Lisa Neville smears Victorian gun owners as domestic violence offenders

In the midst of all the gun store closures in Queensland and WA, Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville has dropped this:

There you have it. The inference that the most law-abiding section of the Victorian and indeed, Australian, community are just domestic abusers in waiting so therefore the government must close firearm businesses down and put more people on the unemployment line.

Meanwhile, liquor stores are fine to keep trading because the risk of exacerbated alcohol-fuelled violence that an economic depression will bring is a price worth paying. Sex shops are also fine to keep trading, because it’s about flattening the curve and social distancing and not politics.

The ABS data (2018 being the latest available) for domestic violence proves Neville a blatant liar:

“For victims of FDV-related Homicide in 2018:

  • More than half (53%) were female (75 female victims and 65 male victims)
  • Over two-fifths (42%) were aged 45 years and over (60 victims)
  • Close to half (45%) occurred within an Intimate partner relationship (64 victims)
  • Most occurred at a residential location (92% or 130 victims)
  • A knife was the most common weapon type used (45% or 39 victims) (Tables 22 and 23)”

With every family locked down in isolation, the kitchen seems the highest risk place to be. Her own Police Commissioner, Shane Patton, also admitted he had no data to support Neville’s ludicrous claim.

So far, it’s only Labor governed states that have implemented this measure but that will likely change. The excuse seems to be that it’s the National Cabinet’s decision to do this. Whether that is true or not is up for debate considering the make-up of said Cabinet and we’re not privy to that level discussion however, it also has to be asked who within Cabinet came up with this idea and/or who is advising them to close firearm businesses?

The shady Firearm Policy Working Group, who have been responsible for a conga line of restrictions, would surely have to be contenders here aside from Labor MP’s.

The suggestion that people are stockpiling is also ludicrous. Sure, there are a number of firearm owners that have purchased more than they would usually as they are generally unsure if firearm businesses would be forced to close and how long for – that’s prudent and nothing to do with paranoia. Further, the Australian dollar is dropping like a stone and supply chains are disrupted and with most ammunition now imported, prices are going to go through the roof in the next few weeks.

As of the suggestion of panic buying, that is highly spurious considering PTA requirements (especially for first time buyers) in every Australian state.

Let’s face it, along with the rest of the country Victoria is already staring down the barrel of a huge economic depression in the next 12 months and beyond. Stamp duty from the sale of real estate, the international student ponzi scheme and tourism are Victoria’s three largest money earners – all three of them are at a complete standstill. Cessation of income from firearm licencing and the relevant taxes and levies from the firearm industry, will further add to the Victorian government’s pain.

Call this move for what it is – a blatant, opportunistic attempt to take a shot at the firearms industry financially. We’ve already been attacked by the morally righteous banks who are denying service and accounts to gun dealers and QBE Insurance refusing to insure gun owners on ideological grounds. This is just political opportunism and a further attack on Australian firearm culture and especially the working class that Labor claims to represent.

It’s not all bad, the National Shooting Council and firearms dealers have announced they will be taking legal action against the Andrews Government and Victoria Police. Details of that will follow.

At least the mask has slipped completely off from Labor and Lisa Neville, if you hadn’t already noticed every other time.

One final thing that is worth mentioning – it is imperative that whenever the resolution of this current situation occurs that you support your local gun dealer as best you can in these harsh economic times.

3 thoughts on “Lisa Neville smears Victorian gun owners as domestic violence offenders”

  1. mate……”the Govt’s next step will be for all Cat A/B n H LFAOs to hand in their firearms coz all the facilities are closed due to this pandemic as we have no reason to possess them n as per Govt to decrease the level of DV” ……. this is just a slippery slope we are treading on since 1996……we have never been able to regain what we have lost……


    Firearm and ammunition purchases banned for recreational shooters and hunters!


    This is stock piling! This increase in sales of firearms and ammunition is for the purpose of domestic violence!

    (Mind you, this sudden increase and “stock piling” of firearms and ammunition is happening NOW because all the “insane, violent, dangerous criminals” with a shooting licence are choosing NOW to shoot their wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, family and friends, animals, and the community!)

    (This is inspired by Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville and the media. The reporters such as David Koch and others who have never been able to think beyond their personal views – that is, they cannot realise and accept that it doesn’t always take guns to kill animals and people – if someone is going to kill, traps, baseball and cricket bats and the common steak knives will do the job with much more fury and pain! Let’s not forget the head-butters!)


    Increase in sales of steel products, mesh, barbed wire, baseball bats, cricket bats, kitchen steak knives!


    “Ha ha ha ha so funny! This will brighten everyone’s day!…

    …People are using their time in isolation to be creative and adventurous!…

    …People are showing off their artistic styles making weird and wonderful and elaborate Art Sculptures!…

    …People are playing indoor Baseball and Cricket!…

    …People are eating more steak!”

    So well thought out by all the people that constantly condemn shooters who hold shooting licences who just so happen to be the most law-abiding citizens in Australia – proven by the fact that to get a shooting licence and hold onto a shooting licence one is scrutinized to the maximum degrees of the law!

    You can now applaude the ban of recreational shooting and hunting! BUT if you need food because the supermarket shelves are empty and the only way of getting food is to hunt for it, or you need protection because the true insane have just invaded your home and bashed and stabbed you and your family, don’t bother calling the police, because OMG they use GUNS!

    And the final one – how do you think your freedom in this country was and is protected and saved – it is not the soldiers running around with baseball bats!


  3. Check out the far left comments underneath! Evil and wicked grubs!

    3 DAYS AGO

    Cafe and restaurant owners are not threatening this action.

    Close ALL gun shops permanently.

    3 DAYS AGO
    Probably one industry we could cope with never reopening again.

    Of course I wouldn’t say that to their face.

    3 DAYS AGO
    I really don’t want more people running around with guns…..I’m glad they have been forced to stop selling them. I’m sure people that need guns, like farmers, will be able to buy them.

    3 DAYS AGO
    Gun shops would be better to move to a more positive product to sell for the meantime. It’s hard to sympathise with anyone affected by a drop in gun sales, apologies, but it’s true.

    3 DAYS AGO
    Good decision Vic Gov. The last thing we need is more guns – anywhere. Now please bring in a strict zero blood alcohol/drugs gun use & carriage laws. And, of course, stop the craziness of 2020 “duck shooting” season and announce a moratorium on its future.
    Keep in mind that wildlife abuse is where this pandemic began and so will the next one.
    Protect wildlife = Protecting your Nation

    Think Again
    3 DAYS AGO
    Another positive thing that CoVD-19 has brought apart from a reduction in pollution ,

    3 DAYS AGO
    Good riddance


    And so on and so on. Remember how much you guys are hated! Copy, paste, print screen it. Everyone will just say “it was a joke mate!” I can’t believe how criminal they are in their souls! Many of these people will say they believe in a god of some sort…. They are all such loving people aren’t they! This is where hate originates from this kind of really deplorable attitude! Reason to distance ourselves from people. These people are absolutely contemptuous!

    Get on the front foot and expose these people and how it wasn’t a joke at all when they said this! These are dark times. Remember it. Tell the pro firearm parties or whoever you want in the future. And remember all these people stood by only giving their first names or whatever.

    Next time their shops close down, be cautious with your words, because apparently they hide their true thoughts in your face as you saw one comment above!

    PS: Same fools won’t think for one moment that a British spy agent like James Bond having a gun is a crime IN A MOVIE, they’ll play shooting video games and think the same thing and they are the ones shooting in the game! I’m just besides myself but it’s true! We don’t know how old these people are though either. Sadly I think most of them would be adults… Scary.

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