Wankers: Victoria Police tell citizens not to fight back against African gangs

Another day in vibrant Melbournestan:

Kudos to those shop owners who stood their ground and non-kudos to those who stood back and filmed. It appears the elders were the ones doing the fighting while the young ones did nothing. To be fair to the shop owners, Australia’s self-defence laws have them already at a disadvantage and it’s surprising Victoria Police haven’t laid charges of assault on the defenders.

It was this response from Victoria Police that really grinds our gears:

To be quite frank, take the paternalistic bullshit elsewhere, Victoria Police. Victoria Police and the judicial system have been doing a completely garbage job in handling this issue. Citizens are sick and tired of the crime, sick and tired of no arrests, soft sentences, gaslighting from Daniel Andrews and Lisa Neville and sick of an apologist media (hello Fairfax and the ABC/SBS) calling them racist for observing reality. To then tell them not to fight back and just be victims is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

In Australia “vigilantism” has been very deliberately conflated with anything self-defence related. Self-defence is seen as “vigilantism” that should only be left to the “professionals” and we can’t have that because something something America. Only people in uniform can protect themselves, anything else is considered vigilantism and we don’t need cowboys and yahoos taking the law into their own hands, etc. This cultural meme is absurd and needs to end.

This is very deliberate and part of the long-term demoralization of the country – a discussion for another time.

Furthermore, when Police continue to lobby against the public owning the tools to self-defence then you continue to alienate and drive a wedge between yourselves and the law-abiding public. We have seen this consistently from just about every Police jurisdiction in the country – complete hypocrisy when they have the tools to protect themselves with.

Ask Dean Webber how it went when he called Queensland Police to help him in a home invasion.

Never forget Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana telling people to “just be compliant” during a home invasion:


Police cannot protect you, it’s unknown how many times this needs to be proven but the indoctrination that has taken place around this subject in Australia, especially in the post Port Arthur period, shows said indoctrination needs to be broken.

If Australian Police want to start supporting the public in protecting themselves, rather than lecturing them on how best to be victims while they arrive too late and complain they are understaffed and overworked (which they are), then you’ll get unequivocal support from the public. Right now you’re just aggravating them.

Self-defence is the most basic of human rights and the right itself is meaningless without access to the legal means. It starts with the complete legalisation of non-lethal means of self-defence and private citizens that can meet the same standards as Police should have the option to carry a concealed firearm. There is no good argument against this, particularly when Police hold Category H handgun licence holders to a far higher standard than themselves.

Note to Australians: no-one else is coming to save you. If you want self-defence laws strengthened and self-defence items available to protect yourselves and your family, then you’re going to have to demand and push for them. Social media outrage doesn’t do as much as you think it does, which is realistically nothing aside from a brief moment of catharsis and a dopamine hit.

Just like your personal safety and security, your country is your responsibility and until that cultural shift takes place in terms of self-defence, then this kind of violent criminal nonsense will continue unabated.

The Liberals were no better, but you voted for this Victoria.

112 thoughts on “Wankers: Victoria Police tell citizens not to fight back against African gangs”

  1. Just roll over and die? This is condoning criminal behaviour isn’t it?
    My wife and child come under threat, I kill the bastard’s, that’s my instinct.

        1. So i ask what type are they? Are they up to defense against govt gone power mad? How would you define a tyrant? what level of taxes would you be willing to pay (BTW taxes refer to everything people pay to the govt be it sales taxes most of which never got removed as promised when GST came in, rego, licensing, rates, fines etc etc)? how much do you think we are paying now in this country when all those things are taken into account? What about how many people you talk to in the street who are not happy how govt is being run and the excessive regulation over every area of our lives? do you know how true common law is supposed to work especially in the courts? Do you know that on the spot fines are not lawful under common law and that the courts are not even supposed to be able to issue a fine without trial by JURY?
          So I ask are you Free or is it that your chains just rest lightly upon you?

