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NZ Police shut down gun confiscation website in less than 24 hours due to trolling

Well that was even quicker:

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Guess the Phased Plasma Rifle was too much for them:

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Good. Nothing a VPN can’t fix though.

Less so trolling and more so civil disobedience. 250,000 firearm owners are not going to be pushed over, have their property confiscated and blamed for the actions of one person.

It’s a small victory and the bigger battle lies ahead, but it’s one battle in a wider war. The message has been sent by the global firearm community.

Give them nothing.

Jackboot Jacinda’s gun confiscation already being trolled

That didn’t take long:

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No photo description available.

Wow, even Sauron is having to surrender his MSSA ring:

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Shades of the Nerf Gun handed in at the National Firearm Amnesty two years ago.

Collectivist punishment by stealing the property of 250,000 people who had nothing to do with Christchurch, is going to elicit this kind of response from those in the community who are rightfully angry at what is happening.

Fight it all the way, Kiwis.

Give them nothing.

Sam Lee uses Christchurch tragedy to attempt bolt action ban

It’s not like Gun Control Australia to stand on the graves of the dead calling for collectivist punishment:

“Australia’s gun laws need an urgent review because rapid-fire weapons like the one used by the alleged Christchurch shooter are legally available to hunters and sport shooters. Gun Control Australia says the existing firearm categorisation system is outdated and has led to high-powered guns flooding the recreational hunting and sport shooting market.

“These firearms pose a significant risk to community safety as they are capable of causing multiple fatalities within a short period of time,” the lobby group’s president Sam Lee said on Tuesday. “Most Australians don’t realise that our world-leading gun laws are being strategically dismantled as a result of decades of pressure from the well-funded and powerful gun lobby.”

While New Zealand’s gun laws are currently looser than Australia’s, Ms Lee says the lever-action weapon in the possession of the alleged Christchurch shooter is legally available here under the two lowest gun license categories.

Military-style bolt-action and lever action shotguns have crept into the market of weapons available to category A and B licences, GCA says.

It wants Prime Minister Scott Morrison to immediately ask national security agencies to review what type of weapons are available under each licence category. The Firearms Industry Reference Group – which GCA says is “pro-guns” – should not be involved in the review, and any findings should be made publicly available.”

Military-style bolt action – you heard it.

Snark aside, there it is: an attempt to ban bolt action firearms.

This should serve as a wake-up call for those Stockholm Syndrome type-fudds out there who think your Model 70’s and 700’s are safe. They aren’t and they want those too. She’s also coming back for a second bite at the lever actions.

The point here is they are trying to find an “in” and deploy the same salami tactics we have seen over and over again.

Don’t know how many times we have to say it but complete disarmament is the end goal and thinking it won’t happen to you is wishful thinking – it’s also partly victim behaviour.

More importantly, this should serve as yet another warning to our Kiwi brethren over the ditch. This is what awaits you should you cave in to the demands of the anti-gun crowd. They aren’t stopping with registration and taking your semi-autos, they’re going for everything and this is the first serious attempt in over 30 years. Airsoft, suppressors, calibre restrictions, magazines, etc are all under fire unless you stand together.

You exported Philip Alpers here because he failed miserably in New Zealand. Do you really want us to send him back to you?

Don’t become Australia.

Get woke, go broke: Hunting and Fishing NZ to become Dick’s 2.0

The sellouts continue.

It looks like the only thing Hunting and Fishing plans on selling from now on is government standard lubricant:

“The board of Hunting & Fishing NZ, along with its executive team, owner operators and hundreds of employees across New Zealand, express our deepest condolences to New Zealand’s Muslim community and to the city of Christchurch for the tragic loss brought about by the unspeakable act of terror and violence. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow New Zealanders in condemning this cowardly attack, and in grief and solidarity with the loved ones of all those killed and injured. 

We are ready to play our part.

On Friday, we requested our stores across New Zealand to remove all military-style assault weapons from our shelves. As far as we are concerned, they will never return. 

