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Loony Lee, Rabid Roland and the ALP whinge about Will Hodgman’s firearm proposals

After embarrassing herself over kangaroo culling in Australia the last two weeks, former Gun Control Australia member and Greens’ Senator Lee Rhiannon took to federal parliament to complain about Will Hodgman’s proposals in Tasmania:

Senator Bridget McKenzie, Jim Molan and others also added their views to the debate which you can read further.

It wasn’t all Greens though, the ALP decided to join in via Tasmanian Senator Helen Polley:

The old collectivist guilt trick. “I own a gun and turned my guns in after Port Arthur and so should all of you.” Hope you handed your car in after Bourke Street and your kitchen knife in after the Cairns stabbings too, Helen. Not an argument but should have been an enjoyable dopamine hit from the virtue signal.

Whether this is purely Labor opportunism to bash the LNP who knows, but as history has taught us most recently in Queensland and Victoria is that the ALP are no friends of firearm owners, and are just as much civilian disarmament shills as the LNP or Greens.

The Greens are anti-gun but Labor aren’t your friends either. Unfortunately there are still some in the shooting community who somehow think that voting for a worker’s party that disarms the working class is in their interest.

Gun Control Australia’s Roland Browne also had a whinge in The Mercury playing the fear card as that’s all he has:

THREE weeks before the March 3 state election Tasmania’s then police minister proposed, among other changes to the state’s gun laws, a 10-year licence for shooters. That is twice the current five years. The changes were revealed only to a select group of shooters. On ABC radio’s AM program on March 2, the day before the election, Premier Will Hodgman denied the proposed changes breached the National Firearms Agreement (NFA), reached after the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania in 1996. He said he had been advised by his police minister the changes did not breach the NFA.

Clause 34(d) of the National Firearms Agreement (updated in 2017) says: A firearms licence “must be issued for a period of no more than five years”. Despite the clarity of this requirement, our premier, assuming he had read the NFA, found it was not breached by a plan for 10-year gun licences.

This development — the day before a state election — is alarming on so many levels. It is alarming that our premier does not recognise that a 10-year gun licence would be twice the length of the NFA maximum.

It is alarming because the premier claims his police minister advised him that a 10-year gun licence did not breach the NFA. If true, that in itself says much about the police minister’s lack of understanding of the NFA.

The Liberals’ 2018 firearms plan will unquestionably breach the NFA, but not just for licence terms. The Liberals also want to free up restrictions for target shooting to make semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic shotguns available for target shooting. This breaches the NFA which can claim, as one of its major achievements, limits on the availability of these weapons in Australia.

That very limitation is the key reason there have been no mass shootings with these weapons in Australia since 1996. In fact, a recent study estimated that the 1996 reforms prevented as many as 16 mass shootings in Australia in the last 22 years.

The Liberals also want to permit farmers to have silencers on their semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, and they want to introduce a new category for prohibited firearms, being category E. This would result in otherwise prohibited weapons becoming available to what the policy describes as “certain specialists”. Whatever the Liberals are proposing by this initiative, it will clearly breach the NFA.

As you can see, Roland Browne accuses others of “not understanding the NFA” when his above litany clearly demonstrates he is the one that doesn’t understand it.

That’s correct. A lawyer whingeing about the states choosing not to comply with a non-legally binding agreement that doesn’t make sense anyway. Not a great sales pitch for hiring him to represent you. Didn’t hear Roland complain too much when the Northern Territory changed the licencing period to ten years either.

Pauline Hanson went in to bat for gun owners:

As did Based Leyonhjelm:

Whether Will Hodgman delivers on the proposed changes remains to be seen and indeed, we will believe it when we hopefully do see it. However the bullying, attempted emotional blackmail over Port Arthur and complaining by people who have no idea about the laws in the first place, are really nothing short of pathetic and desperate plots to try and derail the debate and stifle rational changes to the NFA which as stated before, is non-legally binding nor an agreement in the first place.

Carry on, Will Hodgman.

