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Victoria: Duck Hunting on thin ice!

We have recently had some extremely concerning news reach our ears from senior Liberal sources, that the Liberal party in Victoria at present is seriously considering adopting an ‘amend but not oppose’ approach to the Duck Hunting Ban Bill that has been introduced from Andy Meddick of the Animal Justice Party. This could mean that whilst they might amend the legislation in some meaningless way, they would abstain from voting against it. This would only leave the (presumably) Nationals as well as the SFFP and LDP to oppose such a bill.

However we need to keep in mind the recent news that the Labor party is seriously contemplating adopting a position to ban the time honoured cultural tradition. With the Victorian Labor conference over the weekend passing a motion calling for a ‘hunt review’. Of course we all know a ‘hunt review’ is just code for a ban on recreational duck hunting, something one of the backbenchers (MP Lizzie Blandthorn) has made exceedingly clear in her comment that “On the eve of 2020, it’s time to end this practice once and for all”.

This all might combine to mean the 2019 duck season is the last time Victorian shooters had the opportunity to enjoy some delicious freshly harvested waterfowl.

Now is the time to call, write to or email your local member in Victoria and strongly but politely let them know that if they do not oppose this outright that you will not be able to support them or their party in the next election. You can easily find your electorate and representative here.

Some photos generously provided for this article by Blair Findlay, you can see his instagram here.

Another Pauline Hanson sell out of firearm owners while Neil Mitchell spews nonsense

What a surprise from Pauline Hanson:

Once again, Pauline throws Australian gun owners under the bus because she’s under pressure. You would’ve thought after being deliberately smeared with false claims of NRA slush money that she would have thought, and fought, harder. David Leyonhjelm always had the right approach about going on offence and journalists didn’t know what to do.

About the only thing she did well here was look at the variety of causative factors of what is driving people to commit these acts, which no-one else in the media or political class will do.

One Nation are not your friends, they’re just the LNP masquerading as nationalists.

And as for Neil Mitchell, this is the same idiot that’s been droning on about Australians being attacked in home invasions, violent crime and the dearth of illegal firearm crime in Melbourne.

One incident also apparently renders all of Texas’ gun laws invalid. Neil kinda forgetting the Sutherland Springs shooting in Texas last year was stopped by a citizen with an AR15. Texas’ gun laws also pale in comparison to states like Arizona or New Hampshire. Neil also ignoring the plethora of daily examples of defensive gun use.

But really, what do you expect from all that Alannah and Madeline Foundation slush money? Apparently, very poor value for money on their behalf.

Blow harder, Neil.

Victoria Police want public to do their job for them on illegal firearms

Victoria Police are out of ideas and have launched a campaign to try and get illegal firearms off the street:

Before we go any further, getting illegal firearms off the street is 100% a good thing. The problem is, it’s almost an impossible task created by the past and current situations we have before us in Australia. That’s not to say do nothing, but rather to say federal and state governments have created the conditions leading to this problem.

What this latest move is really saying is that they don’t know what to do. They’ve tried amnesties, they’ve tried ineffective firearm prohibition orders, scare campaigns, pointless reclassification of lever action shotguns and the rest – none of it has worked.

Further, people have always been able to make an anonymous tip off to Crime Stoppers – this is nothing new at all and effectively just lazy policing.

Like any other country that has tried prohibition on a number of issues, Australia’s rubbish gun laws have created a massive black market. Throw in porous borders and soft sentencing and you have a perfect storm. New Zealand is about to go down this path if they continue on their current trajectory.

There’s very little incentive for crooks to snitch on each other – there’s a monetary incentive either way. Further, if they didn’t hand their guns in the much-touted amnesty in 2017, they aren’t going to now. Have a look what turned up in Western Sydney yesterday, none of those were stolen from LAFO’s and were clearly illegally imported – the same applies in Victoria.

Until there is talk of deregulation, dismantling of the registries and the rest, then this is just an empty gesture. Regular programming of daily illegal firearm crime and bullying of LAFO’s to continue.

Dickhead Ardern wants to bring back failed firearm registry

Fresh off another round of vacuous virtue signalling and claiming that New Zealand’s criminals are somehow Australia’s responsibility, Jacinda Ardern has announced another round of equally dumb gun laws:

 “Firearm owners will have to register their guns amid the largest changes to gun laws in decades.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced details of the firearm law overhaul on Monday, saying it would come with a message ingrained in law: firearm ownership is a privilege and not a right.