We support any government measure to permanently ban such weapons. While we have sold them in the past to a small number of customers, last week’s events have forced a reconsideration that has led us to believe such weapons of war have no place in our business — or our country. Irrespective of gun law changes now or in the future, Hunting & Fishing New Zealand stores will no longer stock military-style assault firearms of any classification or category – whether rimfire, shot shell and centrefire configuration. 

We invite all retailers and wholesalers in the sector to follow suit. 

We also support the idea of a full government buyback of such weapons. 

This should not and cannot affect the legitimate use of sporting semi-automatic shotguns and rimfires for hunting and pest control in New Zealand, which still have their place. 

Hunting & Fishing New Zealand will also cease to sell firearms online and call for this practice to be banned in New Zealand.

Furthermore, we support the investigation into the establishment of a national register of firearms to monitor the location and ownership of firearms in New Zealand. The serial number, model and date of purchase for all firearms sold by Hunting & Fishing New Zealand have been recorded with the identity of Firearms licence holders as a standard legal requirement. 

Hunting & Fishing New Zealand is passionate about supporting and encouraging outdoor recreation pursuits in New Zealand. This includes camping, tramping, fishing and hunting. We believe such pursuits are part of our inheritance as Kiwis, regardless of background. We do not believe common sense gun laws represent any form of threat to this way of life. 

We look forward to participating in future Government led consultations to establish legislative improvements that will protect this country we are proud to be a part of.

Hunting & Fishing New Zealand is a retail cooperative group comprising thirty seven owner operated stores throughout New Zealand, all of whom, with our staff, place absolute priority on the safety and wellbeing of our customers, and the New Zealand public. 

DARREN JACOBS, Chief Executive Officer, H&FNZ

Apart from the cringeworthy claims on MSSA’s, the most hilarious part about that statement is that Darren Jacobs believes that the NZ government will let you keep you 10/22’s and your semi-auto shotguns, plus that it will stop there.

It won’t. Australia says hi.

In other words, Hunting and Fishing have just told a big part of it’s base clientele, ie NZ firearm owners, to go screw themselves all to please a group of people that never contributed to their business financially in the first place.

Dick’s Sporting Goods, anyone?

Boycott these wankers and let them go broke. Get behind Gun City and your local stores.

Might want to go dye your hair red, Darren.

Note to NZ gun owners: Don’t sell each other out to protect yourselves

1996 all over again. Have to disagree with this choice of words from the NZ Deerstalkers:

“The NZ Deerstalkers’ Association mourns with the country and the families affected by the terrorist act in Christchurch. We abhor the perpetrators action’s that promoted division and hate.

New Zealanders pride themselves on getting along with all races, creeds and religions.

Let’s turn this act of hate around and use it as an opportunity to draw our community’s closer together.

The NZDA recognises that gun law needs to change to make our country safer.

As members on the Firearms Community Advisory Forum, we have consistently promoted improvement to our gun laws to the NZ Police and Government.

To date our communities have been kept safe by some of the best gun laws in the world. Effectively, loopholes in the law have contributed to this tragedy. Now is the time to close them in a smart considered manner.

Well thought out and cost effective improvement to our laws will protect all New Zealanders, whilst maintaining the recreational & sporting uses that so many law abiding Kiwis enjoy.

The NZDA will continue to be the voice of reason for gun laws in our country, our people and our members.

But for now our thoughts are with the victims families.

Kia Kaha.”

And look at their response to one of the comments:

“Don’t jump to conclusions people. Read very carefully what we have said before you comment. We haven’t proposed any changes or massive re-writes of the arms act. But if you think things are going to remain the same then you are sadly mistaken.”

We absolutely disagree, gun laws don’t need to change at all. Apart from the condolences, this is very negative messaging.

Take it from Australian gun owners: this is not the way to do things. Appeasement gets you nowhere, it just means you are eaten last.

This is the exact same thing that happened in Australia in 1996. Afraid of being emotionally bullied, the appeasement started, shooting groups started attacking each other and telling them to go after other groups instead of them because they weren’t personally affected and then the government ran roughshod over everyone eventually.

There are still fractured relationships among shooting groups in Australia 23 years later because of what happened. Although those relationships are a lot better now, it still exists because of attitudes and messaging like this.

