Firearm Owners United presents: 3-Gun Nation Australia


Australian Shooters, Firearm Owners United is proud to be the official 3 Gun peak body in Australia. We have attained status under the 3 Gun Nation Banner which has seen massive support and increased participation around the world as an exciting and dynamic sports shooting competition.

All official and shiny!
All official and shiny!

We are however restricted with firearm selection due to the extremely restrictive conditions currently in place for semi automatic firearms. We will be looking to start off using Pump and lever action rifles and shotguns in line with the 3gn rule book. However we need your support to assist us in getting category C& D firearms recognised for sporting use so as to become competitive internationally.

Link to rules provided below. Your feedback and support would be appreciated, let’s get this out there and start a revolution in sports shooting.

Watch this space for inaugural competitions and qualifying stages to be released.

3 thoughts on “Firearm Owners United presents: 3-Gun Nation Australia”

  1. VERY exciting stuff (I know I’m late but been thinking about this a lot lately).

    Silly question here fellas: do you guys see any reason why a sporterised .303 SMLE couldn’t be used in the rifle class? I did notice a heavy rifle rule in that link saying minimum of .308 Win… shame the .303 is only about 125fps behind!

    Will definitely be watching this space… all the more incentive for me to get my cat H and also add a Pardus/Adler/Uzkon to the collection hehe.

  2. Good to see ! It would be amazing for Australia to compete in this discipline on an international level…as an experienced shooter and former ADF member I’d happily be part of this, I still don’t understand the strict firearm laws in this country! We as license holders have already been vetted and deemed safe and responsible as firearm owners. Especially considering they are available on a basic license in NZ . If we stand together and push for these laws to have exemptions on semi autos for the use of competition we might actually get to enjoy our passion as firearms enthusiasts and competitors freely… if we do nothing! Nothing will change! This is exactly what the government wants…

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