Labor, Liberal and Greens wankers team up to reclassify lever actions in Victoria

The Adler debacle has now hit Victoria, with state parliament voting to reclassify lever action shotguns more than 5 rounds into Category D and those with 5 rounds or less into Category B. Victoria is one of the last states to pass this abomination.

This from Shooters, Fishers and Farmers’ MLC Jeff Bourman:

“The changes to the Firearms Act to move lever action shotguns finally went through parliament yesterday despite an amendment being proposed by the SFFP. The amendment was to retain the status quo, a situation that’s worked well since 1996.

It needs to be noted that both the Labor AND Liberal/National parties voted AGAINST the amendment, yet again proving that the SFFP is still the preeminent party out there fighting for the rights of shooters to not be punished for doing nothing wrong.

Next election, remember that what you are told by the major parties and what they will actually do are rarely the same.

Those who did vote for the amendment:

Dr Cumming (independent)”

Tim Quilty nailed it again:

Thanks to SFFP, LDP and Dr Cumming for their attempt to stop this lunacy.

Another reminder that the major parties are no friend of gun owners, if you didn’t already know by now. The slimy Nationals also again voted against their constituency. This is all off the back of 4 people shot dead this week in Melbourne and another drive-by shooting in Geelong, all with illegal firearms but not a peep said about that.

The Adler debacle continues to be one of the dumbest moments (and there’s a lot of them) in Australian political history.

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