Ardern said New Zealand had reached a “new normal around firearms” after the March 15 terror attack

The Government is seeking cross-party support the latest reform effort, but already resistance to a firearm register – a contentious measure linking gun serial numbers to licence holders – is fomenting.

National police spokesman Brett Hudson signalled the party would take issue, saying announced reforms would impose more regulation and cost on New Zealanders, instead of focusing on those breaking the law. 

ACT MP David Seymour joined members of the firearms community in pointing to similar measures overseas, saying registers had been costly and yielded little tangible benefit.

The new bill was yet to be drafted and the full cost of the reform remained uncertain. Broad estimates indicated the total reform package may cost between $42 million and $53m over the course of a decade.

Other reforms announced on Monday include: halving the 10-year licence expiry to five years; barring visitors to New Zealand from purchasing firearms; more powers for police to take guns; requiring a firearm licence for ammunition and parts purchases, and registering the country’s estimated 260-gun clubs.

The ability for firearms owners to privately buy and sell guns will remain, and new rules around advertising firearms will be put in place. Social media will be among the sources of information that police can inspect for flags that someone should not have a licence firearms licence.

“If someone is very openly espousing violent views, talking about for instance wanting to kill others, I think rightly, New Zealanders would say that’s ground to say that’s ground to say they’re not a fit and proper person,” Ardern said.”

Firstly, those quoted figures, much like those pulled out of the arses of KPMG executives in 5 hours to guess the cost of the confiscation, are complete garbage.

NZ has already been down this road. Firearm registration for most categories was ditched in the 80’s, when it was realised it was a complete waste of time and money for no proven benefit. Canada also did this in 2012 with its long arm registry and the sky has not fallen in.

Australia’s registries have been a disaster and you need look no further than the recent scathing audits of both NSWFAR and WA Firearms Licencing to see why.

NZ’s gun laws do not need to change at all. It had some of the fairest and most balanced laws there are and a statistical anomaly in 30 years is no reason to base any kind of reactionary legislation off of. How can you expect NZ Police, which didn’t do their due diligence on Brenton Tarrant, who also handed out licences to 639 foreign criminals and scores of local ones, to now effectively preside over even more inane bureaucracy, while hardened criminals have overtly stated they will not turn their illegal firearms in?

Firearm registration is nothing more than a costly exercise in authoritarianism. It’s patently ridiculous of NZ Police to complain about the current cost of administering the Arms Act and then think the best solution to that, is to add even more cost and liability on top. Even more insane is the proposal to halve licencing periods – aside from being a blatant cash grab, what do you also think this will do to the administrative burden that NZ Police are already complaining about?

But you only have to look at the current Police Minister Stuart Nash to understand how that has happened:

Great work by David Seymour, the lone dissenting voice in NZ Parliament after the sell-out of both National and NZ First on this issue.

There are an over 1.5 million firearms in NZ and most are not, and will not ever be, registered. All that is going to happen is a huge black market will form and non-compliance to the confiscation will be the norm.

And it won’t prevent or solve any crime, because it historically never has. It’s the next stage of incremental civilian disarmament and nothing more.

Give them nothing.

Handful of NZ Fudds hand over guns, NZ Police declare “massive” success

With Jackboot Jacinda’s gun confiscation underway, NZ Police decided to hold a public grab in Christchurch and invited the media:

Police have paid out $433,000 to 169 gun owners at the Government’s first gun buy-back event.

A steady stream of gun owners arrived at the Riccarton Racecourse in Christchurch on Saturday, the first of 258 buy-back events to be held around the country. 

Canterbury’s acting district commander Mike Johnson said gun owners had come out in force for what had been a “positive experience for them and our staff”.

“We’ve had 169 people come through today, we’ve been handed over 224 firearms, 217 parts and $433,000 has been paid out.”

Yeh, real “win” there. 169 out of 249,000 + gun owners with an estimated 1.5 million firearms (most of them unregistered) decided to cash out and that’s somehow a success.

We all know it’s really only the fudds that are cashing out.

Speaking of fudds, check this idiot out:

Ray Berard, who moved to New Zealand from Canada 25 years ago, said he “almost” got what he paid for his AR15 because he had kept it in good condition.

“I was in the army in Canada as a young guy and I was on the shooting team in Canada and when I came to work in New Zealand in the 90s I brought my rifle with me.

“I traded up for another rifle a few years ago and I shoot up at McLeans Island at the target range.”

