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Lisa Neville : Liar Liar pants on fire

The Victorian Government has been caught in their own web of deception. Just last week, we were informed by the Andrews’ Labor government that the reason gun shops had to be closed was because of alleged ‘panic buying of firearms’. Lisa Neville the Victorian Police Minister reported that attempts to purchase firearms (we can only presume this means permits to acquire lodged) rose to 2200 in a single week. She characterised this activity as abhorrent and implied that people were panic buying guns.

At the time we pointed out that this was a fiction, with the stringent controls applied to the purchase of firearms in Australia, with each requiring justification and police approval in the form of a ‘permit to acquire’ it is not possible to panic buy them.

And now we have been vindicated and the malicious lies of the Andrews’ government have been exposed.

Today figures were released indicating that for the past 7 years show that the average number of permits to acquire issued in Victoria each week is roughly 1850. This figure sees some seasonal and yearly variations. Given an expected price rise (due to the dollar’s fall), the annual March/April ‘rut’ a peak time for deer hunters, and the belated announcement of a duck season. It would only be natural to expect a small uptick in the firearms being purchased, and this is exactly what has occurred. A rise from 1850 in a typical week to 2200 is well within the normal bounds of the purchasing habits of the community.

This clearly shows once again how fundamentally ideological the attack on gunshops by the Labor held State governments is. There is no real justification for this move, the figures show it. 

Lisa Neville smears Victorian gun owners as domestic violence offenders

In the midst of all the gun store closures in Queensland and WA, Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville has dropped this:

There you have it. The inference that the most law-abiding section of the Victorian and indeed, Australian, community are just domestic abusers in waiting so therefore the government must close firearm businesses down and put more people on the unemployment line.

Meanwhile, liquor stores are fine to keep trading because the risk of exacerbated alcohol-fuelled violence that an economic depression will bring is a price worth paying. Sex shops are also fine to keep trading, because it’s about flattening the curve and social distancing and not politics.

The ABS data (2018 being the latest available) for domestic violence proves Neville a blatant liar:

“For victims of FDV-related Homicide in 2018:

  • More than half (53%) were female (75 female victims and 65 male victims)
  • Over two-fifths (42%) were aged 45 years and over (60 victims)
  • Close to half (45%) occurred within an Intimate partner relationship (64 victims)
  • Most occurred at a residential location (92% or 130 victims)
  • A knife was the most common weapon type used (45% or 39 victims) (Tables 22 and 23)”

With every family locked down in isolation, the kitchen seems the highest risk place to be. Her own Police Commissioner, Shane Patton, also admitted he had no data to support Neville’s ludicrous claim.

So far, it’s only Labor governed states that have implemented this measure but that will likely change. The excuse seems to be that it’s the National Cabinet’s decision to do this. Whether that is true or not is up for debate considering the make-up of said Cabinet and we’re not privy to that level discussion however, it also has to be asked who within Cabinet came up with this idea and/or who is advising them to close firearm businesses?

The shady Firearm Policy Working Group, who have been responsible for a conga line of restrictions, would surely have to be contenders here aside from Labor MP’s.

The suggestion that people are stockpiling is also ludicrous. Sure, there are a number of firearm owners that have purchased more than they would usually as they are generally unsure if firearm businesses would be forced to close and how long for – that’s prudent and nothing to do with paranoia. Further, the Australian dollar is dropping like a stone and supply chains are disrupted and with most ammunition now imported, prices are going to go through the roof in the next few weeks.

As of the suggestion of panic buying, that is highly spurious considering PTA requirements (especially for first time buyers) in every Australian state.

Let’s face it, along with the rest of the country Victoria is already staring down the barrel of a huge economic depression in the next 12 months and beyond. Stamp duty from the sale of real estate, the international student ponzi scheme and tourism are Victoria’s three largest money earners – all three of them are at a complete standstill. Cessation of income from firearm licencing and the relevant taxes and levies from the firearm industry, will further add to the Victorian government’s pain.