One maniac committing a massacre for the first time in nearly 30 years is absolutely no reason to change what are already very effective and balanced firearm laws. All that needs to happen is the prosecution of the offender, proper enforcement of the current laws and a proper inquiry into Police and security agencies – that’s it. Accepting collectivist punishment on any scale is cultural suicide.

Note to Kiwis: your semis, suppressors, magazine limits, Airsoft, everything is under threat. You give them a little, they’ll take everything via salami tactics because that’s exactly what they have done everywhere ad infinitum.

We’ve lost all of that.

You thought it couldn’t happen in NZ? Well, it’s happening right now and you need to do something about it. You negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness. Unite, fight and win or you’re going to lose it all and join us under the globalist jackboot – there’s 250,000 of you for a start.

The choice is yours, NZ gun owners.

Cringe: Desperate NSW Liberals wheel out John Howard after Christchurch

Oh boy, it just gets even more morbidly hilarious watching the grave dancing and last-minute opportunism from the Nats and Libs:

You know you’re on life support when you’re wheeling this guy out, with absolutely no thought for the victims of Christchurch.

Just two days ago John Howard said he “wouldn’t say anything about gun laws” in the aftermath of Christchurch and less than 24 hours later he’s broken that promise. We all knew that wouldn’t last.

The Lib/Nats did this before in the Cootmaundra by-election where they mass inboxed a letter from Howard and Fischer in 2017, playing the exact same angle.

There’s really not much else left to say about this relevance deprivation syndrome suffering clown except piss off, John. No-one cares what you have to say about this election. Take your $400,000 a year cost to the tax payer and go quietly into the night.

Bring on March 23rd and the end of the Nationals.

Grave-dancing Gladys attempts gun laws scare campaign in wake of Christchurch attack

Nothing like a mass shooting in a completely different country to try and save your miserable poll numbers. The bodies aren’t even cold and Gladys has her dancing shoes on:

“It concerns me the Labor Leader and his Party have a preference deal with the Shooters.

It concerns me because it legitimises a party who support the reduction or dilution of our gun laws, they support giving access to guns to 10 year olds, they support bringing semi-automatics into NSW.

I don’t stand for that. I never have, I never will.”

Lies, the SFFP doesn’t have such a deal and it’s completely up to the voter where their preference flows.

Absolutely pathetic but we’re a week out and Gladys needs a distraction or ten. Never mind lockout laws, the drought, the Murray-Darling, music festivals, overcrowding in Sydney and the rest.

To be fair it’s not just Gladys, it’s also epic wimp, Labor’s Michael Daley:


This is the exact same thing that happened during the Cootamundra by-election in 2017. The Nationals were so fearful of losing they rolled out the gun laws scare campaign and had to rope Fischer and Howard in. And then literally the Las Vegas shooting happened, and everyone got scared.

NSW politics is probably the epitome of political corruption in Australia on both sides. When both sides of the Coles-Woolies political duopoly are so epically shithouse, start up a gun laws scare campaign as a distraction when you have nothing of value to offer the residents of NSW.

Vote them both out by voting for minors and independents on March 23 and send the message.

Jackboot Jacinda trying to scapegoat gun owners for massive failure of NZ Government

As the fallout from Christchurch continues, we now learn that both the Australian and NZ governments failed to have Brendan Tarrant on any kind of watchlist despite plenty of warning signs:

“Ms Ardern said authorities were “live” to the growth of violent right-wing extremist groups. But Tarrant was not on an Australian or New Zealand watch list.

“This individual should have been someone that the authorities were aware of and were proactively already focused on,” she said.

“Those are the exact questions that we have asked and that the agencies are working on.”

So how does that work with the guy posting his intentions all over the internet, including several days before on Twitter? Not to mention the fact that he also travelled to several high terrorism risk countries by himself in addition to what we know.

We now also discover he mailed his manifesto directly to the Prime Minister and several other government agencies:

“The Prime Minister’s Office has confirmed it received a copy of a “manifesto” from the alleged gunman less than 10 minutes before the attacks began on Friday – along with about 70 other recipients.