He believed there was no need for military-style firearms in modern society.”

Did you also hand your balls in with your AR, Ray? Likely a Trudeau voter.

That aside, this is the real question with the fudds – Ray owned an AR but also believes that no-one should have one? So then why the hell have one in the first place?

This is also the crux of the fudd mindset – do as I say, not as I do. They’re no different from the upper-middle class progressives and Greens lecturing everyone else about how to live their lives but doing the exact opposite themselves.

The fudd mentality is really only about self-interest, self-preservation and a lack of personal courage. It’s cancerous idiots like Ray here and their ideas of firearm ownership which are toxic and quite frankly, pathetic behaviour in the firearm community.

However, the positive is that 99% of the firearm owning community appear to be telling Jacinda where to stick her gun confiscation. She’s been further embarrassed this week with revelations that NZ Police handed out firearm licences to over 600 people with criminal records. But yeh, take them off good people instead.

Kiwis have absolutely no reason to be handing their guns in. The deadline is December 20th, COLFO have launched a class action, criminals publicly stated they won’t hand theirs back and with the lack of registration on most categories and tiny Police resources, a huge black-market beckons.

Not to mention that the whole thing is quite frankly, bullshit, to begin with. There’s no such thing as a gun buyback. It is compensated confiscation with the threat of imprisonment. You cannot buyback something you did not own in the first place.

Essentially, the NZ government is using your own tax money to confiscate your property or throw you in prison in a national exercise of collective punishment and guilt by association.

Give them nothing.

Gun confiscation farce: Jackboot Jacinda and Comrade Nash about to rip-off gun owners

Kiwis, if you already didn’t need another reason to not hand your guns in then here’s another one:

“Gun owners in New Zealand are outraged that the government is doing a forced buyback of “military style” semiautomatic rifles but refusing to pay full price for the firearms.

The New Zealand Herald quoted Council of Licensed Firearms Owners spokesperson Nicole McKee, who said, “Some of the offered prices for higher-end firearms are well out of kilter. We’re talking thousands of dollars.”

McKee indicated that the government is paying such low prices that some gun owners are simply refusing to hand their firearms over.

She added, “It may get down to a point where we have to look at court action on behalf of our members, and that is something we will be looking at under advice from our lawyers.”

On March 20–five days after the attacks in Christchurch–New Zealanders were told a forced buyback of “military style” semiautomatic rifles was in the works. On April 1, the actual language of ban became public and revealed that pump shotguns accepting detachable magazines were also banned, as were pump shotguns with tubular magazines holding more than five rounds. Moreover, any magazines holding more than ten rounds were banned and certain gun parts became prohibited as well.

Now gun owners say the government is not willing to pay the true value of the banned firearms. A June 20, New Zealand police announcement makes clear the most that will be paid for any firearm is 95 percent of what the gun was worth before the ban took effect.

The 95 percent buyback reimbursement only applies to guns in like-new condition. If the firearm is categorized as “used,” the highest reimbursement possible is 70 percent of the firearm’s value.”

So, not only is she threatening to send you to gaol for not surrendering your private property because muh collectivist punishment, she’s also expecting you to turn in your property at under what you paid for it. Because you know, greater good and all that.

Essentially, Jackboot and Comrade Nash have guaranteed mass non-compliance, while criminals have already openly stated they would not be turning their guns in. Not that Kiwi gun owners should be considering compliance in the first place.

There’s never going to be a better time to be a black-market firearms dealer in New Zealand at any point in history.

More accurate assessments of the alleged costs of the confiscation have it at nearly $1 billion. Gun City’s estimates have the gun grab costing between $600-800 million. That’s a lot of hospitals, schools and other better uses of public money than confiscating NZ citizens’ private property to enforce ideological guilt by association.

Furthermore, the excellent Dr Samara McPhedran gave a lengthy interview further putting the gun buyback farce to the sword.

There are no such things as gun buybacks – it is compensated confiscation with the threat of imprisonment. The government is not a net seller of firearms to the public and never owned the property in the first place. It is purely a manipulation of language to deceive the public about the true intention of disarming them. The concept that government can do things like this purely because it has decided overnight that it doesn’t like them, is something that really warrants serious debate.

Nothing ground breaking here, but again Jackboot is purely trying to disarm her own country for the advancement of her globalist masters and has essentially followed Howard’s playbook page by page.

The book can have a different ending though.

The message is simple: do not comply.