          1. Toni you clearly don’t know how the court system works. Fines are usually for what is known as summary offences. Taken by MAGISTRATES court. Which means no jury. Common law has no such problem with fines but basically all law is left open to interpretation by those who enforce it. Meaning wankers in blue can sadly do just about whatever the fuck they want.

          2. no that is how they have changed it to work so their laws cannot get challenged as being unjust and so by default they can then make as many laws as they want to force you to pay more money to them. what i described is how it is SUPPOSED to work under COMMON LAW. Until a law has been through that process it has not been challenged as to whether it is Fair and Just ie. JUSTICE. It was made that way so that laws could not easilly be made that were tyrannical.
            So keep supporting the status quo which will get you more tyranny or make a stand against the corrupt pollitical and “injustice” systems.
            The choice is yours

          3. i will also add that the court with a single magistrate presiding was only ever supposed to be for dispute resolution between 2 individuals or companies. It was never meant for any sort of fine imposed by government law or regulation. the implementation of this is simply a new iteration of the infamous star courts that were outlawed

    1. From an American (just so you know where this is coming from) you guys need to change your laws so that anyone defending their home from an invader should be able to kill as needed without repercussions

    2. Hitler did the same thing. Disarm the population and then bring in the SD to eliminate the opposition!! Read about Himmler Goering and Reinhard Heydrich’s moves on the German population !! The new world order will do the same thru UN the 666 is happening already! Cashless society no freedom of speech beware !! Read the book of revelation mark Luke Mathew and john! U have been deceived!!!!

    3. …what an obnoxious soul the …”Police Chief”…is. Who is he to tell people what to say or how to discuss a problem that he’s paid to solve or manage, and has failed miserably. Does he really think his paternal malarkey is going to stop some of these…Men…from protecting their homes and businesses? Perhaps this Chief should be the first person to be legally convicted for dereliction of duty and crimes against humanity for his New World Order endorsement of the theft of these citizen’s rights. After legal conviction, hang the Chief from a lamp pole.

  2. Protesting doesn’t work, it’s been proven time after time, if you won’t changes in this Country
    the answers easy, Vote those changes in.

    1. yes protesting does not work but the major parties who all want us completely enslaved under the UN control the voting system and keep changing it to suit themselves any time they see minor liberty minded parties starting to gain more traction and power. Then we also have the courts backing them up. SO, I ASK, What Is The Next Course Of Action?

    2. So stupid if you thing voting or any politics are going to somehow be in your favour. We don’t have a choice! We the people are slaves for fuck sakes under a communist government. They in no way have our wants and needs at hand it’s about what they want. The voting system is a hoax to give you the impression that you have a say and a choice in this world but reality is you don’t! Wake the fuck up.

      1. ‘And the libs will do no better’ Well I don’t know that and it’s an irrelevant comment. Dan and his Socialists are in government right now so it’s HIS problem to fix.

      2. Libs are trying to battle with the problem the labor greens government made for them … dan andrews is still making the problem. . And a federal labor government .. would just open up the country to aa many as can get here .. lets face it. Screaming lefties hav have no brain and labor greens government like it that way .

    1. Good to see someone fight back,thats what we need in this country, if they have a gang of 30 we should be getting our own gang of 70 and walk all over them,march them into the ocean and tell them to keek going.i dont think any government in OUR COUNTRY have the balls to deal with these murdering dogs that come to our country and think they can take over,,We need to do what there doing and number up and push them into a corner and beat there ass’s

  3. I think that it’s time that us Aussies stood together and fight back against these sub-human dogs.
    If the police and so called political leaders won’t do their job and protect us, then it’s time we started protecting ourselves and helping those that can’t fight back against these vermin.
    I’m so sick of seeing my fellow countryman being attacked by these bastards in my own country!!
    I think it’s time for the yellow vests to start!!!!

    1. I totally agree with this post and if anybody else reading this does then we must all make ourselves accountable, stand up for our rights if we don’t start at the beginning then this will escalate into something much bigger. We already know who votes labour why they are here in the first place and there just are not enough of us we live by a constitution and a sovereignty we must ask for that to be obeyed. That is the law.

