Sam Lee threatens ‘another Port Arthur’ as NSW passes 1-million-gun milestone

From the state that just banned particular knives because they might be used on fictional characters, NSW is allegedly the first state to one million firearms in Australia, beating out Victoria and QLD in new figures released today. As at Feb 2019 there are 1,007,786 legally owned firearms in NSW:

 “For the first time since the aftermath of the Port Arthur massacre, the number of registered firearms in NSW has exceeded one million.

Data released by Gun Control Australia reveals 90,000 guns were registered in the last two years. Among them, an Eastgardens gun owner has 305 firearms in their arsenal, with one Mosman resident owning 285 and another in North Sydney holding 268.

With the NSW population approaching eight million, Greens MP David Shoebridge was shocked to hear the million-mark had been broken.“If you walk down the street, and imagine one gun in the hands of every eighth person you walk past, it gives you a sense of just how many guns are actually out there,” he said.

According to research from the University of Sydney, NSW last had over a million guns in circulation in 1999.”

Of course, Sam Lee was notably irate:

“Gun Control Australia president Samantha Lee said the number of guns is a matter of “community safety” and said it is “inevitable” that something will happen that will force politicians to take action.

We don’t need something like Port Arthur to happen again for something to be done; it just requires the same amount of leadership as John Howard in 1996,” she said. “After the gun policy agreement was put into place, people thought the job was done but the job is unravelling.”

Freudian slip, eh Sam?

Sam’s whingeing aside, this is great news. More and more Australians are getting their licence and buying firearms, despite the wave after wave of anti-gun propaganda for the last 23 years from the likes of Lee and others like them.

Call this for what it is: propaganda ahead of the NSW election where it is highly likely that minor parties, particularly the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party and the Liberal Democrats, will hold the balance of power in the upper house. In short, they’re wetting their pants and this is the latest anti-gun scare campaign, likely also from a pathetic National Party facing electoral annihilation.

Now NSW, if only you can work on your ridiculous appearance laws for a start, then we’ll really get going in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “Sam Lee threatens ‘another Port Arthur’ as NSW passes 1-million-gun milestone”

  1. Last month VicPol announced that they would be buying ‘hundreds of semi auto rifles’. I think they are thinking of going to the houses of the diehards who will refuse to hand their guns in after another false flag mass shooting happens.

  2. I completely agree with Michael Mazur’s comment. I only hope a false flag can be averted by enough people making it clear they know how and why these things are done, on forums like this one for example.
    Macquarie Radio Network had a particularly disgusting news story about this yesterday. Apparently NSW needs to be “named and shamed” for having 1 million guns. Never mind that this is 1 million registered guns where the owners have dotted every i and crossed every t, it’s still a disgrace somehow.

  3. I’ve put this section separately since I regard it as relatively likely that it will be censored. Not before going into my own archives though. Michael Mazur had some comments up on the topic I am about to discuss and they were removed.
    As far as giving long arms to the police, at the risk of stating the obvious, further mass confiscation would be a job for the police and not the army. Obviously the armed forces have not been involved in mass confiscations of guns in Australia so far, but if TPTB decide to go onto another level of civilian disarmament, that could involve lots of men with rifles going door to door. I believe they’re hoping the police will be sufficient because they’d rather not use the army if they can possibly avoid it. As long as it’s only police, an impression of business as usual can be maintained. Armed resisters would be more likely to be seen as criminals rather than freedom fighters. Besides that, though the army’s full of idiots who don’t question orders, there might be a reluctance to carry out confiscations. This could lead to huge problems for the gun grabbers. Police, OTOH, are more reliably against civilian gun ownership and if you’re giving them new toys as well as tasking them with taking more guns, they’ll love it.
    Also, the sun is becoming less active, leading to weather extremes and, mainly, cooler temperatures. The government wants to be able to herd people in response to the coming food shortages and other disasters resulting from the Grand Solar Minimum. Going after the rest of the legal guns and gun owners could well be a matter of urgency for them. I have the feeling that it’s not considered something that can be kicked down the road for another election cycle or two.

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