Soy milk spilled as Fake Greens fake outrage over George Christensen

Is there a day that goes by without the Greens confecting outrage:

“Controversial Queensland MP George Christensen has been reported to police after posing with a handgun on social media.

On Saturday, Mr Christensen posted a photo of himself aiming a gun on Facebook along with a post saying, “You gotta ask yourself, do you feel lucky, greenie punks?”

After a flood of critical comments, he amended the words accompanying the picture to say: “You gotta ask yourself, do you have a sense of humour, greenie punks? Obviously not.” He eventually deleted his post.

The post comes just days after 17 people were killed at a shooting in a high school in the US. The post was reported to police by Stop Adani campaigner Ben Pennings, who said he had been subjected to a lot of abuse online.

“[The post] was aimed at environmentalists in general, ” Mr Pennings said.

“In the last six weeks  … there has been a very large spike in online hate, online abuse. As a public person in the Stop Adani movement, I have got over a hundred people talk about my death online.” Mr Pennings, who has four children aged seven to 18 living at home, said people had said “really ugly things” about him online.

And of course:

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young took to Twitter following Mr Christensen’s post to suggest the Member for Dawson should be sacked.

“A member of Parliament inciting violence against a group of voters should be a sackable offence,” Senator Hanson-Young wrote. “If the leader of the Nationals had any class he’d sack him.”

The Greens taking the moral high ground about inciting violence. Ok then, Sarah.

No matter what your opinion on Christensen is, the act itself was harmless. Shooting a pistol in a controlled environment while making a movie reference as a gentle stab at his political rivals. Sure, it is the Nationals and there are merits to argue Christensen’s true intentions by this post, ie, whether or not this was a ploy to draw heat away from the Barnaby Joyce saga but in all reality, who cares?

I got a chuckle out of it, no-one was hurt, play on. It’s a complete non-troversey.

But of course, Australia’s biggest wimp Richard Di Natale had to find a way to make it about himself and how “offended” he was:

Reported to the AFP? Bit rich when ASIO and the AFP had to use resources for years to monitor communist Lee Rhiannon. Di Natale sounds like he was the guy that would dob you in to the teachers if his feelings were hurt in the playground at primary school. Seems adulthood hasn’t changed much.

This is classic Greens: capitalise on a tragedy with a wave of faux emotion and virtue signalling and attempt to bully those with a differing view. The Greens don’t actually care about children being killed in the United States, but they have to seem like they do to the 9% of the country in the inner city that still vote for them.

This is a week removed from sook Adam Bandt calling ex-Army veteran Jim Molan a coward on national television. Because growing up in inner city Melbourne is pretty gangster, right Adam?

Maybe if the Australian Greens wouldn’t spend so much time and money trying to divide the country on non-issues and actually spent time on environmental issues, like the feral pest epidemic, people would take them seriously. They’ve cried wolf too many times.

Complete non-issue, move on.

Salty Queensland major parties attempt to subvert Flick’Em campaign by creating alternate website

Their fear grows.

One week out from the Queensland election, a faceless group has attempted to subvert the grassroots Flick’Em campaign by creating an alternative website by essentially ripping off the original content.

The original Flick’Em site is hosted at

The clone site is hosted at


As you can also see, Rob Nioa has also been targeted.

These are the specs of who created the site:

Registry Domain ID: 2182191718_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2017-11-02T02:06:23Z
Creation Date: 2017-11-02T00:32:33Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2018-11-02T00:32:33Z
Registrar: Google Inc.
Registrar IANA ID: 895
Registrar Abuse Contact Email:
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.8772376466
Domain Status: ok
DNSSEC: unsigned
URL of the ICANN Whois Inaccuracy Complaint Form:

It’s laughable. Not only is there not a shade of originality in the counter campaign, the fact that they literally stole an idea and went to this level of effort demonstrates their anxiety.

Perhaps there are also potentially copyright and IP infringements at play? That is something we would have to explore further.

