Why all the sudden anti-gun propaganda? It’s UN Disarmament week

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Disarmament is the at the core of the UN’s mandate.” Tells you all you need to know.

This is just an advance from earlier in the year:

“In a speech at the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, UN Disarmament Affairs Chief Izumi Nakamitsu told the world exactly what the position of the UN is when it comes to arms and the God-given right to keep and bear them.

“Every day, hundreds of lives are lost due to gun violence worldwide. Guns are responsible for about half of all violent deaths – nearly a quarter-million each year,” Nakamitsu said.

The UN claims that gun violence can be traced back to “a lack of adequate legislation and regulation on gun control; an insufficient ability to enforce existing laws; youth unemployment and a lack of job opportunities for former gang members and ex-combatants.”

“The international community must present a united front against gun violence which kills nearly 250,000 each year and injures many more,” Nakamitsu added.

Nakamitsu also said that the UN’s gun confiscation agenda is a part of its larger goal of Agenda 2030.”

IANSA is Rebecca Peters’ brainchild. There’s no coincidences there.

This is just further confirmation that these types of anti-firearm media blitzes are often co-ordinated and from external bodies. We’ve seen it over the past week after the 4Corners-led anti-firearm extravaganza across several media platforms. Hunting has been targeted on full tilt, NSW Police have had another amnesty PR parade, The West Australian have victim blamed a LAFO for being broken into and on it goes.

It’s also further evidence that Australia’s penchant for signing up to UN treaties without consulting the public is not in it’s interests. Not that the UN has ever been in anyone’s interests but that of globalists.

The United Nations has a chequered history in destroying the national interests of nation states. In Australia, aside from firearms one only needs to look at the current policies on immigration and energy and the UN’s meddling in both. Why people continue to put trust in an organisation which is essentially just another group of unaccountable bureaucrats with no skin in the game, making decisions that don’t directly affect them for the benefit of a small few, is beyond comprehension.

Civilian disarmament is global but the UN is from another planet. It’s time Australia left.

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  1. Zumi Nakamitsu …coming from a country which has strict gun laws! Apparently it’s not a coincidence! I don’t believe those figures she’s giving. I wonder if she would speak honestly on the amount of people killed in pointless and devastating Middle Eastern Wars caused by Satanic globalists? John Howard disarmed Australia and then 5 years later sent troops to Afghanistan!!!

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