Idiot: Andrews wants more gun laws in wake of Love Machine drive-by shooting

Another day, another shooting in Melbourne:

“A nightclub security guard is dead and another is fighting for life after a drive-by shooting outside a Melbourne club, with police determined to track down the offenders.

Shots were fired from a passing SUV, hitting three security guards and a patron outside the popular Prahran nightclub Love Machine at 3.20am on Sunday.

Security guard Aaron Khalid Osmani, 37, was rushed to hospital in a critical condition after the shooting but he later died.”

So four people were shot – does that count as a mass shooting, Philip Alpers? Depends on what definition you are using this week.

Other than that, another shooting with illegal firearms in Melbourne despite muh tough gun laws. What else is new?

Anti-gun sentiment is currently in vogue given the grave dancing over Christchurch and the fake outrage over the fake NRA expose with One Nation. Never one to also miss out on a good virtue signal, Daniel Andrews weighed in:

” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will “stand ready” to reform gun laws if necessary following a chilling drive-by shooting outside a Melbourne nightclub.

Shots were indiscriminately fired into a crowd of people standing outside Love Machine in Prahran just after 3am on Sunday.

Three security guards and a patron were shot. One of the guards, 37-year-old Narre Warren man Aaron Khalid Osmani died in hospital and another guard is fighting for his life.

“Shootings like this do rock the city,” Mr Andrews said on Sunday morning.

“I’m not aware of any further request for additional gun law reform but, given recent events, if the police commissioner came to me and said he needed more, then of course we would stand ready to do that.”

Mr Andrews said there has already been significant changes to the state’s gun laws. Most notable was the introduction of firearm prohibition orders, which allow police to search anyone subject to an order without a warrant.

“Whenever Victoria Police have come to us seeking more powers or more resources, we’ve stood ready do that and we do now,” Mr Andrews said.”

Stand ready to do what exactly? Threaten people who won’t (and obviously didn’t in this instance) comply with the law that they’ll change laws that don’t affect them in the first place? Genius.

As mentioned, Victoria has already passed the useless firearm prohibition orders and reclassified the Adler shotgun in the last six months, great lot of good they did here.

It’s not a stretch at all to suggest they already have a new set of laws and restrictions sitting there written already, waiting for each new event to advance their agenda that one step further. That’s been the standard operating procedure for the last 23 years at least.

The fact that the Premier is leaning towards unelected Police, who have long been anti-gun, for advice is another part of the problem.

The black market for illegal firearms is also massive and Andrews has long lost control of law and order in Victoria. Unless you’re serious about harsh sentences for illegal firearms and locking criminals up, instead of giving them community corrections orders, this is just the usual posturing from Andrews.

Back to making vacuous social media posts, Dan. You really have no place in the firearm debate.

2 thoughts on “Idiot: Andrews wants more gun laws in wake of Love Machine drive-by shooting”

  1. These two are sociopaths; plain as day, they need the gun crime afforded by illegal guns coming into Australia, then picked up by outlaws and used to kill and wound people.
    Neither mentions illegal guns as a problem, but instead are looking at relaxing those laws which presently limit police right of entry into peoples’ homes generally.
    Clearly what they are thinking is of the time when they want to confiscate all remaining firearms in the peoples’ hands.
    In February, VicPol announced that they will be getting 600 AR15 semi auto rifles.
    As there is NO threat of a magnitude warranting such military preparedness, it is obvious that some mass shooting incident is being contemplated, which may be real or completely fake, but presented as real, where many may die, perhaps Muslims, and immediately, like in NZ, confiscation of guns was spoken of, and now apparently underway.
    So, what are the 600 AR 15s for? VicPol are anticipating that there will be holdouts who will say that they are not surrendering their firearms a second time, and that’s what the relaxed forcible entry laws will mean when passed.
    The police will accord to themselves immunity from prosecution if they make mistakes and unjustly kill or injure someone, having reasonable grounds for thinking that now made illegal firearms were kept there.
    Those proposed relaxed laws of entry are NOT at all to do with entering residences of those with illegally held pistols.

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