  4. What are vicpol going to do.
    So far they have done SFA and will continue to do SFA!

    But film a scene on a camera and you’ll be hancuffed!

  5. That’s what happens when you let the sub-human scum in the country. The politicians need to listen, we don’t want them here, we as in the majority of Australians.

    1. Not all Africans are like that. Their is good and bad people in every race. And it has nothing to do with theie colour. There are plenty of evil Australians as well.

      1. Blacks have statisticly been proven to be the least intelligent most violent race regardless of what country they infest. Do a little research regarding the racial IQ gap and the less active prefrontal cortex (impulse control) of blacks before making such an unbelievably inaccurate statement.

  6. Rise up fight back be rid of these cancers, as may already too late. Common ghost army like the old days, make vanished in the night of all those bad elements. Enough of us waiting for the day to rise

    1. I agree 100% with you I’m not back in Australia at th moment but I’m coming back soon,I remember when they all started to come to oz ,but they are so aragant ,and brazen,just walking into people’s homes,dictating and demanding,well it’s vic whare I live,and sorry to the vic police but I will have a little shooter in my home,and if it ever came to be,I would use it.

  7. Well someone very close to me said it as aptly as could be expected. If you douchbags (local police) can’t do your jobs. It is a citizens duty to protect his or her right to live freely in our lands. Step up or step away from your roles which clearly you are so ill equipped to handle.

  8. Our Brave ancestors and ongoing brave protectors of our lands and human rights, did not and do not go to war to allow this other nationality to come in and threaten and beat upon the livelihoods and homes and lives of innocent hard worker people. These gangs are weak and the Government and Police Chiefs are aiding their runs of violence. If they come into my house and threaten my families, I will fight against them to protect my way of life. These criminals have NO respect for the Laws of our Land! Our land, homes, our Laws and rights… time to demand the removal of these threats and not be threatened by the people who are supposed to protect us civilians and the Police!

  9. It’s time we all got together as Australians and took a stand does anyone remember the Cronulla riots kind of thing.

    I for one would get on board and help take back our country I think we all need to make a stand in this country we call home willing ready able to put my life on the line for my country.

    1. Absolutely Shane, i 150% agree. VicPol can’t protect us all especially the sick & vulnerable in the community. Time we protect ourselves & each other from these infidel maggot cesspool scum.

  10. The Victorian Police have been derelict in their duty of care to the Victorian Public, or is it true that they actually don’t have one? In either case, Victorians should have the right and the means to defend themselves against what is by now a clearly very real and ever present danger, as the Police simply aren’t doing the job.

    1. If you actually looked in to this issue, Vic police are doing their job by catching them and handing them before the court… its the justice system letting us all down by releasing them back. They keep doing it because there’s no consequences for their actions.

  11. Do you believe it? This Police officer just said ” if they want your car or your money, just let them have it and then there will be no violence?” Fuck them, pissweak Victorian Police force

          1. Thks White And Proud…… we fight a common enemy……any arseholes regardless of their background who terrorises us working Ozzies shall get “rewarded” if ever our path crosses…. Cheers Proud to be Brown.

  12. Anyone would think Dan the man is sleeping with the enemies. For those that voted him in well don’t complain when you are the next victim of these animals, do as your fellow leader tells you and stand there and cop the bashing you deserve…seems to me that’s what no balls Dan is telling us all to do

  13. So everyone commenting here needs to stand for office in support of One Nation if they are legally able to. Pauline Hanson hasn’t got the numbers to form a government, so help her out.

  14. I have seen over and over again that we should not bag the police – especially when they are targeting 4×4’s and modified cars and people creeping over the speed limit – I hear that we should be thankful they are around because one day when we need them they will be there

    I dont believe that now and this sort of crap just reinforces it – the cops are just there for revenue gathering now…..