The subversion is a pretty cynical co-opt attempt by trying to divert traffic away from the original page. Should the original campaign have registered both domains to prevent this? Maybe, but there’s also .org, .net and several others making it potentially a costly exercise.

It would also not be surprising if there is a Gun Control Australia/Soros link to this as well. Given there is a real chance to throw a spanner in the works of the National Firearms Agreement and the revolt coming from rural Queensland and firearm owners, Sam Lee, Piers Grove and the rest are likely wearing brown pants for the next week.

Given the fact that the spoof site appears to be targeting Labor and One Nation, it’s fair to say that either the Greens or the LNP (or potentially people connected to both, who knows) are behind this. Either way, it’s someone with deep pockets and manpower available to them at short notice to get this underway.

This just goes to show how scared the majors are of a threat to their monopolies and the ongoing change in the political tide in Australia. Particularly given the recent results in NSW against the Nationals and the upcoming by-elections as a result of the citizenship saga.

And those of us old enough to remember what happened in Queensland in 1998 to the Nationals, when they were wiped out for supporting John Howard’s National Firearms Agreement.

Bring on November 25 and remember to #putthemajorslast

Greens and Gun Control Australia deceptively editing Australian firearm content on Wikipedia

Some good old Bolshevik revisionist history.

We all know Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable of sources due to it’s open source nature. However, we have done some digging and have noticed that someone with an anti-firearm agenda in Australia has been taking advantage of that to try and fool the casual observer, who may have an interest in the ongoing gun debate.

Some interesting alternative facts have been added to the “Gun laws in Australia” Wikipedia page in the last few days. For example:

“Compliance with National Firearms Agreement[edit]

A 2017 study commissioned by Gun Control Australia found that Australian states had significantly weakened gun laws since the National Firearms Agreement was first introduced, with no jurisdiction fully compliant with the Agreement.[3][4] For example, many states now allow children to fire guns and the mandatory 28 day cooling-off period required for gun purchases has been relaxed in many jurisdictions, with no waiting period for purchasers who already own at least one gun.[3] New South Wales also allows the limited use of silencers, even though they are supposed to be a prohibited weapon.[4] No state or territory has outlined a timeframe for achieving full compliance with the National Firearms Agreement.[5]
Citing a thoroughly debunked GCA sponsored study by the qualifications-less Philip Alpers? Insinuating minor’s licences don’t exist? Implying that the National Firearms Agreement must be complied with when it’s not and never has been, a legally binding ‘agreement’?

I wonder who that could be?

It’s literally a copy and paste job from the new Gun Control Australia website which launched on Monday, with GCA’s “impeccable timing” of releasing something every time there is a mass shooting. It looks like it was rushed out for that purpose and really isn’t worth your time other than to maybe make memes out of.

The user “Goldencactus” has been actively editing the Australian Firearms Wiki since at least October this year. We don’t exactly know who this person is, but take a look at a brief snapshot at some of the other topics they have recently edited:

I think it’s pretty fair to assume that all signs point to the Greens or an associate thereof. Which would likely point to GCA. It appears at the time of publishing that the Wiki page has since been edited again by someone else to balance out some of the complete nonsense previously posted.

This issue may not seem like much but it is one of the sneaky techniques employed by those on the anti-firearm side and can fool those with a casual interest or those with not much of an understanding, into believing outright lies.

Not that that is anything new with regard to Australia and firearms.

Outrageous: Illegally imported firearm not handed in at amnesty

Paging David Shoebridge.

From NSW Police:

“A member of the Comanchero outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG) will face court today after an illegally imported Glock was located during a Firearm Prohibition Order (FPO) search in Sydney’s south.

The State Crime Command Gangs Squad’s Strike Force Raptor are investigating and conducting operations in response to violent acts believed to be related to an internal dispute within the Comanchero OMCG. As part of the ongoing operation, Strike Force Raptor officers conducted an FPO search at a home at Lugarno just after 6.30am yesterday (Wednesday 18 October 2017).