Call this move for what it is – a blatant, opportunistic attempt to take a shot at the firearms industry financially. We’ve already been attacked by the morally righteous banks who are denying service and accounts to gun dealers and QBE Insurance refusing to insure gun owners on ideological grounds. This is just political opportunism and a further attack on Australian firearm culture and especially the working class that Labor claims to represent.

It’s not all bad, the National Shooting Council and firearms dealers have announced they will be taking legal action against the Andrews Government and Victoria Police. Details of that will follow.

At least the mask has slipped completely off from Labor and Lisa Neville, if you hadn’t already noticed every other time.

One final thing that is worth mentioning – it is imperative that whenever the resolution of this current situation occurs that you support your local gun dealer as best you can in these harsh economic times.

COVID-19 & Shooting Sports Information

Given the rapidly changing landscape in Australia with the COVID-19 Pandemic and lock-down measures impacting our industry, we believed it prudent to provide our readers with a centralised source of information on how this is affecting things State by State. We will update this page as the situation unfolds.

New South Wales

Numerous ranges have closed throughout NSW, however some appear to remain open.

NSW FAR have now partly waived participation requirements for Category AB and pistol shooters.

Gunshops remain open inline with other retail outlets, however stores are advised as per Federal government guidelines to adhere to ‘social distancing’ principles.


Numerous ranges have closed throughout Victoria, however some appear to remain open.

Vic LRD at this point have not yet waived participation requirements for pistol shooters. However they have confirmed that this is under discussion at senior levels within LRD.

Gunshops have now been closed to the general shooting public, there are limited exemptions. This has come on the back of misinformation from the Victorian Government on why this was needed. Gunshops are now open again.


Numerous ranges have closed throughout Queensland, however some appear to remain open. However our understanding is that WLB have advised shooting ranges that they should close, and we expect total closure to take place shortly.

QLD WLB at this point have partially reduced the participation requirements for the year. This has been done on a pro-rata basis, whilst this method is specified by the regulations, given the exceptional circumstances at play in this situation we believe the requirements should be waived in their entirety .

Queensland has closed gunstores to all shooters, than as industry pressure has come to bear, partially reopened them. At this point occupational shooters and those undertaking pest control on private property are now able to access firearms and ammunition with proof of an applicable exemption to the closure. Those with club only licenses i.e only an SC1 condition, club concealable firearms license or collectors, are now unable to purchase firearms and ammunition.
Gunshops are now open again.

Qld WLB are no longer answering their phones and have advised of increased processing times, they appear to have a higher than usual workload. We suspect many new PTA’s have been lodged as shooters purchase firearms before the impending currency based price hike.

South Australia

For South Australia we have seen the complete temporary closure of all shooting ranges & clubs.

Furthermore South Australian Police have waived the participation requirements for pistol shooters with anniversaries falling between the 1st of March and 30th of September.

Gunshops remain open inline with other retail outlets, however stores are advised as per Federal government guidelines to adhere to ‘social distancing’ principles.

SAPOL have now waived the club attendance requirements for Collectors who have licenses with anniversaries falling between the 1st of March and 30th of September.


Some ranges have closed throughout Tasmania, however others appear to remain open. Under Federal Government rules any indoor sporting venues must be closed, so whilst some ranges with outdoor facilities may remain open the use of club houses would seem to be against the rules.

Gunshops remain open inline with other retail outlets, however stores are advised as per Federal government guidelines to adhere to ‘social distancing’ principles.

Tasmanian Firearm Services’ have not yet waived the mandatory shoot requirements for pistol shooters. However they have stated it is under consideration between a pro-rate reduction or a total removal.

Northern Territory

Gunshops remain open inline with other retail outlets, however stores are advised as per Federal government guidelines to adhere to ‘social distancing’ principles.

Northern Territory police have agreed not to take any action against any pistol shooters who cannot meet their mandatory shoot requirements for the year.

Australian Capital Territory

Several ranges have closed throughout ACT, however some members only clubs appear to remain open. However we suspect they will close in due course.

Gunshops remain open inline with other retail outlets, however stores are advised as per Federal government guidelines to adhere to ‘social distancing’ principles.

ACT Police have not yet waived the participation requirements for pistol shooters, nor have they made any communication about considering it.

