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MUH NRA: ABC and GetUp go on farcical witch hunt against firearm owners

Here we go again.

A torrent of anti-firearm propaganda has swept the country for the umpteenth time, this time alleging One Nation colluded with the NRA to attract donations, which was revealed to be an Al-Jazeera set up:

The first red flag is that the whole thing is partly commissioned by GetUp and Gun Control Australia – two vehemently anti-gun organisations that repeatedly refuse to disclose their own sources of funding and overseas connections. GetUp even had to change it’s structure prior to the foreign donation laws that were brought in late last year.

The NRA does not intervene, as per it’s constitution, in the firearms politics of other countries. Sure, it comments on them but it does not send money overseas – it has limited war chests to fight the plethora of battles domestically. The Australian population has long been gaslighted about the myth of the NRA boogeyman, but that’s a discussion for another time.

The standard hypocrisy applies: the firearm industry and firearm owners dare not lobby for their own interests but GetUp and the rest are allowed to do what it wants.

Why go to all this effort to attempt to smear One Nation, which after all, isn’t really that pro-gun? Particularly as recent comments from NSW MLC-elect Mark Latham illustrate.

Has anyone at the ABC bothered to check One Nation’s firearm policy? Nowhere does it mention scrapping the National Firearms Agreement or re-instating the types of firearms that were confiscated or banned in 1996, and by comparison to that of the Liberal Democrats, is quite milquetoast.

The ABC is basically rehashing an old hit piece they did last year on 4Corners. It’s obvious Gun Control Australia and the civilian disarmament brigade are hoping to capitalise on the Christchurch tragedy to push through further gun control. Sam Lee already called for bans on bolt action rifles just last week.

The question also needs to be asked: why did a state funded broadcaster collude with another state funded broadcaster for three years, to attempt entrapment of One Nation?

Cui bono?

Firstly, this appears to be part of a much larger witch hunt aimed at, what establishment types perceive as “nationalist” and other type groups, which the two-party duopoly are afraid of. Apparently, being a gun owner in Australia = far right nationalist. Completely absurd.

One Nation, at least as far as the Liberals are concerned, appear a threat to the Coalition’s voter base. Given the recent attack on Pauline Hanson on Sunrise, it appears a much larger game is being played.

Dr Samara McPhedran also points out that it’s just as much about politics and not really about the guns. Why wouldn’t it be, when you’re under threat at the federal election and your coalition partner just got smashed at the NSW state election?

The Nationals’ anti-gun scaremongering completely backfired in the NSW election, resulting in huge swings against them and losing two seats in key electorates in Barwon and Murray. It appears the electorate doesn’t give two shits about John Howard and Tim Fischer and the boogeyman of firearms has now worn off.

If the ABC are going to whinge about firearm owners, then a simple investigation into the links between Rebecca Peters, George Soros and Gun Control Australia would uncover a dearth of foreign interference and enough scandalous journalism for an entire year. However, that would require balance and courage and that is something the ABC does not have much of these days.

GetUp and Gun Control Australia doth protest too much.

However, this is really about Labor, Liberal and the Greens attempting to stomp out what they see as the nationalist political threat to their established monopoly, only 6 weeks out from a federal election.

It seems donations from corrupt banks and foreign governments, who are legitimately dragging the country down to ruin, are less important than mythical donations from a small, voluntary American civil rights organisation that would never eventuate in the first place.

As far as the ABC goes, it’s time taxpayers were free from involuntary donations to a government broadcaster that has long since lost the plot.

LDP push pepper spray while One Nation votes against it

As David Leyonhjelm exited the Australian Senate last week, he used the opportunity to move a couple of final motions. One being for the legalisation of pepper spray:

As you can see, it was soundly defeated and again, female Senators voted against it. Senator Fraser Anning attempted this in the wake of the Eurydice Dixon murder but a similar result was had. Interestingly enough, Derryn Hinch changed his mind this time round.

Most notable though was One Nation voting against this. Particularly interesting as Pauline Hanson was complaining about the Castle Doctrine earlier in the week and Peter Georgiou previously voted for it.

Meanwhile, over in WA Liberal Democrats’ MLC Aaron Stonehouse is making progress on this issue:

Spot on. Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLC Jeff Bourman considered a similar motion last year in Victoria.

Stonehouse also took to ABC Radio to discuss further:

Further to this, Victorian Liberal Democrats’ MLC Tim Quilty gave a great speech in Victorian Parliament on the need for self-defence:

One Nation are all over the shop on this issue. If you’re trying to court the shooting and self-defence vote, you’re doing it wrong.

Only the Liberal Democrats, SFFP and Fraser Anning’s Conservative National Party are serious on this issue. Vote accordingly.

Category C and D firearms should be opened up for sports shooters

The ongoing saga in Tasmania has taken another twist with another appeal coming for Cat C firearms to be rightfully opened up for sports shooting:

“Tasmanian sporting shooters say they are confident the State Government will deliver its election promise to consider allowing them to use semi-automatic .22 calibre rifles for competition shooting events, firearms banned under laws introduced after the Port Arthur massacre.

