The Firearm Owners United information pamphlet

The Firearm Owners United information pamphlet was created in response to a number of conversations that I had with a number of ardent gun control supporters who would without fail fall back on some of the worst misinformation and blatant lies about gun control to try and validate their argument.
It is frustrating to say the least to have myth waved in your face as fact, more so when you know that it is these attitudes that are responsible for the erosion in liberties for law abiding firearm owners, and it is our hope here at Firearm Owners United that this pamphlet can help challenge the narrow minded belief in the over regulation and irrational legislation that is gun control.

Please feel free to download, print, and share this pamphlet with your friends and family, and have a copy handy to give to anyone who would advocate for more ineffective gun control measures.









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Below you will find our list of sources used in the production of this pamphlet.

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