Western Australia

West Australian Police have not currently conceded any waiver or dispensation for mandatory shoots for pistol shooters. Instead they have counter-productively insisted that clubs conduct ‘make up’ shoots later in the year.

All shooting ranges and clubs are closed in WA.

Uniquely at this stage, WA has decided to close all gunshops throughout the State, leaving our occupational shooters and recreational hunters in an unsupported state. There are limited exemptions for primary producer.
Gunshops are now open again.

Victoria Police want public to do their job for them on illegal firearms

Victoria Police are out of ideas and have launched a campaign to try and get illegal firearms off the street:

Before we go any further, getting illegal firearms off the street is 100% a good thing. The problem is, it’s almost an impossible task created by the past and current situations we have before us in Australia. That’s not to say do nothing, but rather to say federal and state governments have created the conditions leading to this problem.

What this latest move is really saying is that they don’t know what to do. They’ve tried amnesties, they’ve tried ineffective firearm prohibition orders, scare campaigns, pointless reclassification of lever action shotguns and the rest – none of it has worked.

Further, people have always been able to make an anonymous tip off to Crime Stoppers – this is nothing new at all and effectively just lazy policing.

Like any other country that has tried prohibition on a number of issues, Australia’s rubbish gun laws have created a massive black market. Throw in porous borders and soft sentencing and you have a perfect storm. New Zealand is about to go down this path if they continue on their current trajectory.

There’s very little incentive for crooks to snitch on each other – there’s a monetary incentive either way. Further, if they didn’t hand their guns in the much-touted amnesty in 2017, they aren’t going to now. Have a look what turned up in Western Sydney yesterday, none of those were stolen from LAFO’s and were clearly illegally imported – the same applies in Victoria.

Until there is talk of deregulation, dismantling of the registries and the rest, then this is just an empty gesture. Regular programming of daily illegal firearm crime and bullying of LAFO’s to continue.

Melbournestan comes full circle: Victoria Police Commissioner bashed

Levels of irony that should not be possible:

“Transit and Public Safety Command Assistant Commissioner Chris O’Neill was attacked about 5:30pm on Saturday in the grounds of St Kevin’s College, near a railway station in Toorak, in the city’s inner east.

He was kicked and punched in the head and chest, and taken to hospital with two broken ribs, head injuries and possible kidney damage as well as bruises and cuts.

He was released from hospital on Monday.

Assistant Commissioner Bob Hill said his colleague, who suffered bleeding around the brain, was expected to make a full recovery from the “abhorrent” attack. The attack, which was not captured on CCTV, occurred after two brothers were removed from a Glen Waverley train by authorised transit officers, Assistant Commissioner Hill said.

“Their antisocial behaviour included vomiting and urinating in the carriage, so they were, as I understand, evicted from the train at Heyington,” he said.

“That’s where, unfortunately, Chris crossed paths with [the] two of them.”

He said Assistant Commissioner O’Neill was off duty and did not identify himself as a police officer when he encountered the two men.

“The encounter is still a little bit vague to us,” he said.

“There’s been a verbal altercation and then a physical altercation between Chris and the two males.”

Now hopefully Assistant Commissioner O’Neill is ok, however this crime is just another day in the life of Melbourne and indeed, Australia. Here we have a case of an off-duty Police Commissioner, sans personal defensive equipment, attacked by two people and unable to do anything about it.

An older gentleman against two younger violent attackers is rarely going to come off best, and to be honest, he should not have to entertain the prospect of going unarmed against these two thugs in the first place. Had he had even so much as a pepper spray, the tide may have turned or at least allowed him to buy some time to escape. But under Australian laws, he’s essentially a legally enforced victim like the rest of us when not in uniform.

It’s often said that things won’t change on the self-defence front until someone from the Police or political class is the victim of this kind of violence. It’s likely that not much will change in this context except Police efforts to prosecute the two perpetrators of this cowardly act.

This is also from an organisation that has recently made patronising statements about men needing to “change their behaviour” and have told people to “just be compliant” when being attacked in their homes or in public.

Do you think Assistant Commissioner O’Neill would be taking Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana’s advice to just be compliant next time?

