Lever Action Shotguns Victoria

For all our members and supporters in Victoria.

The JUSTICE LEGISLATION (POLICE AND OTHER MATTERS) BILL 2018 which will prohibit lever action shotguns with a magazine capacity over 5 rounds will soon come before parliament.

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers party intend to present some of their own amendments to modify this bill so it will not allow these lever action shotguns to be prohibited under this bill.

This legislation as you no doubt know is being brought forward because of the unaccountable decisions made by COAG to amend the NFA. However in order for this to become law it must be passed in the state parliament.

This is the time when you should have your say, and it is of vital importance that you contact not just your local member but the following list of politicians in Victoria and present your views to them. The relevant list of politicians can be found here, whilst addressing them individually is certainly the best way to do so, a blanket email utilizing the BCC field and a generic greeting will work if you are short on time.

The Labor party is dead set on implementing these provisions, but our sources have informed us the LNP and the crossbenchers have a more open mind on the matter. But to ensure they understand it is in their best interests to support the amendment from the SFFP you must make sure they understand how many people are following this matter.

We have attached a draft email here, you can use this help base your own emails upon.

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