Launching FOUnity

New year, new ideas. Lets kick it off.

FOUnity: a grassroots organisational initiative

In an effort to improve community organisation, and kickstart grassroot operations, the search for Electorate Captains will begin.

This is aimed at STATE electorates only. The initial process will be focused on the states Lower House of Parliament, being:

  • Victorian Legislative Assembly, 88 seats
  • South Australian House of Assembly, 47 seats
  • Tasmanian House of Assembly, 25 seats
  • New South Wales Legislative Assembly, 93
  • Legislative Assembly of Queensland, 93 Seats*
  • Western Australia Legislative Assembly, 59 seats
  • Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, 25 seats*

Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, 25 seats*

*unicameral parliament, meaning there is only ONE house.

For State Upper House rolls, the Electorate captains who make up those Upper House electorates will form a team to cover the larger area.

As you can see, there are many positions to be filled – 455 to be exact!

Interested? Want to get involved in direct-action politics?

The role of an Electorate Captain:

  • Receive, and relay information to your relevant FOU State Representative
  • Undertake activities to further the cause of Firearm Owners United, such as mass meetings with firearm owners within your electorate, attending relevant events (such as gun shows) etc
  • Developing a healthy and professional relationship with your elected MP, including meetings about specific issues pertaining to firearms and self-defence.
  • Develop a team around them of other firearm owners to assist with direct-action political campaigning around election times.

The search is on. If you are interested, sign up as a member today, and send an email to us at with:

  • Your resume
  • Any questions you have about the role
  • A short statement (1-2 paragraphs) on why you should be considered for the role.

    Lets make ideas happen, and start 2018 off the right way.
    Welcome to the fight!

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  1. Beat me to it FOU! Appearance Laws. As a qualified Australian Army Armourer With I’ve 12 years experience, can guarantee that an RPR has only two things in common with a Machine Gun. And that is it has a barrel and a butt, but the barrel is not a Quick Detatch “QD” Barrel like many modern Machine Guns. Appearance Laws are an outright lie. The Police Services Experts Do Not have Australian Nationally Recognised Qualifications so how could they say such utter rubbish!! The Police Services need to be removed from Firearms Law in 2018.

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