Shootings galore in 48 hours. Where’s Tim Fischer?

As the ABC and the Australian media were still pushing anti-firearm rhetoric, 3 shootings occurred in Melbourne:

“Police arrested two men, including a 19-year-old Melton man over Sunday’s alleged non-fatal shooting on Point Cook Rd, Seabrook, at a shopping centre on Lake St, Caroline Springs about 6.30pm on Tuesday. The other man is helping police with their inquiries.

It is alleged a group of men had a heated argument Sunday which escalated and resulted in a 27-year-old Melton West man being shot in his lower body. Meanwhile, a 28-year-old Meadow Heights man was arrested at home about 2.45pm on Tuesday over an alleged non-fatal shooting in nearby Castella Court on Sunday night.

Police allege two men were arguing in the driveway of a home when a gun was produced and a 30-year-old was shot in the leg. The arrests come as police investigate a night of violence across Melbourne’s suburbs on Sunday night.

Police are continuing to piece together what happened to a man found outside a Berwick shopping centre with life-threatening injuries. The victim, an Indian man aged in his 20s to early 30s, was found lying on Beldale Court near Parkhill Plaza with serious head and upper body injuries about 10.20pm.”

Over in Perth:

“A 25-YEAR-OLD man is recovering in hospital after being gunned down at his Westminster home overnight.The victim was shot by an unidentified gunman in left ankle inside the open garage of his Poynings Street address at 8pm. He was shot twice more in the hip as he tried to flee into the house before the offender ran off.”

In Canberra:

“A man has been shot and two cars set on fire in Canberra’s south overnight in what police believe is a bikie-related incident. Emergency services were called about 10:30pm to Kalgoorlie Crescent in Fisher after receiving reports of gun shots and explosions.

Police arrived to find two heavy-duty utes alight and the man with gunshot wounds to his groin and shoulder.”

And then this:

“A family has narrowly avoided being shot after their Melbourne home was peppered by bullets in a drive-by shooting. The mother, a school teacher, her partner and her 20-year-old son were asleep when a gunman fired at least half a dozen shots at their Carmel Court, Glen Waverly home.

They’ve been left shaken by the ordeal but say they can’t understand why their house was shot at.”

No comment from Tim Fischer or any comment from Michael Keenan as to why these weren’t handed in at the amnesty.

Couldn’t find them on David Shoebridge’s toomanyguns website either, what a surprise.

3 thoughts on “Shootings galore in 48 hours. Where’s Tim Fischer?”

  1. The irony of “We don’t want American style gun laws” but “American” gun related violence happens here anyway.
    How long will the public ignore how bad things are in Australia? Stop dreaming and get with reality!

  2. Good riddance to him.
    I’ve had a thought on the topic of election swings and gun laws. Queensland did not follow other parts of Australia and outlaw slingshots in 1998. There were state elections that year in June. When did the ban come in elsewhere in Australia?
    I’m wondering if the mainstream political parties were afraid enough of an electoral backlash in the 1998 elections that they didn’t ban slingshots for that reason.
    Can anyone talk more about this?
    You see, if One Nation and general concern over voter backlash was enough to stop slingshots being banned in Qld, that means that there has already been a (IMHO) significant win for weapons rights in Australia.
    They didn’t move to require registration of slingshots either.
    If there was this result in 1998, maybe some exciting, tangible results can be expected in the 2017 Qld elections.
    Let’s hope.

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