During the search, officers seized $10,000 cash and Comanchero OMCG colours. Officers conducted a further search in a nearby reserve, where they located a Glock 9mm pistol with an empty magazine, and ammunition. An examination of the firearm revealed it is one of a number of Glocks illegally imported into Australia from Germany.

The 36-year-old resident, who is a member of the Comancheros OMCG, was arrested and taken to St George Police Station, where he was charged with possess pistol-subject to firearms prohibition order, possess ammunition subject to prohibition order, possess unauthorised pistol, possess unregistered firearm-pistol, possess ammunition without holding licence/permit/authority, and not keep firearm safely-pistol.

He was refused bail to appear at Sutherland Local Court today (Thursday 19 October 2017).

Poor bloke, he’s going to have a hard time meeting his range attendances now.

It must have been one of those “every gun is stolen from a licensed owner” guns we keep hearing about and nothing to do with lax container scan rates. The Glock 26 in question, believed to be part of the infamous Sylvania Waters Post Office operation, would never have been legal anyway with an 87mm barrel.

Well, “259,999” illegal firearms to go. 5 gun limits will surely stop this, right David?

Greens and Australian media fail to generate hysteria about legally owned firearms

In the next episode of Gun Control Australia’s “exploit Las Vegas” agenda, they took to the ABC, among other publications, with this about how many firearms are stored in each suburb and how the sky is apparently falling:

“Private gun owners are stockpiling arsenals of more than 300 firearms in suburban homes in some parts of the country, according to new data obtained by the Greens. The trend is thought to be driving an overall increase in gun ownership nationally.

Gun-control advocates say the private caches are “honeypots for criminals”, and also pose a public safety risk if their owners become mentally unstable. The most comprehensive figures are in New South Wales, where figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws from NSW Police reveal the top 100 private arsenals across the state.”

This data is not new, having been released almost a year ago by David Shoebridge and the fifth columnists at the ABC are making it clear whose side they are on, if they hadn’t already.

Shoebridge also whinged about how he couldn’t get access to the number of legally owned firearms within the community within different states, but doesn’t seem to mind when Gun Control Australia repeatedly deny requests to disclose membership and funding sources as they did at the last Senate Inquiry.

The Greens and GCA want a “special blitz on licence holders” and now also want Police to conduct pre-purchase inspections. Cool story, I’m sure they will appreciate the extra workload on top of their lack of resources. And if the Greens and GCA are worried about “mental instability” then they can start with some introspection.

The Las Vegas card was pulled yet again. Totally different country, different laws and a whole lot of questions still being asked about Stephen Paddock and the entire event including possible second shooters. Further, you can only use one firearm at a time. Automatic firearms and bump fire stocks are not legal in Australia but that doesn’t stop them being acquired either – ask Rick Maddison how he got his.

In summary, Las Vegas is not at all relevant to Australia but that won’t stop GCA and the Greens getting mileage out of it.

If Shoebridge is upset about storage laws then he can also ask about where Victoria Police’s 200 firearms went, why Queensland Police seem to keep losing firearms and ammunition and just how Barry’s Firearms was knocked off despite having the toughest storage requirements. We listed a number of facilities broken into in the past year which have the storage GCA want and there has been deafening silence from them on that, for obvious reasons.

And of course, this “special blitz” won’t cover any of the people using their firearms incorrectly in certain suburbs of Sydney, nor will it cover any of the overwhelming majority of shipping containers and international mail coming through our borders unchecked.

This was all part of the Greens and Gun Control Australia’s predictable plan – ie complain about firearm numbers, falsely claim that thefts have increased (they haven’t as proved by an entire Senate Inquiry) and then use them to step by step lobby for firearm limits.

Not once did the ABC question how David Shoebridge releasing this information wasn’t putting firearm owners at risk of theft. Nor did they ask if any of these firearm owners had used their firearms illegally – because they haven’t and because their ABC couldn’t spin it as such.