Sorry Victoria Police, but you can’t actively lobby against the public protecting themselves from violent crime and then cry foul when it happens to you. A culture change is needed on this front.

You’re just as vulnerable as the public is.

Victoria Police don’t even bother turning up to home invasion

We heard a few days ago about a family in Melbourne’s west that were held at knife point during a home invasion by African gangs. Well here’s another one that will grind your gears:

40 minutes to call the victims back and then answered with a simple drive past and didn’t see anything, that’s if they really drove past at all. And this is all because they were tied up with other home invasions and didn’t follow up at all afterwards.

Just further evidence that when seconds count, Police are minutes away – if at all. We saw this tragically during the Dean Webber case late last year when Queensland Police failed to turn up and he was forced to stab two home invaders.

Neil Mitchell is one of the few people in the lame stream media still talking about this epidemic, but nonetheless he’s still a raging hypocrite who infamously told a caller last year who was prepared to defend himself to just wait for the Police. Guess that seat on the board of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and the money that comes with it buys silence. Conflicted much, Neil?

It’s understandable that Victoria Police are understaffed to deal with this kind of stuff, however, the fact Victoria Police have actively opposed practical self-defence measures for law abiding citizens speaks volumes. They can’t admit they can’t protect you, because essentially that would red pill a lot of the public about the whole “only Police can protect you and should have the tools to do so” meme.

How does this fit with the usual messaging Victoria Police have been issuing recently such as “just be compliant” and blaming all men for violent crime?

40 minutes is unacceptable. Not being able to protect yourself adequately under the law is unforgiveable.

Yes, you have the right in Victoria under Section 462a of the Crimes Act but you don’t have access to the practical means. Firearm storage laws make it nigh on impossible to deploy firearms effectively, but even then, you’ll have them taken off you after the fact by Police and likely spend two years and most of your cash trying to protect yourself.

You defend yourself twice in Australia.

Castle doctrine is the first step for change. Practical self-defence tools and a reworking of the firearm storage laws comes next.

Until then, this is just going to keep happening especially as Victoria’s economy continues to nosedive.

Shithole Melbourne: Calling the Police is a waste of time

Violent crime spree #565604587048 over for the time being in Australia’s most progressive utopia:

“All six youths suspected of a violent two-night home invasion and car theft crime spree across Melbourne have been arrested.

Police on Thursday morning confirmed they were not looking for anyone else after a mob of youths allegedly smashed into homes with knives and poles, assaulted families, terrified elderly residents and carjacked a young mother and her baby.

In a rare move, police earlier released the names and photos of two 17-year-olds after the Children’s Court gave approval to identify them to help the manhunt.The court order was revoked on Thursday morning when the teenagers were arrested. A stolen Honda HRV station wagon has also been found.

The two 17-year-olds in custody takes the total number of those arrested to six.”

Too late, crimes have been committed by repeat offenders.

But it wasn’t gang crime.

All it needs now are the usual lip service statements and fake promises from Daniel Andrews about “getting tough on crime” and “more Police” while not actually doing anything tangible to solve it.

What will really grind your gears however, is this account from one of the victims:

Anyone from Victoria Police or the anti-gun crowd want to jump in here and tell us what being a victim achieved? This family’s life will never be the same, but that doesn’t matter because it hasn’t happened to you.

This is also just days after Victoria Police made outlandish statements blaming all men for the murder of Courtney Herron, because it is easier for them to do that than admit they can’t protect the public and have lost control. Pathetic, but not really news anymore.

Sounding like a broken record here, but what is an Australian citizen supposed to do? The federal government voted against the public carrying pepper spray, the Victorian government voted against the public carrying pepper spray and Victoria Police are telling the public to just be compliant during violent crime.

To be brutally honest, it’s really not worth calling the Police anymore.

Those calling for “tougher laws” need to re-examine their position. Tougher laws, while in theory ok after the fact, do nothing for the intended victims during the fact of a violent crime encounter and you’re then purely relying on the Police and the courts to actually follow through. How many examples of those failures do you need?

