Cringe: Fischer surrenders “democracy” just like he did in 1996

Our favourite slow motion car crash in action again with this cringeworthy stunt:

“When Tim Fischer bought his father’s farm he also bought the Enfield 303 rifle that’s been in his family for eight decades.

“Dad didn’t give much away,” the former deputy prime minister joked in Canberra on Thursday, as he handed over the gun for a new exhibition at the Museum of Australian Democracy.

It was one of the first guns registered under the gun reforms he developed with his boss, former prime minister John Howard, after the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre.

Mr Fischer registered the weapon and took out a shooting licence to comply with the new laws, but now the farm has been sold and he no longer has a need for the gun, the donation allows him complete the circle “in a happy way”.

He once used the heirloom for fox shooting, but isn’t afraid to admit he stopped out of fear in the 1970s.

“I got terrified of my own weapon – it had a bit of a kickback in the shoulder so I preferred a .22,” he said. The National Firearms Agreement was a significant moment in Australia’s democratic history and a new exhibition will celebrate those moments, museum director Daryl Karp said.

“Australia has an outstanding history in terms of one of the world leading democratic nations and what we want to do is start encouraging people to be a little more active and engage with the process of democracy,” she said.

Democracy: are you in? opens at Old Parliament House in June.”

A guy that went to war with an SLR in Vietnam is afraid of a .303? Yeh, righto.

This is purely a virtue signalling cringe from a guy that has been recalled into the disarmament movement with venom in recent weeks.

The National Firearms Agreement can hardly be called democratic when no-one got to vote on it and was forced on the people without any kind of consultation. Being collectively punished by being forced to hand over your private property with the threat of imprisonment, is also not democracy.

Does this look “democratic” to you?

Further, firearm registration and confiscation are hardly a beacon of democracy or freedom – they are a trademark of totalitarian and communist regimes throughout history. Replace democracy with tyranny and you get a more accurate picture.

Amazing isn’t it? Fischer admits that firearms are a symbol of democracy and then he goes and surrenders it, just like he did in 1996.

George Orwell’s infamous quote has never been more apt.

I can think of something else Tim should hand back and it sure isn’t his firearm.

2 thoughts on “Cringe: Fischer surrenders “democracy” just like he did in 1996”

  1. So the Australian Museum of Democracy will have a sign saying “This Bundook and Democracy were both defiled by Tim Fischer” ???

  2. Bet he’s allowed to have stuff that’s no problem for HIM to own, as an insider and ex-politician, but which would land most people in prison.
    So what if the idiot hands in what he says is an old family .303?
    Yeah, he went to war with a .303 and then was afraid of that type of firearm. Not likely, as has been noted.
    I was kind of scared of firing shotguns as a kid ‘coz the things were so bloody loud, but I’m sure I’d have got used to them if I’d used them a bit more.

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