Rick Mazza pushes for paintball deregulation in WA

Good work from Shooters, Fishers and Farmers’ MLC Rick Mazza:

Spot on.

WA has already taken steps towards the deregulation of Airsoft and it makes complete sense for Paintball to follow suit.

Australia’s laws regarding Paintball and Airsoft have always been, quite frankly, nanny state garbage and it’s encouraging to see pro-active steps being taken to winding back the ridiculous laws in place.

Ultimately, it’s up to LAFO’s and the Paintball community to get this done.

If NSW can do it, so can WA and every other state.

One thought on “Rick Mazza pushes for paintball deregulation in WA”

  1. I was quite pleased that NSW deregulated paintball toys. I am surprised that Australia always had outrageous laws behind them though!

    NSW is becoming like VIC culturally and with new laws… I really want it to stop! But yes, if NSW can other states can surely follow. So FOU,please advertise the fact (with a new article) that the paintball toys are no longer “firearms” in NSW to help with firearm owner morale! It’s awesome this change. Let people have fun instead of being infront of their computers, mobiles and tablets all the time! But with this awesome news; it’s not all roses in NSW. I sent you an email about how a toy gun business owner has been taken through the court system like as if he’s selling real firearms — Armored Heaven (Sydney.) I suggest that firearm owners generally get in touch with this man, help him out and perhaps relate it his situation with the absurdity surrounding paintball toys.


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