New National Firearms Agreement: Handguns under attack?

Following on from our look at the “new” National Firearms Agreement released on Friday, we said there were a few more things needing clarification. One of them was regarding hand guns.

Well, we had a look again and sure enough we found something that is already sparking vigorous discussion among the shooting fraternity. It all pertains to Sections 7 and 14:


There is literally nothing else that mentions or specifies other events. The second paragraph specifically states events referred to in 14(c), however, 14 (c) only refers to two non-Olympic or Commonwealth events.

So if you shoot, ICORE, Black Powder, Service Pistol, Steel Challenge, IPSC or the rest – what does this mean?

IPSC has been a sport in Australia since the 1970’s as have most, if not all, of the others or longer. Either this is an oversight or more of the same, deliberate chip by chip garbage we are used to.

This is all that is mentioned in the original National Firearms Agreement pertaining to this:

Well, we know the Greens have it written expressly in their manifesto that they want our hand guns. Hell, they even had an entire Senate Inquiry devoted to try to grab them.

Remember, as we previously stated the NFA in reality is not legally binding – they are a set of guidelines – guidelines unfortunately dictated at the time mostly by Police Commissioners we didn’t elect. (How else could you get around the Constitution?).

We have sought clarification regarding this issue but advise you all to do the same with the Attorney General, your relevant state Police Minister and Police licencing branch.

If it isn’t an oversight, well, the Adler battle was just a warm up.

4 thoughts on “New National Firearms Agreement: Handguns under attack?”

  1. It means you can’t use a handgun over. 38. Which is a rule that has been in place for years.

    Although I may be wrong in regards to black powder.

  2. I doubt that there is more here than a legal drafting error. The reference to Western Action and Silhouette cites authority for calibres greater than .38 and less than .45. It is annoying that Wild Bunch match isn’t included under the Western Action umbrella. It is also annoying that Rifle IPSC and the 2 & 3 gun matches aren’t mentioned. It’s an NFA and we need to fight every step of the way until recreational access to pump action shotguns and self-loading long guns are restored. Any NFA is a bad NFA. I do’t remember agreeing at all!

  3. No idea what paragraph 14(c) is. Does this still allow us to shoot muzzleloading pistols of 50 + calibers? Mind you, I have no idea why flintlock pistols require an “H” class licence in the first place, or registration!

  4. An amendment has been made to paragraph 7, which now refers to paragraph 14(b)(i) instead of 14(c) (minimum barrel lengths and capacity restrictions.)

    Totally agree with Mark Jackaman’s comment. We really need to get rid of paragraph 8 and the restrictions on Cat C and D (for competition purposes only, similar to Cat H), so we can shoot 3 gun like they do in New Zealand.

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