Melbournestan comes full circle: Victoria Police Commissioner bashed

Levels of irony that should not be possible:

“Transit and Public Safety Command Assistant Commissioner Chris O’Neill was attacked about 5:30pm on Saturday in the grounds of St Kevin’s College, near a railway station in Toorak, in the city’s inner east.

He was kicked and punched in the head and chest, and taken to hospital with two broken ribs, head injuries and possible kidney damage as well as bruises and cuts.

He was released from hospital on Monday.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill said his colleague, who suffered bleeding around the brain, was expected to make a full recovery from the “abhorrent” attack. The attack, which was not captured on CCTV, occurred after two brothers were removed from a Glen Waverley train by authorised transit officers, Assistant Commissioner Hill said.

“Their antisocial behaviour included vomiting and urinating in the carriage, so they were, as I understand, evicted from the train at Heyington,” he said.

“That’s where, unfortunately, Chris crossed paths with [the] two of them.”

He said Assistant Commissioner O’Neill was off duty and did not identify himself as a police officer when he encountered the two men.

“The encounter is still a little bit vague to us,” he said.

“There’s been a verbal altercation and then a physical altercation between Chris and the two males.”

Now hopefully Assistant Commissioner O’Neill is ok, however this crime is just another day in the life of Melbourne and indeed, Australia. Here we have a case of an off-duty Police Commissioner, sans personal defensive equipment, attacked by two people and unable to do anything about it.

An older gentleman against two younger violent attackers is rarely going to come off best, and to be honest, he should not have to entertain the prospect of going unarmed against these two thugs in the first place. Had he had even so much as a pepper spray, the tide may have turned or at least allowed him to buy some time to escape. But under Australian laws, he’s essentially a legally enforced victim like the rest of us when not in uniform.

It’s often said that things won’t change on the self-defence front until someone from the Police or political class is the victim of this kind of violence. It’s likely that not much will change in this context except Police efforts to prosecute the two perpetrators of this cowardly act.

This is also from an organisation that has recently made patronising statements about men needing to “change their behaviour” and have told people to “just be compliant” when being attacked in their homes or in public.

Do you think Assistant Commissioner O’Neill would be taking Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana’s advice to just be compliant next time?

Sorry Victoria Police, but you can’t actively lobby against the public protecting themselves from violent crime and then cry foul when it happens to you. A culture change is needed on this front.

You’re just as vulnerable as the public is.

Queensland Labor deploy anti-gel blaster propaganda

Aside from the usual garbage being spouted by Philip Alpers, the Darwin mass shooting has offered a chance for the usual opportunists to use the event as an emotional catalyst for further gun control.

This time, it’s a spot of bullying targeting gel blasters:

“A Queensland gel blaster seller has been ordered to vacate their shop after a backlash from shopping centre customers who deemed it “intimidating” and “in bad taste”.

CQ Blasters opened its store in a Rockhampton shopping centre on Monday, but were asked to leave by centre management on Wednesday after a series of complaints from shoppers.

Gel blasters, which look like real weapons, shoot water-filled gel pellets. They are often used by players navigating outdoor obstacle courses — much like paint ball.

CQ Blasters co-owner Damien Geyer said the centre’s response was counter to the experience they had in-store. We were absolutely shocked, devastated. We were given 90 minutes’ notice [to vacate] and it was a huge blow,” Mr Geyer said.

“The first few days we have just been super busy, a really positive response from the community. So to hear this at the end of the day, I mean, we’ve only been open three days.

“[We’ve been] bringing lots of people into the centre who wouldn’t have normally been there — lots of business for the centre.”

But customers on their way to do their grocery shopping were not impressed by the new store.

“I’m not happy about it, especially after the Darwin shooting,” Rockhampton resident Louise Dern said.

“It’s quite intimidating — I didn’t expect to see that.”

Who are these Helen Lovejoys’ lodging complaints?

Allentown Shopping Centre management apparently thinks selling toy firearms is bad because ‘harm’ but are quite ok with Liquorland having a tenancy.

It’s not all bad news as CQ have managed to find a new store at short notice, but they should never have been forced out in the first place.

And then there’s this garbage:

So where is it coming from? Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan, who had a whinge in the Courier Mail last week calling for “tighter regulations” because essentially Jackie Trad more than likely told him to.

Absolutely ridiculous but again, not surprising from Queensland Labor.

