Thistlethwaite whinges again about not being able to sell Malabar Range to the Chinese

Not this latte-sipping wimp again:


Exactly like moving in next door to race track and complaining it should be shut down.

So who managed to secure the lease for Malabar Range for another 50 years? None other than Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm:

“SHOOTERS will be able to operate at the ANZAC Rifle Range on the Malabar Headland for another 50 years, after a lease was signed by the NSW Rifle Association.

The deal was championed by federal Liberal Democrats senator and gun enthusiast David Leyonhjelm, who claimed credit for the outcome on Facebook. But it was slammed by community group Friends of Malabar Headland, with chairman Dave Pyett branding it “a totally secret deal done in the back corners of Canberra.”

“Nobody consulted FoMH or anybody else. What on earth are they doing?” he said.

The headland has been made a national park, although the rifle club area will be off-limits to the public when shooting events are taking place.

“Malabar was a big fight, but I won in the end,” Leyonhjelm wrote on Facebook.

He said the “future of shooting sports in Sydney” had been assured.”

The park is still accessible to the public some 280 days a year, as opposed to the 70 odd days it’s accessible for firearm owners – who have been there well before the soy mochaccino set were. If anything, it should be balanced the other way.

Politics is all about timing and it’s clear that Thistlethwaite is cynically trying to cash in on the ongoing bipartisan attack on Leyonhjelm.

We’ve taken this guy to task before. Thistlethwaite, like many Labor MP’s, is in bed with the Chinese and their real estate developer brethren and this is no different. Thistlethwaite has close personal ties with Huang Xiangmo, the same Chinese property developer who was responsible for the downfall of “Shanghai” Sam Dastyari:


A vote for Labor is a vote for Chinese interests and Thistlethwaite seems determined to prostitute himself out for the cause. Trying to offload one of the oldest and most historic shooting ranges in the Southern Hemisphere, let alone Australia, is a disgrace and a slap in the face to the 150 year plus ANZAC heritage that Malabar is synonymous with.

Perhaps take some of your own advice and take a hike, Matt.

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