  15. Did VicPol just say to let African Gangs do what they want and “just be compliant” ?


    The Africans Gangs should rob Vic Pol and lets see how compliant they are then !!! Fucking hypocrites.

    VicPol are totally gutless in the face of African criminals. Cowards.

    VicPol are criminal scum.

    1. 100% agree , VicPol telling us AUSTRALIANS to be compliant with these thugs ,what a joke , if that guy did,nt help with the trolley they may be a couple less , we should have total rights on our property to protect ourselves our Family our property , look up what happened at Dural NSW Round Corner , Anton Lees shot and killed a robber who refused to put down a rifle and kept walking at him with it , No Charges” his 30/30 was given back to him , the Law should be on our side ” we better start demanding changes very soon ,

  16. Its time…time for these criminals to be charged …… this is not a time for favouritism,they deserve what anyone else would get…& if they dont,then someone will deal with them…someone will die from either side soon…& it will be on then

  17. Talk is, and has become cheap. They only understand violence these savages, so give it to them, if any of you have the guts. Sometimes violence is the only way to teach bullies.

  18. To make it about left or right makes you compliant and passive ‘its the other sides fault’ to make it about race diverts the issue and continues fear. Its simply about bad behaviour and when a dog does a bad thing you dont show it weakness…..

  19. “Just be compliant” WTF VICTORIAN POLICE has just given those criminals the go ahead to do what they want. Does that go for any black race? The people original people of this land would straight up be charged then jail time or sent thru to a Juvenile justice detention centre. Vic police need to seriously tell the rest Australia the reasoning behind this “just be compliant” reasoning? Enentually the rest of the public or rather those being invaded by these young thugs will take things into their own hands. Is that seriously what you want Vic police? Are you afraid of being called racist against black African thugs living in Australia. I will tell you what you can do to avoid being seen as racist ok when you are called to a crime being committed by these African thugs is as soon as you get to one of these crime scenes quickly quickly grab a motor bike any motor bike stand it next to one of these African thugs and I say African thugs as these seem to be the only race getting away with these criminal acts take a happy snap of them then charge with being affiliated with a bike gang then you can arrest them for being part of a criminal gang or better still grab a NZ flag stand that next to them take a happy snap then deport them. Seriously do I have to do all the thinking for you lot in Vic police form. OH and by the way we know you want to deport kiwis cause we won’t give you our BLEDSLOE Cup.

  20. Australia is a failed state our government doesn’t give a shit about Australians the number one priority of an elected government is the safety of its people and country this is the first sign of a dictatorship the criminals illegals and money people are put above ordinary citizens our government state and federal both answer to the un not the Australian people they the government completely Ignore the people’s demands for action on law and order cost of living food electric fuel basic living standards pensioners vets ect they sign un pacts without asking Australians permission there is only one way out overthrow the government hang them start again

  21. Film it = illegal
    Interact in the situation = illegal
    Protect yourself = illegal
    Offer support = illegal
    Walk away = illegal
    Watch it = accomplice
    Take a beating = illegal
    Request for help and support = non applicable

    Roll over and die = correct
    Australia good country fucken

  22. So we are to let them hurt or kill our loved ones then get the law to spend tax payers money to say
    “Bad boy now dont do that again because we cant stop you hears a cookie off you go”
    What a joke if some little shit comes at me or a loved ones im not going to make it easy for him

  23. Okay, go make a gang and break in to this a$$holes house. If he does anything other than lie down and let you do what you want, it is his fault. They just said that is how it works now. Robbers have the right to take your stuff while you go find a phone unless they tell you not to use a phone, in which case, do nothing as the police say. Let them leave. Do what they say, give your house to them because you are scum, you are native to the land and hence forth garbage.

    1. Demons in parliament voted down on pepperspray only a few months back and think everyone should sacrifice themselves…

      Sadly, the NWO, globalism (or whatever you want to call it,) promotes this kind of thinking. Many people are conditioned to think any changes in self defense (gun or not) is just “unthinkable” and only promotes more crime. The far left is poison, it’s unnatural to the human soul. It’s rare sense instead of common sense. How do we change people that are infected with this diesease?

