Victoria Police don’t even bother turning up to home invasion

We heard a few days ago about a family in Melbourne’s west that were held at knife point during a home invasion by African gangs. Well here’s another one that will grind your gears:

40 minutes to call the victims back and then answered with a simple drive past and didn’t see anything, that’s if they really drove past at all. And this is all because they were tied up with other home invasions and didn’t follow up at all afterwards.

Just further evidence that when seconds count, Police are minutes away – if at all. We saw this tragically during the Dean Webber case late last year when Queensland Police failed to turn up and he was forced to stab two home invaders.

Neil Mitchell is one of the few people in the lame stream media still talking about this epidemic, but nonetheless he’s still a raging hypocrite who infamously told a caller last year who was prepared to defend himself to just wait for the Police. Guess that seat on the board of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and the money that comes with it buys silence. Conflicted much, Neil?

It’s understandable that Victoria Police are understaffed to deal with this kind of stuff, however, the fact Victoria Police have actively opposed practical self-defence measures for law abiding citizens speaks volumes. They can’t admit they can’t protect you, because essentially that would red pill a lot of the public about the whole “only Police can protect you and should have the tools to do so” meme.

How does this fit with the usual messaging Victoria Police have been issuing recently such as “just be compliant” and blaming all men for violent crime?

40 minutes is unacceptable. Not being able to protect yourself adequately under the law is unforgiveable.

Yes, you have the right in Victoria under Section 462a of the Crimes Act but you don’t have access to the practical means. Firearm storage laws make it nigh on impossible to deploy firearms effectively, but even then, you’ll have them taken off you after the fact by Police and likely spend two years and most of your cash trying to protect yourself.

You defend yourself twice in Australia.

Castle doctrine is the first step for change. Practical self-defence tools and a reworking of the firearm storage laws comes next.

Until then, this is just going to keep happening especially as Victoria’s economy continues to nosedive.

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  1. This is the ONLY thing USA has gotten right, and also is in the process of actively destroying by trying to disarm its own citizens. Home-invading scum only understand overwhelming force. As an ex-ADF I can tell you that firearms aren’t scary and aren’t dangerous. They merely require care in operation, just like anything else.

    Oh, and one shouldn’t need to give warning shots or anything: sometimes there is only time for one shot, and that should should be an effective one.

    1. My thoughts. Shoot invaders in knee cap with first shot. Then yell out stop or I will shoot, then discharge second shot. Anyone waking up will not be certain if yell from invader is after first or second shot. Invader wont walk away and with stuffed knee won’t climb through a window again.

      1. Under stress your ability to reliably hit a knee is not guaranteed, also, you are not required to fire a warning shot – if you have a firearm to hand (purely by coincidence) and you are in a situation that justifies firing it, it justifies a centre mass shot.
        If you feel comfortable firing a warning/disabling shot, you are not threatened enough (legally) to fire at all. If you fire you are firing to stop the deadly threat, then you stop shooting.

  2. If they were ‘looking for a lost puppy’ why would they be kicking in front door anyway? I see way too much appeasement and excuses these days.

  3. Easy solution is just to tell the cops that you think you have killed the invaders and they will be there in an instant.

  4. There has been discussion in the media (in light of AFP Media Raids) maybe leaning towards Australia adopting a Bill of Rights. IF (and its a huge if) it ever gets off the ground, Castle Doctrine, The Right for an Individual to Defend Themselves (both non lethal and lethal measures) and The Right for Law Abiding (and where necessary Licenced) Individuals to have access to and be able to use all equipment.

    If as an individual, I can lawfully use non lethal (pepper spray, Taser) and I misuse this equipment in attacking others – then I get arrested and tried for aggravated assault (minimum) or “armed” offences. Not denying the whole population the right to self defence based on the belief that a few individuals may break the law.

    But then again its not about defence or rights – its about control and the Sheeple bleating the loudest.

  5. Also of interest was the 4 Corners story on James Gargasoulas. Firstly – not an ABC fan and stopped watching when they started an anti firearms and anti white agenda (hate yourself for being white) and a pro Feminist, refugee and LGBTIQ (and whatever other letters of the alphabet) agenda. But I wanted to see their take on the Bourke Street killer – because he used a car and not a firearm.

    The repeated failure of Victoria Police, their policies and guidelines, the lack of common sense, and no one willing to risk their career to monitor and arrest someone with a long criminal history and very clear mental issues that represented a threat to society, it was staggering. Also the failure of the bail system – and the relationship between the Police and the Bail system.

    The Coroners inquest is about to start and the fallout (if made public) is going to be huge.

    Yet this same organisation is saying trust us and leave your safety to us. Politely – No Thank You.

  6. Same on kangaroo island SA mate. Extremely bad policing same kind of story but had shot gun pulled on me and I live alone had to go out side in middle of night to see which way rocks where coming over fence after wheelies in drive way the trouble I have with next door neighbor that for 3 yrs has stolen used abused or broken everything I own also $500,000 worth of opal was stolen last easter and police did nothing

  7. Welcome to the socialist state of victoria where you cant proyect yourself and police wont protect you either.

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