Other politicians on the mailing list included National leader Simon Bridges and Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard. Most of the other recipients were media, both domestic and international, a spokesman for Jacinda Ardern confirmed. The Herald was not listed among recipients.

It had been framed as though events had occurred, he said.

“The mail was setting his reasons for doing it. He didn’t say this is what I am about to do. There was no opportunity to stop it.”

Sure, 10 minutes lead time (if true) of someone’s intentions, which could just as easily be dismissed as some crank (think of how much spam email politicians receive), really isn’t enough to prevent these things. However, the point above of repeated warnings and suspicious behaviour online from the gunman pointed to plenty of reason for Police or security agency action.

At the very least, why wasn’t his firearm licence cancelled long before?

Those of us old enough to remember in 1996 exactly what John Howard did in those 12 days when he rammed the NFA through. Outrage followed by wave after wave of anti-gun propaganda, followed by fake promises of consultation with firearm owners and then boom, standing in front of a crowd of gun owners in Sale telling them “I’m sorry there’s nothing else I can do.”

It seems that moment has already transpired with Labor idiot David Parker telling a crowd exactly that yesterday.

The irony of this scenario is Jacinda Ardern is playing right into the gunman’s hands, by giving him exactly what he wished for in his manifesto:

Quite the conundrum for Jacinda. How is she going to justify this? Not giving into terrorists by giving terrorists exactly what they want? It’s also double the conundrum for her as she, like any vacuous progressive, loves to virtue signal along cultural and racial lines as we saw yesterday. In other words, she’s going to worsen the already inflamed cultural war.

The whole premise of the firearm ban proposal, while not surprising at all, is absurd. An immigrant killed a whole bunch of immigrants, with what appeared to be illegally modified firearms, while posting his intentions repeatedly and the solution to that is to punish 250,000 Kiwi gun owners by restricting their freedoms and confiscating their property?


Pull your head in, Jacinda. We know this is the emotion phase of an attack where people aren’t thinking clearly and politicians attempt to exploit this to the hilt for their own end. Any suggestion of further firearm restrictions, particularly when the laws are already incredibly tight and New Zealand has not had an incident of this severity for nigh on 30 years, is purely agenda driven nonsense by snakes of the likes of Chris Cahill and co.

Explain why your government failed to keep NZ citizens safe and holster the divisive rhetoric because it will only create further division, which is exactly what the gunman also wants.

Second Christchurch attack allegedly stopped by armed citizen while NZ Police took 36 minutes

Interesting development from the NZ Herald:

“A second shooting happened at a mosque in the Linwood area of the city. One Friday prayer goer returned fire with a rifle or shotgun.

Witnesses said they heard multiple gunshots around 1.45pm. A well known Muslim local chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off.

He was heard telling police officers he was firing in “self defence”.

“They were in a silver Subaru,” he told police.”

Now bear in mind, this still remains unconfirmed. There usually is a lot of confusion during the first few hours, in terms of information, of these events. If true, this is huge and disruptive to the “ban all guns narrative.” Who would have thought that return fire could save lives?

We’ve heard very little of the second attack and the other three people who were arrested so far, all the focus has been on the gunman and Jacinda Ardern’s vow to disarm the country.

Meanwhile, it took 36 minutes for New Zealand Police to get this under control:

“The arrest of Brenton Tarrant took 36 minutes from the first emergency call, New Zealand’s police Commissioner Mike Bush said.

“That is an incredibly fast response time, you have a mobile offender across a large metropolitan city,” a police representative said, considering he was a mobile offender.

Mr Bush said police were on the scene much faster than that.”

Even if you can stomach watching the sickening video, it’s about 15 minutes before the first Police sirens are heard when Tarrant is in the vehicle driving away. That’s still an awfully long time to wait for help in that context. The average active shooter event is about 3 to 11 minutes.

In a sense this is exactly what the “only Police should have guns” crowd don’t understand, whether wilfully or otherwise. Allowing only law enforcement to have firearms for self-defence doesn’t keep you safe. All it does is pass the risk and responsibility for your own protection down the line to a public servant. The bad guy has all the advantage of time and space while you wait for someone to come and save you.

