Dean Webber case exemplifies everything that’s wrong with defending yourself in Australia

It looks like a Queensland teenager may fall victim to Australia’s archaic view on self-defence:

“A teenager who put his life on the line for a terrified young woman desperately fought off three men with a small kitchen knife “in pitch-black darkness” but did not realise he had ­fatally stabbed two of them, sources close to the investigation have revealed.

Despite two desperate calls for police help, a source says local police at first refused to come because they were understaffed and only arrived up to 50 minutes later to discover the two men dead, one of them on the street in the fishing hamlet of Alva Beach in north Queensland.

Dean Webber, 19, had been asleep on the couch of his family’s Topton Street home in the early hours of Monday morning when he heard a woman banging on his front door, screaming: “Don’t let them get me. They are very bad people.”

Once inside the house, 29-year-old Candice Locke told Mr Webber some men were chasing her and she feared for her life after she had been thrown out of a moving four-wheel buggy, badly injuring her shoulder.

Mr Webber hid Ms Locke on the floor in the kitchen as a car, carrying as many as four men, drew up to the house. He immediately called the triple-0 emergency number, asking for police and an ambulance. The operator put him through to the closest police ­station at Ayr, a 15-minute drive away, but the ­officer told Mr Webber he could not leave because there were people in custody and advised him to “just see how it went”. The source told The Aus­tralian the triple-0 operator could hear Ms Locke screaming in terror after three of the men approached the house and began banging on the glass sliding doors and windows, trying to break in.

He was advised by the operator to keep the lights off.

The car then drove off with the men, but reappeared a few minutes later with up to seven men in the car. Mr Webber dialled triple-0 again — and this call would remain open for another 40 minutes until police arrived. Within seconds of his making the call, the three men had again gone to his front door, “ripping it off its tracks” and storming into the house.

The Australian understands Mr Webber later told police that while Ms Locke remained hidden behind the kitchen bench, one of the three men grabbed him “round the throat, lifted him off the ground and then threw him to the floor where all three men set upon him”. Mr Webber, a slight man weighing about 60kg, had grabbed a small knife from the kitchen bench as he was lifted off the ground, and began blindly thrashing it around in the dark, “fighting for his life”.

“He couldn’t see anything, so he didn’t know he had even stabbed anybody, let alone killed them, until he saw the blood on his hands later,” the source said. “The fact that lives were taken has just destroyed him. He is totally devastated.” One of the men is believed to have died inside the house. The second staggered from the home, leaving a trail of blood splashed from the front door, weaving across the driveway and ending in the gutter, where a pool of blood still remains.

The dead men are a local ­father of three young children, Corey Christensen, 37, and Tom Davy, 27, an aircraft mechanic from Tea Gardens, north of Newcastle in NSW.

Mr Christensen’s widow, Jaye, broke down yesterday at the Ayr police station as she delivered a statement, telling media her husband was a kind man who would “never hurt anyone”.

Going to have to disagree on that last one.

Sure, more information may come out about this ongoing investigation that sheds more light on what was happening. However, if we take it on face value, Webber has acted appropriately – what else was he or a reasonable person supposed to do in that situation?

A female comes asking for help because she’s being pursued by three men already with obvious signs of violence. These men then break into the house, and attack you and the female – you’re in fear for your life. There is definite justification for what he did – outnumbered, outmuscled and already under attack. And all the while Police were unable to attend and just gave it the “see how it goes.” It went south very quickly as you can see.

The “just call the Police” crowd and Ian Stewart are pretty silent on this one for obvious reasons.

Australia’s overall attitude on self-defence is quite frankly, pathetic. We saw this last year with the case against David Dunstan. The fact also that 46 Senators, 19 of them female, voted against a recent motion to allow women to carry non-lethal self-defence items exemplifies what the ruling class think of the plebs in this country being able to protect themselves – while they surround themselves with M4-wielding, taxpayer-funded armed guards in Canberra.

If Webber had been allowed to carry a pepper spray or have a firearm on hand, he could have ended the situation non-lethally or deterred it by presentation of a firearm, two men might still be alive and behind bars instead of in a casket and Webber might not be a psychological wreck.

Indeed, if Ms Locke had been carrying something she may have prevented the entire situation before it had started.

Australia’s ridiculous attitude and laws on self-defence facilitate situations like this. The legal right to self-defence means absolutely nothing when you are denied access to the legal means. Yes, the normal factors of training, situational awareness, etc apply however, unarmed in a situation like Ms Locke’s puts you right on the backfoot.

Slow clap Australia – incidents like this will keep happening because a large segment of the population have been so indoctrinated to embrace victimhood as normal, instead of taking responsibility for their own safety and having the chance to prevail over the criminal element and protect themselves and their families.

Dean Webber doesn’t deserve to be the next David Dunstan. Let’s hope Queensland Police show some common sense on this one.

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    1. Well that’s the thing. As a point of fact, it MUST go to trial, as otherwise the police would be declaring him innocent and overstepping their bounds of authority. At the same time, if the article is correct, a jury of his peers MUST find him innocent. You don’t go to trail because you’re declared guilty, you go to trial because there is evidence suggesting you committed the deed. Which the article admits he did..

      1. Not correct. Committing a “deed” is not illegal. Committing a crime is. If the coroner rules that he acted within the law (which is a grey area, and doesn’t necessarily revolve around specific laws, but could be based on what a reasonable citizen would expect) there is no cause for a trial.

      2. Nope. In a trial he would be found guilty, or not guilty. He won’t be found innocent. You need to be very careful of your use of that word, it holds a particular meaning in law.

    2. jury nullification…. just about no one in our country knows about this. they will do what ever the court directs them to do. its pathetic.

