Deliberate deception is not the issue though, the fact is it’s exactly the same tactic they used for the Adler that they are now using for the Pardus. They’re also targeting magazine capacity in a not so subtle way. They’re literally just moving through the catalogue, screaming about x firearm and creating a false justification for why other people in power want it banned.

If you’re late on the scene, Gun Control Australia’s agenda is total disarmament – Lee admitted to that last week when amid playing the victim card, Lee stated “We want courage. We want these men to come out and actually tackle the legal firearms market.”

This latest move is just another expression of that.

The link Josh Butler provided re: gun numbers doesn’t work and Crimtrac figures are more accurate which show a far greater number of firearms and licence holders. We contacted Josh Butler regarding the article but as of publishing he didn’t respond, and we doubt he will considering he blocked us on Twitter last year.

That aside, much like the Nationals and their press releases this week, you can smell the fear at Gun Control Australia as licence firearm holder numbers grow and the number of firearms increases every single year.

But we all know why the Pardus is next on the GCA hit list, it can hold more than 2 ammunitions.

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