“World class gun laws”: Teenagers getting “AK-47’s” in Melbournestan

All hail our lord and saviour, John Howard:

An 18-year-old man has been arrested in Melbourne after police found a suspected AK47 assault rifle, as well as drugs and a fake firearm, in an afternoon raid in the city’s southeast …

It is the second AK47 found by Victorian police in days, after a youth gang with members as young as 14 was broken up last week in the same area after a spate of armed carjackings and robberies.”

Now it’s almost impossible to tell from the small photographs what exactly it is, so it could be a replica or the real deal.

So that’s two incidents in a week of alleged Kalashnikovs finding their way into the hands of the African gangs that don’t exist.

This is following on from the service station shooting in Springvale last week:

“Police are searching for a man who shot a 7-Eleven worker in the arm during a failed robbery in Melbourne’s southeast.

The offender followed a male customer into the store in Springvale South shortly before 4.30am. Police spokesman Luke Zammit said the offender approached the front counter and demanded cash. He said the male store attendant, aged 40, was shot in the arm while attempting to lock himself in the store room behind the counter.”

I wonder what pistol club he was a member of?

Everyone’s favourite idiot Neil Mitchell also gave his two cents:

“Muh hundred rounds a minute”. Here’s what that actually looks like, Neil:

Now, considering that both the Police and the media for the most part don’t know a firearm from their elbow, this could all very much be the usual hyperbolic “muh high powered assault rifle” garbage we’re used to. Or it could be the real deal.

Then this from former Australian Border Force Commissioner Roman Quadvelieg:

“A Border Force expert estimates there could be thousands of AK-47s in Australia after two of the high-powered assault rifles were allegedly found in the possession of Melbourne teenagers.

Former Border Force Commissioner Roman Quaedvlieg said he’s not surprised the Russian-designed AK-47 weapons were being found in Melbourne.”

No surprises there.

Sure, ABF are well understaffed, underpaid and undermanned and have a huge coastline to protect which is incredibly difficult to do effectively. However, it’s not exactly reassuring.

Maybe if the Department of Home Affairs focused their time and money on illegal firearms, instead of diverting record money and resources into fighting the apparent scourge of illegal tobacco, then this wouldn’t be such an issue. But again, the same idiots who wrote the tobacco laws wrote the gun laws, because something something public health.

This is also coming from a guy that was paid over $600,000 a year while suspended when he was turfed for using his position as ABF Commissioner to get his girlfriend a job. It seems money is well spent at Home Affairs.

And then this later from the Age and Victoria Police claiming the firearms were replicas and not the real deal:

“Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton told The Age both AK-47s were found to be fakes.

“They’re replicas that have been imported. They are the best imitations we’ve seen,” he said. “Their weight, their size, what they’ve been made out of are a brilliant imitation.

“And if you’re a victim of an armed robbery and staring down the barrel of one of these, you’re not going to know if they’re real or not.”

Victoria Police and its illicit firearm trafficking team, along with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, are trying to find out where the guns came from, Mr Patton said. Presumably, there are more of these fakes out there. He said they had no intelligence as yet that suggested youths were minding weapons or imitations like these because of the recently introduced firearm prohibition orders.”

All this, while gangs are firebombing and throwing grenades at each other. And on the basis of the above, how are those firearm prohibition orders going Lisa Neville?

Now whether they are real or not and whether Victoria Police are telling the truth or not, is unclear. The fact remains replica firearm or not, they still constitute a firearms offence and further point out Australia’s insanely stupid firearm laws.

How are teenagers getting their hands on them? How did the Airsoft ban stop this if they are replicas or Airsoft rifles? Those among the many questions being asked.

However it’s Patton’s quote: “and if you’re a victim of an armed robbery and staring down the barrel of one of these, you’re not going to know if they’re real or not.” that stands out.

The case has just been made for the absurdity of the military appearance clause to be removed. How is a member of the public going to know the difference between a “military style” firearm and a non-military style firearm if they can’t tell if they are real or not in the first place? Most Police don’t even know (not that military style is ever defined anyway) how to classify a firearm, as evidenced by Queensland Police and their disgraceful actions over the Wedgetail WT15.

Thank you for kicking an own goal and making the case for why the firearm appearance laws should be removed, Shane Patton.

If this isn’t a red pill for the remaining few rusted-on supporters of gun control in Australia, then I don’t know what is.

This is just the latest episode of the farce that are our “world class gun laws” and that the continued ideology of civilian disarmament at all costs will just result in increased criminality and public distrust.

But thank god we reclassified the Adler.

One thought on ““World class gun laws”: Teenagers getting “AK-47’s” in Melbournestan”

  1. Quote – “They’re replicas that have been imported. They are the best imitations we’ve seen,” he said. “Their weight, their size, what they’ve been made out of are a brilliant imitation.

    I hate to point out the obvious, but if you can import an almost perfect replica of an AK-47, what stops you importing the real thing in numbers once you have proved that channel works by pushing a few replicas through it first?

    As an aside, whilst I would hate to go up against an AK with my 9mm, I’d hate even more to have to do it with my bare hands and biting sarcasm. on the bright side, the choice is not mine to make – the law removes the option of carrying my 9mm, so I guess I’d best brush up on my sarcasm.

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