This is also part of a larger push for a national firearm registry, just like the ones both Canada and New Zealand got rid of because they weren’t worth the cost or effort for no benefit. It’s pretty obvious to see why GCA have done this on the back of Globalist Mal wanting states to hand over their driver’s licence databases.

All this is also in part an acknowledgement and a whinge about how legally owned firearms are increasing, firearm ownership as a whole is increasing and strangely enough there’s no correlating massive explosion in shootings with legal firearms.

Basically, this is Sam Lee and Shoebridge’s tears.

Be right back, going to go buy another gun now.

Greens’ David Shoebridge dances on the grave of a dead child to push gun control

After a tragic shooting in Sydney on Sunday night which saw a child killed in an apparent accident with an illegal firearm, a full court press has erupted from the mainstream media in desperate defence of “muh world class gun laws.” Not an absolute word was said about how the current amnesty would have prevented the tragedy.

From the freefalling share prices at the depths of Fairfax:

The father of the dead girl was charged on Monday with possessing an unregistered and prohibited weapon and failing to take all reasonable precautions to ensure it was safely kept. A single-barrel sawn-off shotgun, allegedly brought onto the property and left unattended by her father, caused the child’s death.

Well there’s more to the story:

“Domestic violence had previously affected the family. Police had been called to the home before, including in September to reports of gunshots and yelling. On September 20 last year, an AVO was taken out intending to protect the victim’s mother. The order banned Mr Moussa from going to the woman’s house or workplace.” 

Not even before the child’s body was cold, Greens MP and serial idiot David Shoebridge placed two feet upon it and used it to push for “tougher gun laws”:

“Greens MP David Shoebridge said every gun death was tragic “but it is especially cruel when the victim is so young. At this time our thoughts are with this little girl’s family and friends. This emphasises how important safe storage laws are and how any weakening of our gun laws can be a matter of life and death,” he said. It was only three months ago that the Coalition and Labor voted in Parliament to water down safe storage laws.

“The law used to provide that if any firearm wasn’t safety stored it was automatically confiscated, this is how the law should be. Parliament should urgently reverse these changes.”

Channel Nine also weighed in with a scare piece that culminated in reporter Gabrielle Boyle using an illegal sawn-off rifle to take the moral high ground. This is the same Channel Nine that chickened out after Peter Overton made a gaffe a few months ago about how many people were killed with illegal firearms and had to pull their footage because they were afraid of being memed out of existence.

So just to sum up: a shooting committed with an illegally shortened, unregistered firearm by an unlicenced individual who was already the subject of an AVO, was breaching that AVO and had previously breached said AVO and committed firearms offences at the same address a year prior – is the fault of legal firearm owners.

Right. The Kool Aid’s over there with that guy named Jim. He’s sitting next to Man Monis who is trying to explain the situation.

Troy Grant, who has a lot to answer for when it comes to firearms laws in NSW and his part in the Adler debacle, is 100% on the money: “there is no way to ensure the safe storage of an unregistered and prohibited firearm.”

In reality, it’s no different to the 21 years and counting that the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Gun Control Australia, Philip Alpers (who reared his unfunded head yet again) and Rebecca Peters have been standing on the graves of the Port Arthur Massacre victims for the same cause, and being paid for it.

After actually reading the more draconian NSW Firearm Regulations Draft 2017, nothing has been “watered down” to this effect (in terms of safe storage anyway, not the rest of that awful document) and it has actually made the process easier for NSW Police to assess storage requirements and you know, do more important things like go after real criminals with illegal firearms? This kind of deflects from the press announcement last week from Michael Keenan that the black market in Australia for all things illicit is now a $36 billlion a year problem.

A timely reminder of how rare it is for children to be killed by firearm in Australia thanks to, you know, the actual stats:

(It’s also nowhere near what the media report it to be in the United States)

More to the point how is this more tragic than throwing a child off the Westgate Bridge or drowning them with your car? Or that little incident up in Cairns where 8 children were killed with a kitchen knife?

