Think of the Children! Border Farce seize more “deadly” Airsoft and Gel Blaster toys

Another fine waste of tax payer money. From

“More than 60 airsoft guns that fire gel balls have been seized by Australian border officials, who also arrested a Perth man this week after searching his home. Border authorities intercepted 45 gell ball airsoft guns contained in 16 parcels destined for addresses across Western Australia in October.

A further 18 guns were seized after local police searched two homes in Canning Vale and Bertram this week. A 32-year-old Canning Vale man been charged with cultivating a prohibited plant, possessing a prohibited drug, and possessing drug paraphernalia.

It’s unclear if any charges have been laid over the airsoft guns, but Australian Border Force says the items are considered an imitation firearm.

“The seizure has prevented a large number of replica firearms making their way into the community and being used in the commission of crimes,” ABF Superintendent Clinton Sims said in a statement on Saturday.

ABF say importers must obtain permission before bringing any firearms, including imitation firearms, into Australia. People who import goods without the relevant import permission face a maximum penalty of $450,000 and up to 10 years in prison.”

The citizens of Western Australia feel safer already. *slow clap*

And while they were out wasting time, energy and your money doing this, another nine or so containers full of illegal firearms, tobacco and drugs got through somewhere.

Not to mention that imitation firearms in Western Australia are already legal to own without a licence.

It seems Border Force have finally worked out what Airsoft is after last week’s embarrassment at the Senate Estimates Hearing and it’s not air that’s soft:

This is a total joke. Your tax dollars are being spent on enforcing the seizure of toys while real illegal firearms get through our porous borders at will. The Australian public apparently need to be protected by nanny, because god forbid those evil Airsoft toys that won’t hurt anyone may fall into the wrong hands.

It’s also no coincidence that the media is under instruction to attempt to demonize Airsoft and gel blasters, given the huge swelling of support and current campaigns by the Liberal Democrats’ Aaron Stonehouse and the Australian Airsoft Council to legalise the sport and remove the ridiculous appearance laws which makes their import illegal.

Until then, we’ll just keep sending more of our money to New Zealand where Airsoft is embraced and players treated as adults.

Grow up, Border Force.

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  1. i’m guessing they came in through the regular, i/national mail….not secreted in a sea-tainer to be collected via a registered ‘company’… which: case…they’d just move the sea-tainer to a bonded ware-house and, then, empty it @ their leisure…of drugs, guns, what-ever…..
    they almost never check sea-tainers….their whole focus is on i/national mail…..

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