Jackie Trad and Mark Ryan have a bone to pick with the LAFO community and they seem to be manifesting that through targeting gel blasters. Their entire residency in parliament has been wave after wave of attacks on the firearm community, only to be frustrated nearly every time. The Queensland election is also not far off, and Labor are quietly afraid of what happened in the federal election happening in Queensland, hence the backflip on Adani.

Quite simply gel blasters are toys: harden up and stop wasting the public’s time and money on frivolous rubbish.

Australia: where “guns aren’t toys” but toys are guns.

Victoria Police don’t even bother turning up to home invasion

We heard a few days ago about a family in Melbourne’s west that were held at knife point during a home invasion by African gangs. Well here’s another one that will grind your gears:

40 minutes to call the victims back and then answered with a simple drive past and didn’t see anything, that’s if they really drove past at all. And this is all because they were tied up with other home invasions and didn’t follow up at all afterwards.

Just further evidence that when seconds count, Police are minutes away – if at all. We saw this tragically during the Dean Webber case late last year when Queensland Police failed to turn up and he was forced to stab two home invaders.

Neil Mitchell is one of the few people in the lame stream media still talking about this epidemic, but nonetheless he’s still a raging hypocrite who infamously told a caller last year who was prepared to defend himself to just wait for the Police. Guess that seat on the board of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and the money that comes with it buys silence. Conflicted much, Neil?

It’s understandable that Victoria Police are understaffed to deal with this kind of stuff, however, the fact Victoria Police have actively opposed practical self-defence measures for law abiding citizens speaks volumes. They can’t admit they can’t protect you, because essentially that would red pill a lot of the public about the whole “only Police can protect you and should have the tools to do so” meme.

How does this fit with the usual messaging Victoria Police have been issuing recently such as “just be compliant” and blaming all men for violent crime?

40 minutes is unacceptable. Not being able to protect yourself adequately under the law is unforgiveable.

Yes, you have the right in Victoria under Section 462a of the Crimes Act but you don’t have access to the practical means. Firearm storage laws make it nigh on impossible to deploy firearms effectively, but even then, you’ll have them taken off you after the fact by Police and likely spend two years and most of your cash trying to protect yourself.

You defend yourself twice in Australia.

Castle doctrine is the first step for change. Practical self-defence tools and a reworking of the firearm storage laws comes next.

Until then, this is just going to keep happening especially as Victoria’s economy continues to nosedive.

NT Tragedy: Australia’s “gold standard gun laws” fail again

Another mass shooting tragedy has unfolded, this time in Darwin:

“Four men have been shot dead and a woman injured after a gunman went on a rampage across Darwin’s CBD before being arrested by Northern Territory police.

The 45-year-old suspect, who witnesses claim was armed with a pump-action shotgun, started his shooting spree at a motel in Woolner about 5:45pm before travelling in a ute to four other locations, including to the outskirts of the city and back again.

He was arrested after calling NT Police and trying to enter police headquarters in what Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw said may have been an attempt to hand himself in.

The man was known to police, having been released on parole in January, and was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet.

NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner told a media conference the incident was not believed to be terror related.”

So to sum up: a man known to Police, out on parole with a monitoring bracelet for previous offences and only released from prison a few months ago, obtains an illegal firearm and proceeds to shoot at least 5 people unchallenged.

Now obviously, more information will come to light in the coming days about what happened and there will no doubt be an inquiry, but until then this tragedy raises the usual questions.

On face value, there is no way this man able to obtain a firearm legally, let alone a cut down Category C pump action shotgun, as he is alleged to have used – a similar situation to Man Monis.

We already have apologists online claiming that it “doesn’t qualify for a mass shooting because it wasn’t in the one location” and that it was a revenge hit, etc. Philip Alpers is more than likely already nursing a back injury from moving the goal posts yet again.

Not only do we have a failure of firearm and self-defence laws, we also have yet another failure of the justice system and parole board.

All this has proven yet again is that illegal firearms are accessible to anyone in Australia who wants one, mass killings will continue to happen and Police can’t protect you from these incidents. If the offender’s motive was to enter a school or shopping centre and do the same he could have done it with impunity.

No doubt Gun Control Australia and the usual suspects are already on the phone to the Guardian and will be out in force over the next couple of days, using this as an emotional catalyst to try and bring in pre-drafted restrictions or legislation. How exactly they are going to spin this is the question, as it pretty much defeats all of their own arguments.

Won’t stop them or any politician from trying. We’ll keep an eye on this as it continues to develop.