Oh that’s right, a firearm was used so the child was “more dead” because of it and the hysterical Helen Lovejoys’ on the Sunrise Facebook Page ate it up.

This move by the Greens is also an attempt to sway public opinion against the SFFP in the upcoming Cootamunda by-election and as a swipe at Phil Donato’s junior licence proposal.

Well, good luck with that Mr Shoebridge because it now looks like you’ll have two by-elections to be salty about.

Agriculture Victoria: “Don’t hunt feral pigs.” What?

Agriculture Victoria has issued a warning to hunters about the states’ growing feral pig problem and to stay away from feral pigs.

The Weekly Times reports:

“Hunters and others using public land have been urged not to go looking for or disturbing feral pigs. Agriculture Victoria is urging people to “just stay away” from feral pigs, particularly around traps set by authorities. This comes as new populations of the pests have been identified in southwest Victoria — including the Heywood, Portland and Dartmoor regions.

Government authorities have confirmed pigs are now endemic in all areas of the state and “beyond eradication.”

So, Agriculture Victoria is admitting the problem is now out of control, and the best thing to do is to prevent those willing to do something about it from doing something about it? Right. Just let them breed uncontrollably, that should solve it.

And as for Agriculture Victoria not publishing the areas where they have been seen, well, Feral Scan might be able to help you out on that.

I’d have to disagree with any species being “beyond eradication” when Australia’s endangered species list continues to grow (we all know what one of the major reasons is), and Earth’s history is replete with examples of animals being hunted to extinction or near-extinction by man. Sure, Australia more than has it’s work cut out for it in terms of the war against invasive species, but increasing restrictions on hunting and dumb firearm laws do absolutely nothing to help that cause.

The article further states: “Most hunters do the right thing, but a small percentage don’t and we believe, although there isn’t definite proof at this point, that some have released pigs with the intention of building up a wild population for hunting.” Mr Matthews said feral pig camera traps had been stolen, and traps interfered with in the past.

The same old, Australian collectivist punishment maxim right on cue. A small group of people are allegedly ruining it, so we need to punish everyone else who had nothing to do it with it. Well, no thanks. How about punish those people responsible, if they are responsible at all, and leave the overwhelmingly law abiding majority alone?

Which leads to the next point, “there isn’t definite proof at this point.” So why make the claim in the first place?

The previous week, Forest Fire Management Victoria’s James Downie stated “We are seeing evidence of feral pigs that have had their ears cut off consistent with the theory that some pigs were released with the intent of breeding up to allow for increased hunting opportunities.”

What exact evidence Mr Downie is claiming and from where is unclear from the report. While this is not outside the realm of possibility (and if it is true, any such perpetrator(s) should be dealt with accordingly), it appears to be the default opinion of many government agencies in this country on this issue that hunters are to blame and that invasive species are not naturally increasing their presence in other regions.

Victoria does not currently have the same level of feral pig problems as Queensland or NSW but it appears to be unfortunately heading in the wrong direction. If Agriculture Victoria is serious about tackling the invasive species issue then perhaps it could look into the recent findings of the inquiry on invasive species in Victoria, which recommended the deregulation of hunting and deregulating Category C and D firearms and suppressors, akin to what New Zealand’s hunters can enjoy, for recreational hunting to help keep numbers down.

While far from perfect, Victoria currently enjoys comparatively better hunting laws than most other Australian states, bringing in $439 million and maintaining 3500 jobs in the state annually.

The obvious question we have is, if invasive species are out of control in Victoria (they are) then what do they think will happen if the Greens’ driven Great Forest National Park Proposal goes ahead and further locks hunters out? Give it twelve months when the numbers blow out and they’ll be screaming for hunters to return.

Or maybe not, because the Greens don’t do humility very well. Particularly when passports are involved.

Further, recent community shoots in Western Australia and South Australia have shown the effectiveness in community driven, localised hunting to keep feral numbers down. Why not more of this? The residents of Wonga Park are currently finding out what that’s like with reports of locals paying shooters to stem the numbers of kangaroos and deer that have invaded the area.

