Sunrise idiots give Gun World more free advertising

And you thought the AFL break over summer would give you brief respite from Basil Zempilas:

Yes, who better to ask their ‘opinions’ on this non-issue, than some ‘progressive’ Melbourne NPC and an outraged boomer woman with a collective knowledge of firearms-related issues the size of a postage stamp.

Notice how the Melbourne NPC tries to turn the argument straight into a personal attack on the owner’s “ego” because he has nothing else to come back with?

As we said before, it’s a non-issue. It’s not the first billboard and won’t be the last, it’s Gun World’s money and Ian Stewart has no business trying to tell them how to advertise. The tears from Leanne Enoch, Jackie Trad and the rest of the saltiness from the Queensland Labor Party is still palpable in the air.

But it was a smart move – Sunrise and every other media outlet in Australia has just given Gun World a huge return on advertising investment.

The Australian mainstream news is now thoroughly dependent on a perpetual cycle of confected outrage like this to prop up their dead business model. They’re a corpse and they know it.

On the positive side of the equation, we’re all hotly anticipating the next Gun World Billboard.

The stakes have been raised, lads.

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