Toy gun ban debacle: Australia needs to harden up

Just when you thought bansturbation in this country over firearms couldn’t get any worse, here comes this:

Not at all surprising from a country that bans Airsoft and classifies Paintball Markers as firearms.

This draws parallels to the pearl-clutching Helen Lovejoy in Brisbane who complained about a Gun World billboard near a childcare centre a couple of months ago.

Now, it’s not unusual for childcare centres to ban outside toys for a variety of reasons but to specifically target toy guns and god forbid, superhero costumes, is nothing to do with children and everything to do with social engineering – notice how it’s overwhelmingly targeted at boys? (Sexism much?) Australia seems determined to breed a new generation of wimps and to attack masculinity from an early age.

So when the toy guns are potentially taken away, are sticks and fingers that simulate toy guns next?

If a child cannot discern between a toy gun and a real firearm then the fault clearly lies with the parent not the child. Teaching children firearm safety from a young age is highly desirable, as it teaches respect for the firearms from a young age, instils good habits and most of all takes the curiosity away.

Sheltering children usually has the opposite desired effect and it often turns into emotional and cognitive problems later in life.

According to the Australian Childcare Alliance however, it’s all fake news and it’s “just a survey”:

“ACA NSW CEO, Chiang Lim spoke with Now To Love saying talk of a ban is “categorically untrue”.

“Even if we wanted to, which we don’t, we don’t have the power to make such a ban, says Lim. Following the conversations in the UK, we do plan on surveying our members, simply to get the wisdom of them as a collective so that we can gather useful data for centres who are looking at what to do in a situation where gun play might be an issue.”

 After images were released showing Prince George and his friends playing with a toy gun at Beaufort Polo Club last month, conversations began around how appropriate it was for children to be playing with guns at all.”

The question is, why have this survey at all if it’s not an issue? There’s no need for it.

This is how these social engineering ploys all start out. Get the feelers out, fudge the statistics and then point to them and lobby/kick and scream until the government bends to the authoritarian minority. We’ve seen it all too many times before.

The overwhelming majority of children that grow up playing these games turn out ok. This is akin to all those claims of violent video games and movies responsible for mass murder which, ironically enough, these children are also exposed to later in life.

Now contrast the ACA’s approach with a much more mature approach taken in New Zealand:

“One of New Zealand’s biggest childcare chains is launching cutout guns and targets to teach gun safety rules to preschoolers.

Evolve Education, which runs 130 childcare centres plus the Porse and Au Pair Link home-based companies, says the gun safety kit has been developed particularly for about 40 rural preschool centres in areas where hunting is common.

“This is very much around communities where little boys will go hunting with dad in the hunting season and it’s part of life,” said chief operating officer Fay Amaral.

But Dr Sarah Alexander of the early childhood advisory group Child Forum said she was shocked by the kit, which will be available to download free online internationally.

“For the first time in New Zealand we’ll have a large early childhood organisation that has declared itself to be pro-gun,” she said.

Of course there’s the token wowser psychologist but other than that, spot on Evolve Education.

Let the kids be kids. You don’t want your own kids to be involved with toy guns or firearms? That’s fine. But don’t force that view on others who do and have done so through generations of Australians.

Contrary to what the media frightbats claim this is what a responsibly-taught child can look like handling firearms later in life:

Harden up, Australian Childcare Alliance and take your obvious social engineering attempts somewhere else.

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