    3. If it goes to court he will get done for manslaughter of wreckless use of weolan causing death happened to a blole in townsville couple of years ago its shit

  1. The police said criminal charges might not be laid due to the circumstances and it’ll go straight to the coroner.

    Still, fuck ’em. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  2. Author of this article seems to think that only the good guys will be carrying a firearm, if the laws were such that the victim could legally carry one you can be t your arse that the feral packdogs that invaded his home would have also been carrying at least one, so most likely there would have been even more deaths in the resulting shoot out.

    1. The funny thing about laws (even those involving guns) is they are only obeyed by the law abiding. Criminals that want guns, will have guns – regardless of what the law says. These leaves the law abiding defenceless.
      You cannot stop lions from attacking a buffalo by removing the horns from the buffalo.

      1. all for non lethal defense, but if they all had rights to guns that just means 7 people vs 2 with guns n house … and most likely prior the woman would never have escaped …

    2. Yes Perry, but by disallowing firearms you ensure that the criminal who is prepared to carry a club or a knife and attack as part of a pack has the automatic advantage, guns allow the possibility that the victim might win, without them wins like this are few and far between – many people think twice when the hear “back away I have a gun” in a situation where it is a credible possibility – criminals don’t want a fight, they want a victim.

  3. This is completely different from David’s story. He was attacked by one man, just one! This woman was chased by car by three man who than came back with another 4 men. The police did nothing which is bullshit, they should of been there straight away and than things wouldn’t of gotten out of control. It has nothing to do with carrying something to defend yourself, this has to do with the fact that we have force that are suppose to protected us and failed to show up!

    1. Police have no duty to protect you.

      What do you think Police use to protect themselves with? No reason a member of the public that can meet the same standard as some minimally trained public servant can’t carry or use the same items.

      Your alternative is victimhood.

  4. The response of the Police Department was at best pathetic. The fact that they listened for “40 minutes” and did nothing is a disgrace to every since of the law. These “men” called down the thunder and when lightning struck their families dare stated that they were good men. I for one don’t see the goodness in any of this. In the end a truly innocent young mans life is left shattered and no one is holding the real people responsible. The men who injured the young lady and the police who did nothing. A truely sad day in the life of Australian legal system

  5. The only two things the police are good for.
    Setting up speed cameras.
    Writing up reports of what happened when they finally get there.
    On more than one occasion a call to the police the response time is hours if at all.
    Pathetic the police are now just a profit center only interested in how much they can collect from the motorist.
    John Howard made us all defenseless victims.
    The only thing that stops a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.
    Most “bad guys” are cowards and if they thought that you could defend yourself it would give them pause to attempt to inflict harm. But if they are dead set on doing that then why should be be at their mercy, which obviously they have none.
    I would vote for any polly that would give us back our weapons of self defense.

  6. It’s about time that they stop slashing this all over the papers have they even considered the others involved young Dean was only doing what he thought was right by defending someone that was in trouble what would you have done and three against one see how that is so even and like one comment said to put on you heaf stone “see how it goes” well we all know how that turned out.Good luck Dean you do have the support of many.

    1. and would have faced the possibility of being shot as soon as they entered the house, with no idea where the shooter would be positioned.

  7. What else was he supposed to do he was only defending her and himself against the intruders why should he be prosecuted even though it turned bad you should be able to defend yourself in your own home hang in there.

  8. None of you people have any friggin clue what happened on that night nor do you know any of the people and what they are like. I have known Corey Christensen for 23 years and he does not have an ounce of hatred, aggression or violence in his body, there is no way on gods green earth that he attacked Brad Webber and did not deserve to die.. what you are being told by the media is bulls*#t and they are storeys made up to save a 19 year old with a hidden psychotic personality from going to jail. The media is saying that 7 people turned up in a car?? Why the hell would 7 people be hunting down one teenage girl and how the hell do you fit 7 people into a car?? There were only 2 people that went to that house and they are both dead… Brad Webber and Candice Locke are both full of crap and are covering their own ass, it took the police 50 minutes to get to that house… that’s a long time for two people to come up with a story to tell the police.

    1. If your mate was such a great bloke, why was he and another guy (just 2 according to you) breaking into this mans house “hunting” a teenage girl. Sounds like a great bloke. His hunting days are over now. Totally disgraceful.

    2. Well, lets see – why would 7 people be hunting a woman? sexual assaults have happened before. 7 people in a car is easy – you squeeze them in. and if those two supposed pacifists hadn’t forcibly entered someone elses home, they’d still be alive – hint B&E involves risk of harm, even in Australia.

    3. So there’s another story here? Why 7 (or 2) men broke into someone’s house? Did his hidden psychotic personality enable him to somehow lure them in to their deaths? Even if there were two… did he go to their home and attack them? Where did the knifing take place? And the operator heard the whole thing. For someone without an ounce of aggression in his body, he sure managed to show it.

  9. What the f–k would you know to the person who wrote that the 19 year old who is suuposed to have a psychotic personality and by the way his name is Dean not Brad for starters and we do know Dean for your information you said that you have known Corey Christensen for 23 years well obviously you don’t other wise he wouldn’t be breaking into someone else home with a complete stranger and assaulting a 19 yr old and the girl is not a teenager she is a grown 29 yr old woman obviously you can’t read properly otherwise you would know this and I tell you what you would want to be pretty good to make up a story like that and since you r so smart explain how he got his injuries. I think they speak for themselves.

  10. Surely common sense will prevail here looking at the facts alone, he could have been killed by these thugs, that’s what would have been going through my mind in a situation like this, it’s only natural and fair to protect yourself , case dismissed… your free to go sir , and would you be needing any compensation ???.

  11. I agree with the comment above the young man should be compensated for what they put him through they may be dead but he has to live with this for the rest of his life for something that he never asked for the physical and emotional injuries its time he is let resume his life.

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