  24. Fight fire with fire why should we let wankers rule our country that the ANZAC fought for us to live in this such sensational place Deport the cunts back to there third world joint

  25. police needed on street patrols not in cars.need them in high crime areas on foot.
    never do you ever see police walking !!!!!!!!

  26. here in most states in the usa………..ya shoot these animals to protect yourself! Until these animals are stopped it will continue! Those that have guns NEVER GIVE THEM UP!

    1. It would be evil to allow people guns as easily as they do in America.
      We don’t want mass shootings and teens and kids to be brought up around guns.
      We do not want Australia to be anything like America.
      Yes defend yourself but no need to kill if your not fighting for your life or that of your family and pets.

      1. People like you who have these views on firearms obviously have fallen for mainstream propaganda and have fallen prey like zombies over this issue!

        It’s not like that! There have been a few mass shootings last year — I don’t care if they were rural, it still happened. It’s actually quite sick that’s not counted due to their location but that’s what the mainstream media actually says! “Oh who cares about rural people!” WTF! People who suffer from drought and need help! We’ve forgotten that sharp objects like swords and knives kill a lot of people in one go too. There have been incidents in China and Japan where mass stabbings have occured. (That’s what strict gun laws do to people…)

        Strict gun laws doesn’t change fallaties overall. Australia has these issues:

        *Drownings — many foreigners go rock fishing and scores of them die each year.
        Vehicle incidents — about 2000 nationwide every year.
        *Hundreds kill themselves each year, mostly without a gun.
        *Perhaps there are hundres of people in hosptails thanks to incapable or callous doctors!

        If peope really cared about people’s lives, these issues would be mentioned.

        Hypocrites won’t stop watching violent movies and video games where there are guns aplenty!

      2. ah, N/A the problem with your approach is that if you are “fighting for your life”, it is a bit late to apply to join the SSAA, an approved gun club, apply to do the TAFE “blunt end into the shoulder, pointy end downrange course”, do that course, put in your PTA, sit out the waiting period, have your storage inspected and approved, go purchase your gun and ammo and then “fight for your life”.

        A defensive firearm is like a fire extinguisher, if it isn’t ready to go when you need it, being able go get one at Bunnings later isn’t helpful.

        Also, home invaders traditionally don’t book an appointment for a home invasion 7 – 8 months in advance, roughly how long it can take between starting the process and actually getting a firearm – you have no idea if you will be fighting for your life tonight, that decision is made by the home invader, not you.

  27. Non arrests lead to more serious offences – reinforcing mentality that you can get away with murder.

    An absolute statistic is:
    100% of offenders killed during the commission of a crime NEVER go on to reoffend.

    I am so sick of “the system” that excuses criminal activity because little johnny wasn’t held as a kid or was touched by an uncle, therefore little johnny should be bailed with no conviction recorded.

    The system is supposed to reflect community expectations and punishment is supposed to serve 2 purposes – firstly to punish those guilty of crime and secondly to deter others considering offending. How is a no arrests policy serving either purpose or reflecting community expectations for a good citizen – and especially from people leaving 3rd world shitholes to come to Australia for a better life.

  28. It’s the “do Gooders” out there with their human rights BS that are protecting the delinquents ……wait till this happens to one of them…….c them turn around their opinions…… N our Judicial system needs an overall in the sentencing of these hooligans…….”Spare the rod n spoil the child”………. If my family is in danger from any of theses thugs regardless of which continent they were born in……I m not gonna sit back back n let them do what they please……..they will experience the wrath of my anger………there is no excuse for any form of criminal activity……..