In other words, you’re willing to trade your ability to prevent or respond to an imminent physical threat, in the chance that the offenders are caught, prosecuted and given a decent sentence. If you’re willing to risk psychological, physical injury or death to yourself or family members on that gamble and live with the consequences then you go right ahead. However, you have absolutely no business denying others who are willing to protect themselves and their families purely because you don’t want the responsibility, and quite frankly, often don’t have the courage to do so.

That’s what the self-defence debate is really about: self-responsibility. Many Australians scream for “muh tougher laws” but actively oppose self-defence items being deregulated. In other words, they want someone else to deal with it and wear the risk.

It’s often a cop out argument. Straya mate, we’re different.

And for those people saying “don’t blame the Police”: these are the same Police who actively lobby against your right to protect yourselves with self-defence items while using the same to protect themselves, will often charge you for protecting yourself and then tell you to “just be compliant” during a home invasion or violent crime encounter. Or they’ll accuse you of being a “vigilante”, as if protecting yourself and your family when the state has failed is some evil lawless pursuit, when in reality it’s a deliberate conflation to derail the self-defence debate.

Think about that before you start mindlessly praising public servants, as seems to be Australian custom.

If Police want to swallow their pride and start encouraging the public to protect themselves where reasonable to do so, instead of being patronising hypocrites on self-defence, we would absolutely welcome that. Right now though, they and their culture are just as much part of the problem as the judicial system, Daniel Andrews, Australia’s mass immigration program and the rest of the factors contributing to this problem. And this is only going to get worse as Victoria’s economy deteriorates.

If you have time, this is well worth a watch:

Making good people helpless will not make bad people harmless, no matter what comforting lies you tell yourself.

So are we going to let Australians carry pepper spray yet?

It’s tragically happened again in the world’s most liveable, progressive utopia:

“A 27-year-old man has appeared in court charged with what police describe as a “horrendous bashing” murder of a woman whose body was found in a major Melbourne park.

Courtney Herron, 25, was found dead by dogwalkers near a pile of logs in Royal Park, in Parkville just north of the CBD, about 9:25am on Saturday. Henry Hammond was arrested and interviewed on Sunday, and homicide squad detectives charged him with one count of murder overnight.

Mr Hammond, 27 and of no fixed address, made a brief appearance at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court this morning and was remanded in custody until September.”

Victoria Police blamed all men:

“Nonetheless, he acknowledged the enormous community concern after a spate of killings of women in public places over the past 12 months.

“Certainly there have been instances in our recent past where women have been attacked and they have been attacked by men,” Mr Cornelius said.

“The key point is [that] this is about men’s behaviour, it’s not about women’s behaviour.

“Every time I hear about a woman being attacked – for me as a man – it gives me some pause for reflection about what it is in our community that makes men think it’s OK to attack women, or take what they want from women,” he said.”

Looks like Lisa Wilkinson is writing press releases for Victoria Police now. Pathetic.

Yes, Australia is generally a safe country but even that reputation is on the decline as we see everyday examples about the violent crime infesting the country. And reputation matters little in the heat of the moment of a violent crime encounter.

As we’ve said before, tragedies like this are just going to keep happening especially as the economy gets worse. Criminals know their victims are defenceless and have the upper hand – they want prey not a fight. Sure, situational awareness, training and all that are relevant to self-defence. However, right now you’re a legally enforced victim and you don’t even have the choice to carry anything.

Self-defence is a useless right without access to the legal means. So why can’t we at least start with pepper spray for law-abiding citizens?

Pepper spray in WA is legal but the legalities concerning it’s carriage and use is a grey area. Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLC Jeff Bourman attempted to get pepper spray over the line in Victoria during the last government, but was voted down.

There’s no reason we can’t at least have non-lethal items for the purpose of self-defence, other than inane authoritarianism and the usual shrill cries of idiots who think that violent criminals who already have access to whatever they want, will inevitably get their hands on it.

By the way, wasp spray doesn’t work so this myth needs to stop being perpetuated:

If we could cut through all the predictable schtick – the patronising lectures towards men, promises of funding for non-tangible causes and all the other superfluous nonsense that usually happens when tragedies like these occur – and implement practical self-defence options to give people a fighting chance instead of being beaten to death, that would be great.