A simple look at the poor victims sheltering in the corner of the mosque yesterday tells you that. What were they supposed to do? Get their phones out?

The first responder is always the victim, not the Police.

NZ Police general duties officers have been equipped with AR15’s in their vehicles for years and it took 36 minutes for them to get this guy under control. Not to denigrate Police in their already difficult duties, a fluid situation like this is incredibly difficult at the best of times, but it just further illustrates how quickly things can change and how much damage can be done in such a short space of time, no matter what implement is used. As an example, it took 90 seconds for a madman in Nice, France to run over and kill 88 people and injure 434 more.

We saw the Sutherland Springs shooting was stopped by a good guy with an AR15 just last year. There are a plethora of other examples where this has occurred and are a simple Google away, but the MSM continues to ignore it.

These and future acts will not be stopped by reactive Police intervention or disarming the public and it bears mentioning that if only Police should have AR15’s to stop mass shootings, then why couldn’t they stop this in time yesterday?

These questions and more still remain. Whether they are even going to be asked is another story, as it seems not less than 24 hours afterwards the media and Ardern are already asking for gun control, right out of the John Howard playbook.


Port Arthur 2.0: Ardern planning Howard-style gun grab within hours of Christchurch shooting

Where have we seen this before?

Not as the bodies were even cold from the horrific tragedy in Christchurch, Jacinda Ardern has stated her intentions of firearm bans. It seems that the next phase of the global civilian disarmament agenda is in play right now:

“New Zealand’s gun control laws will be strengthened following the massacre of 49 people in Christchurch mosques, the country’s prime minister has said.

Jacinda Ardern said at a press conference early on Saturday that she would consider banning semi-automatic firearms altogether after the alleged gunman behind the shootings obtained five guns legally.

“I can tell you one thing right now: our gun laws will change,” said Ardern. “There have been attempts to change our laws in 2005, 2012 and after an inquiry in 2017. Now is the time for change.”

This is the first public mass shooting in New Zealand since 1997, not 1991 in Aramoana as the Australian media are claiming. Irrespective, it’s been 22 years since a public mass shooting in NZ, how is this logically a reason to ban firearms given the success rate of the current laws?

Ardern is using the exact same formula that John Howard wrote in 1996. Use an event like this to act as the excuse and the emotional catalyst to gain support for a documented, pre-existing disarmament of everyone who had nothing to do with it.

Further, NZ gun owners have been battling NZ Police and gun grabber-extraordinaire Chris Cahill for the last three years, particularly over semi-auto rifles and have been successful repelling the attempted gun grabs on each occasion. The nutjob in Christchurch now gives Cahill the catalyst event to further his agenda.

We all know bans will not stop events like this from occurring. In recent years time and again, we’ve seen different methods to kill large numbers of people used to great affect and also firearm massacres occurring in countries with strict gun control. Terrorism is going to keep happening and there will no doubt be retaliation somewhere in the western hemisphere after this event.

New Zealand’s firearm vetting process is even tougher than Australia so there really isn’t anything they can do that would have any kind of effect, however we know that isn’t what Ardern wants. We all know it’s “ban all the guns” as quickly as possible, preferably while public emotion is high and it’s easier to ‘convince’ them.

The questions that the media are not asking:

Why was this guy not on a Police watch list despite posting his intentions several times on social media?

Why did AR15-wielding NZ Police take over 36 minutes to apprehend the gunman?

What of the reports of the armed man at the mosque who apparently drove back the attackers with a (legal status unknown) firearm?

Whether we get answers to these questions or not, time will tell and the first 72 hours of an event is usually crammed with emotion and also, outright lies, from the press.

John Howard rammed the non-legally binding National Firearms Agreement through, aided by some threats of federal funding to states who did not comply and gaol for gun owners who did not comply, in just 12 days but years later admitted he had the firearms laws drafted long beforehand and was just “waiting for the right time’ to introduce them.

It seems Ardern is looking for an opportunity to do similar across the Tasman.

Stand strong NZ gun owners, don’t allow yourselves to be collectively punished, scapegoated and cast out as pariahs by opportunistic politicians, emotionally gullible useful idiots and an agenda-setting media, for the actions of one nutjob.