Recreational hunters are a core answer to the invasive species scourge – not a scapegoat to be blamed for the ineffectiveness of bloated bureaucracy.

New National Firearms Agreement: Handguns under attack?

Following on from our look at the “new” National Firearms Agreement released on Friday, we said there were a few more things needing clarification. One of them was regarding hand guns.

Well, we had a look again and sure enough we found something that is already sparking vigorous discussion among the shooting fraternity. It all pertains to Sections 7 and 14:


There is literally nothing else that mentions or specifies other events. The second paragraph specifically states events referred to in 14(c), however, 14 (c) only refers to two non-Olympic or Commonwealth events.

So if you shoot, ICORE, Black Powder, Service Pistol, Steel Challenge, IPSC or the rest – what does this mean?

IPSC has been a sport in Australia since the 1970’s as have most, if not all, of the others or longer. Either this is an oversight or more of the same, deliberate chip by chip garbage we are used to.

This is all that is mentioned in the original National Firearms Agreement pertaining to this:

Well, we know the Greens have it written expressly in their manifesto that they want our hand guns. Hell, they even had an entire Senate Inquiry devoted to try to grab them.

Remember, as we previously stated the NFA in reality is not legally binding – they are a set of guidelines – guidelines unfortunately dictated at the time mostly by Police Commissioners we didn’t elect. (How else could you get around the Constitution?).

We have sought clarification regarding this issue but advise you all to do the same with the Attorney General, your relevant state Police Minister and Police licencing branch.

If it isn’t an oversight, well, the Adler battle was just a warm up.

Greens MP calls invitation to try shooting “offensive”

WA Greens MLC Robin Chapple was recently invited by Sporting Shooters Association Australia WA branch to come and try shooting. The invitation was purely a cordial one to dispel myths and educate those on the other side of the aisle who have proven themselves hostile to firearm owners of Australia – that being the Greens.

Giving literal meaning to the term “triggered snowflake”, Chapple refused the invitation deeming it “offensive.” Chapple was obviously confused at the conflicting definition of what firearm owners mean when they say safe space.

In response to being asked Would you be open to an invitation to come out to a range and try shooting? Chapple stated:

“All Greens members and candidates for the State Election 2017 believe and abide by this core policy and principle which is a clear rejection of all firearms (other than what is necessary to support the Agriculture sector), especially for those that your membership supports – private firearm ownership, sports shooting and recreational hunting.”

Whether this was ghost written by David Shoebridge remains to be seen. Yes, what could be more “offensive” than being offered to try shooting in a safe, controlled environment to broaden your horizons and experience?

Here is the full letter:

So no-one is trying to take our guns? Well, there it is in writing. Show that to someone next time they bring that proposition up.

It’s not easy being Green, particularly when you have to put up with the unbearable proposition of having to listen to those with a different opinion to yours. Chapple’s response once again puts paid to the theory that the Australian Greens are the party of “tolerance and diversity”. Cool story. They’re all for diversity and tolerance, just not diversity of thought and zero tolerance of those they disagree with.

This is yet another spot fire in the much larger inferno of The Greens imploding nationally. The Left Renewal branch, aka Communist Party, have splintered the party. Richard Di Natale’s leadership is under constant attack, the NSW Greens finances are being audited for possible electoral cap breaches and One Nation continue to rise. The Greens have long drifted from their core message of environmentalism (at least they used to be less convincing Communists) and have now basically become a two issue party: political correctness and refugees. Neither are vote winners in Australia.

Speaking of One Nation, Senator Malcolm Roberts nailed it when he talked about firearms at the recent debate on firearms trafficking: “there is an obsessive ongoing effort by enemies of freedom in this country to undermine the inalienable right of private citizens to possess firearms.”

Could not have put it better ourselves.

Note to Robin Chapple: being “offended” is not an argument. It doesn’t work anymore.

Bring on the WA and Queensland elections. If the current trends hold true it appears the Greens may be the ones “offended” at the results.