Greens MP calls invitation to try shooting “offensive”

WA Greens MLC Robin Chapple was recently invited by Sporting Shooters Association Australia WA branch to come and try shooting. The invitation was purely a cordial one to dispel myths and educate those on the other side of the aisle who have proven themselves hostile to firearm owners of Australia – that being the Greens.

Giving literal meaning to the term “triggered snowflake”, Chapple refused the invitation deeming it “offensive.” Chapple was obviously confused at the conflicting definition of what firearm owners mean when they say safe space.

In response to being asked Would you be open to an invitation to come out to a range and try shooting? Chapple stated:

“All Greens members and candidates for the State Election 2017 believe and abide by this core policy and principle which is a clear rejection of all firearms (other than what is necessary to support the Agriculture sector), especially for those that your membership supports – private firearm ownership, sports shooting and recreational hunting.”

Whether this was ghost written by David Shoebridge remains to be seen. Yes, what could be more “offensive” than being offered to try shooting in a safe, controlled environment to broaden your horizons and experience?

Here is the full letter:

So no-one is trying to take our guns? Well, there it is in writing. Show that to someone next time they bring that proposition up.

It’s not easy being Green, particularly when you have to put up with the unbearable proposition of having to listen to those with a different opinion to yours. Chapple’s response once again puts paid to the theory that the Australian Greens are the party of “tolerance and diversity”. Cool story. They’re all for diversity and tolerance, just not diversity of thought and zero tolerance of those they disagree with.

This is yet another spot fire in the much larger inferno of The Greens imploding nationally. The Left Renewal branch, aka Communist Party, have splintered the party. Richard Di Natale’s leadership is under constant attack, the NSW Greens finances are being audited for possible electoral cap breaches and One Nation continue to rise. The Greens have long drifted from their core message of environmentalism (at least they used to be less convincing Communists) and have now basically become a two issue party: political correctness and refugees. Neither are vote winners in Australia.

Speaking of One Nation, Senator Malcolm Roberts nailed it when he talked about firearms at the recent debate on firearms trafficking: “there is an obsessive ongoing effort by enemies of freedom in this country to undermine the inalienable right of private citizens to possess firearms.”

Could not have put it better ourselves.

Note to Robin Chapple: being “offended” is not an argument. It doesn’t work anymore.

Bring on the WA and Queensland elections. If the current trends hold true it appears the Greens may be the ones “offended” at the results.

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  1. Why wouldn’t you give it a go? Surely the best way to understand another’s perspective is to walk a mile in their shoes. Being as closed minded as Chapple obviously is, that’s what is really offensive in my book.

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