Muh gun laws: Shootings continue in shithole Melbourne

Most liveable city is most liveable:

“A gunman is on the loose after a man was shot and injured in what police suspect was a failed hit in Melbourne’s south-east.

The Hampton Park attack which occurred in Fulham Close about 9.30am on Tuesday is the latest in a string of fatal shootings across Melbourne.

Senior police sources have said homicide squad and anti-bikie Taskforce Echo resources have been strained in recent weeks following the spate of deaths.”

That’s after another shooting last Friday:

“Just days ago, Daniel ‘Dodge’ O’Shea was killed at Fawkner Park in South Yarra – his was the eighth fatal shooting in Melbourne in eight weeks. Charges have been laid in only three of the six attacks, leaving police on the hunt for multiple gunmen.”

It’s ‘reassuring’ that the Police have only laid charges in half of them, but they’re overwhelmed with crime as it is and law and order in Victoria has descended into a farce.

These shootings are ok though according to The Age because they are ‘targeted’, so breathe a sigh of relief all you innocent bystanders and victims of crime.

The real question is, what gun laws do they have sitting in the background waiting to go? If we remember Dan Andrews’ statement a few weeks ago after the Love Machine incident and then the subsequent statement by a Labour staffer on Twitter, then it’s not a stretch at all to believe there is some more political opportunism on the horizon.

Remember, there’s no such thing as ‘knee jerk’ gun laws.

Idiot: Andrews wants more gun laws in wake of Love Machine drive-by shooting

Another day, another shooting in Melbourne:

“A nightclub security guard is dead and another is fighting for life after a drive-by shooting outside a Melbourne club, with police determined to track down the offenders.

Shots were fired from a passing SUV, hitting three security guards and a patron outside the popular Prahran nightclub Love Machine at 3.20am on Sunday.

Security guard Aaron Khalid Osmani, 37, was rushed to hospital in a critical condition after the shooting but he later died.”

So four people were shot – does that count as a mass shooting, Philip Alpers? Depends on what definition you are using this week.

Other than that, another shooting with illegal firearms in Melbourne despite muh tough gun laws. What else is new?

Anti-gun sentiment is currently in vogue given the grave dancing over Christchurch and the fake outrage over the fake NRA expose with One Nation. Never one to also miss out on a good virtue signal, Daniel Andrews weighed in:

” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will “stand ready” to reform gun laws if necessary following a chilling drive-by shooting outside a Melbourne nightclub.

Shots were indiscriminately fired into a crowd of people standing outside Love Machine in Prahran just after 3am on Sunday.

Three security guards and a patron were shot. One of the guards, 37-year-old Narre Warren man Aaron Khalid Osmani died in hospital and another guard is fighting for his life.

“Shootings like this do rock the city,” Mr Andrews said on Sunday morning.

“I’m not aware of any further request for additional gun law reform but, given recent events, if the police commissioner came to me and said he needed more, then of course we would stand ready to do that.”

Mr Andrews said there has already been significant changes to the state’s gun laws. Most notable was the introduction of firearm prohibition orders, which allow police to search anyone subject to an order without a warrant.

“Whenever Victoria Police have come to us seeking more powers or more resources, we’ve stood ready do that and we do now,” Mr Andrews said.”

Stand ready to do what exactly? Threaten people who won’t (and obviously didn’t in this instance) comply with the law that they’ll change laws that don’t affect them in the first place? Genius.

As mentioned, Victoria has already passed the useless firearm prohibition orders and reclassified the Adler shotgun in the last six months, great lot of good they did here.

It’s not a stretch at all to suggest they already have a new set of laws and restrictions sitting there written already, waiting for each new event to advance their agenda that one step further. That’s been the standard operating procedure for the last 23 years at least.

The fact that the Premier is leaning towards unelected Police, who have long been anti-gun, for advice is another part of the problem.

The black market for illegal firearms is also massive and Andrews has long lost control of law and order in Victoria. Unless you’re serious about harsh sentences for illegal firearms and locking criminals up, instead of giving them community corrections orders, this is just the usual posturing from Andrews.

Back to making vacuous social media posts, Dan. You really have no place in the firearm debate.