Perth teenager raped in home invasion while politicians vote against self-defence

Absolutely abhorrent crime out of Perth:

“A man has been charged with the sexual assault of a young girl after a terrifying break-in in Perth’s southern suburbs.

It is alleged the 29-year-old man broke into the victim’s home on Saturday morning and sexually assaulted her before being confronted by a family member and held until police arrived. Sex Assault Squad detectives say the girl is aged under 13-years-old.

The man was believed to have been staying temporarily at a neighbour’s house.

He has been charged with two counts of aggravated sexual penetration of a child under 13, attempted sexual penetration of a child under 13, three counts of aggravated indecent dealing of a child under 13, aggravated burglary and threaten to kill.

He was refused bail and is due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court today.”

This girl’s life is now sadly ruined. So much for calling the Police.

That’s all the details so far.

This is the latest in a string of home defence cases this week. Meanwhile, in the NT Mick Denigan was acquitted for shooting an axe-wielding home invader and a Sydney man took out a home invader in his living room in defence of his family, without (so far) being charged.

In his final week in the Australian Senate, Liberal Democrats’ Senator David Leyonhjelm attempted to ease import restrictions on non-lethal self-defence items such as pepper spray and tasers:

As you can see it was voted down. Senator Fraser Anning did the same thing last year in the wake of the Eurydice Dixon murder and got the same result:

Note that each time, 19 or more female Senators voted against this motion. So much for gender equality and respect for women – it’s nothing more than a virtue signalling wank by a polity showing increasing contempt for the Australian populace.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLC Jeff Bourman attempted to launch an inquiry into self-defence in Victoria, but was rebuked in the past week:

Liberal Democrats’ MLC Aaron Stonehouse is doing his best to get the currently legally ambiguous use and carriage of pepper spray over the line in WA:

Liberal Democrats’ MLC Tim Quilty also made the point very clear in Victoria this week:

How many more examples do we really need? Australia is arse backwards on self-defence. The Police can’t protect you and then often will charge you for exercising the right to self-defence in your own home, the public is unarmed, criminals know they have the upper hand in terms of force and a weak-as-piss justice system and can act with essential impunity – so what are your options? Essentially be a victim or be a victim.

It needs to be said again, the legal right to self-defence is absolutely useless without access to the legal means and that includes non-lethal options and legally owned firearms to those who qualify.

As has been previously discussed, the Castle Doctrine needs to be the standard when dealing with home invasions. Law-abiding people being unnecessarily dragged through the courts for protecting themselves and their families in clear circumstances, at great financial and emotional expense, does nothing more than generate more victims.

Australians are encouraged and, in many cases, legally compelled, to make preparations for medical emergencies, bushfires, floods and cyclones and other events that may threaten their safety. If you make preparations for a home invasion or self-defence however, you can end up in gaol.

The time for the Castle Doctrine is now.

7 thoughts on “Perth teenager raped in home invasion while politicians vote against self-defence”

  1. Home invasions are on the rise, and all of the laws around defending yourself, your family and your property, all lead to victims being the loser, no matter which course of action you take. It’s ludicrous that the law is on the side of the perpetrators if you try to use force against them.

  2. Politicians and police know that the intent of intruders is unknown to all until perpetration of their intent. The police only become aware on being notified after the event. Logic and commonsense tells up if the police cannot do what they are paid to do then self defence must be permitted. To defend oneself is a natural act for survival in all forms of life. I cannot think of a word strong enough to portray the stupidity of outlawing the natural act of self defence. A potential victim surely has a higher level of rights than an intruder with criminal intent!

  3. Very true and a well written article again by the FOU team. It seems the police are too interested with playing games with zombies knife legislation (which makes you wonder who the real zombies are!) and air soft jell blaster toys and replicas which, guess what….the latter examples are actually harmless. Isn’t it also interesting to note how militarized our police are beginning to look. The more trouble we seem to import and then breed here, the more stormtrooperish our police get. NSW looks officially like a police state now, with WA not too far behind. Our politicians need to get their faces out of the slops bucket (aka, our tax money) and have a good look around at the real interests and safety of the general public. One of those interests being the ability to legally stand-our-ground on our properties and deal with these potential threats without fear of being bankrupted through the current legal obstacle course which seems to protect the criminal more than the victim. I mean I can’t apply for legal aid like the damn crook can!

  4. simple if your controlled premises bugger the invader if the simple commonsense rule applies innocent until proven guilty not your fault wake up magistrates and law makers for fuck sake aussie law abiding citizens only desire some bloody rights to protect whats theirs and their loved ones it shouldn’t be to hard for our police to work it out and besides our ancestors fought for us to have these rights where did the
    rights dissappear too for christ sake grow a set of balls and a spine very simple lets stop over regulation while we are at it

  5. Not only woman but everyone should be able to walk the streets without being molested . Go back to when this violence started . There has not been much of an attempt to stop these attacks . The people have had enough . When a government can do this to their own people it’s time to get rid of them . Funnily these ignorant. Arrogant stuff shirts think they are doing a good job .

  6. I am thoroughly disgusted in our government and the so called do gooders, he broke the law and ruined this little girls life….so what?…are we expected to just welcome home invaders in and say do what you want… I bet if a pollies daughter was raped in her own home their would be laws changed instanly…..SELFDEFENCE is a natural response that every human being has… do we defend ourselves the so called laws they are putting in place are denying us the right to fight back…seems to me they are protecting the criminals ….if the ten commandments was taught in schools we would all know the fundumental rules of living a decent life …..THEN IF YOU CHOOSE TO LIVE OTHERWISE THEN SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES

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