  29. They fooled us with lies and then forced us to hand in our guns, to be destroyed. Can they explain how so many guns were resold and serviced in private collections and houses. Once again corrupt Government, Judges and Cops as well as kid abusers and religious crap rule this country. The hard honest Aussie suffer, while these arse-holes thrive. Time for People Power to bring all these pricks down. Send the shit heads out on the ocean in a leaky boat. Lock up the corrupt and let Truth prevail.

    1. they did not fool me. I was trying to warn people what they had in the pipeline starting 6 years before after Barry Unsworths failed attempt. everyone kept saying that could not happen here. At 16 in 1990 i wrote to 2 different govt ministers but both having a bit to do with gun laws. One i wrote as a shooter and had sent to my address (a christian school at the time) and the other i wrote as an anti gunner and had it sent to a friends address. The reply to the one i wrote as a shooter was placating and denying that there were any plans for any gun laws. The other however laid out a plan to take everything though they had planned to do it in a lot faster time frame than what has been achieved. They had hoped to have even single shot .22’s by over 10 years ago.

      Does that stark difference tell you anything? It sure did me at the time. when it happened I had no semi autos but i would not have handed them in if i had. They just would have been well hidden. Now with registration they know everything you have and can come get it any time they like just by trumping shit up against you to put you in a banned category….. even maybe a falsified AVO or similar.

      They dont have good things planed for those of us who love liberty

      1. Ultimately it’s up to us on Election day to decide who gets our vote……. but sadly it’s just not happening as yet as seen in recent Victorian Elections…..Dan Andrew’s ALP comes back into power…..only solidifying his position further……..

  30. And this is how Nationalist parties are born.

    Find out who in your region is a National Socialist – a family loving, nation loving, upright politician. Join their party. Ignore the ‘far right’ and ‘nazi’ labels, overcome the post ww2 conditioning and stand up for yourselves.

    1. it is also how liberty movements are started same as what founded the US (was one of the most free countries in the world for many years and far longer than most remain so). it also happens to be how left wing socialist movements are born. either of the extremes look at the collective right and both end with dictatorships with no liberty. it all must be done in a way that recognizes individual rights and freedoms above those of the whole or you ALWAYS end up with a dictatorship and they are far more dangerous to live in than liberty even though liberty needs to maintained and much vigilance is needed to prevent those in any positions of”leadership” doing other than what is right

  31. This is why I love living in the US. I love my mothers, motherland England. Some family moved to live in and around Perth. I thought of moving to England and or Australia. But you dont have a way to protect yourself. In the US, the federal courts said, the Police are NOT there for protection. Their only armed to protect themselves.

  32. Ronny, I am with you how much more bullshit from Daniel Andrews to tell anyone you should not defend there Families. We have a premier that doesn’t listen to anyone he said that it didnt cost anything to get out
    of the contract for east west link It cost a billion dollars and more. How much has he borrowed to do what he has is doing now with grid lock Melbourne see how many will like him after five years of this
    Then there is the police commissioner is in control of a police force that Half are trying to stop crime then the other half are using the Lawyers as informers get money and favours now there getting out and he thinks
    We should listen to these two Rocket scientists

  33. Lets start a war against our governments. Nah you are all too fucking gutless. All talk with little cocks. SHUT the FUCK UP or fight.

    1. “Anonymous” may be a government agent provocateur, but even if he is, he or she may be right.
      What is the only way for police to protect the general public 24/7?
      A cop for each person is impracticable, so that leaves a scenario in which everyone is monitored 24/7.
      Is that the sort of world you want to live in?
      See what they’re doing? If self-defence is not an option, that leads to demands for 24/7 monitoring by citizens themselves and total police/state power.
      Why do you think the media is righty right right wing on giving more powers to the police, yet left-wing as can be on anything related to guns and self-defence for commoners?
      It’s because they want the debate to move in one direction and one direction only.
      It may be time for at least some organised civil disobedience.
      Maybe a start could be made by a group of people marching down the street with various kinds of everyday items, such as sporting equipment, or insect spray, and shouting out that said items are for self-defence? I wonder how authorities would react.
      People have got to start being prepared to go to jail.

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