But it would only be legal for the shooters to use rifles if the National Firearms Agreement is changed, or if Tasmania walks away from fully honouring the deal, which was reached following the mass shooting event in 1996 in which 35 people were murdered.

The shooters say without the rifles, they stand no chance of winning a world championship.

South Australian David McCarthy is the best in Australia and just won a national championship held at Copping near Hobart.

He competed internationally last year and was coming sixth in the world, but has not been able to win at the International Gallery Rifle Federation world cup because he can only shoot in half of the matches as he requires a semi-automatic .22 calibre rifle to compete in all events.

Following public outrage over the election promise, which came to light on the day before the state poll in March, the Liberals scrapped the changes, with Premier Will Hodgman saying the Government, “understood there are deeply held concerns about public safety, and in an area as important to Tasmanians as gun laws, public confidence in our laws is essential”.

But changes to the laws are still a chance, with the Government holding an inquiry into the laws, building shooters’ hopes the promises will be kept. The Tasmanian Government has also promised the possibility of expanding the “reason to own” a category C firearm to include competition shooting, as occurs for clay target shooters, for recognised competition shooting events in Australia.

Tasmanian president of the Sporting Shooters Association Andrew Judd said he was confident the Tasmanian Government would keep the promises it made to shooters.

“I still believe that we have a good chance to be able to put forward some commonsense arguments,” Mr Judd said, adding his members were not calling for “military-style” guns.

“What’s not been addressed is if we are allowed category C firearms, it will actually enhance most people’s storage facilities, which will also improve public safety.”

I would like to know what Andrew Judd means by military-style, because no such thing exists and is just a meaningless buzzword invented by the anti-gun crowd. Further, the current storage laws are a joke and need to be scrapped. Why should people be forced to upgrade storage to a certain level, especially considering the disaster that was passed in Tasmania last year?

Whether those are Judd’s own words or the usual creative licence we’ve come to expect from the ABC remains unclear.

Aside that from those sticking points, we agree. It’s a ridiculous state of affairs that just over the Tasman, Kiwi shooters can participate in 3-gun, Airsoft and Paintball without the overarching nanny state garbage Australia is famous for:

All Cat C and D firearms should both be opened up to sports shooters.

There’s no reason, other than perpetual, baseless fear mongering that they should not be. You can’t breach the National Firearms Agreement if it’s not legally binding in the first place, so again the ABC perpetuate this myth. Of course, the unworkable, arbitrary mess that is the category system should go completely, but this is positive step in the right direction.

Will Hodgman copping out because Green-in-Liberals-clothing Sue Hickey held him over a barrel was disappointing but not unexpected. If Hodgman still has any cajones he would follow through with the changes and sack Sue Hickey, but we won’t hold our breath.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t hold their feet to the fire and we will continue to do so.

Labor’s Leanne Enoch plays victim card over Gun World non-troversy

Now the ABC have doubled down on this week’s “2 minutes hate of gun owners” campaign with Queensland Labor MP Leanne Enoch resurfacing:

“A YEAR after Queensland MP Leeanne Enoch fought to remove a billboard encouraging people to buy guns for Christmas, the politician has revealed the extent of the backlash.

Ms Enoch started a petition in November last year to have the towering Brisbane billboard, featuring a gun-toting woman dressed in a Santa Claus outfit, removed. Speaking to ABC’s Four Corners last night, Ms Enoch said her attempt to get the billboard advertising Gun World Australia was met with brutal opposition.

“Let someone break into your house and rape and kill you,” a Facebook commenter wrote.

“Someone shoot this b**ch. Would be the most cliche murder. You have no place in our community woman. Take ur (sic) opinion elsewhere,” another added.

Ms Enoch, who was Queensland’s Small Business Minister at the time, had around 3000 people comment on her Facebook post linking to the petition. “I was receiving threats of sexual violence, of physical violence. I had threats to my life and that spilt over towards some of the people that were making positive comments about bringing the billboard down as well,” Ms Enoch told the program.

“There were moments when I really thought, ‘Am I in danger here?’ These are people who were advocating the watering down of gun laws, these were people who had access to guns.”

Ms Enoch launched the petition a few weeks before the Queensland state election, held on November 25, 2017.

“My first reaction to it was one of horror,” Ms Enoch said, referring to the first time she saw the billboard.”

 Pics or it didn’t happen, Leanne.

So in other words, what Sean Nicholls and the hacks at the ABC have apparently done is made a quick sweep of Leanne’s Facebook page and looked for the most polarising comments they can find and tried to make them collectively representative of everyone’s opinion, because guns are bad mmkay. Newscorp also did the same.

Comments like this are certainly not to be condoned at all, but in lieu of any screenshots or knowing who or what the motivations of the alleged posters were, it’s hard to take the claims seriously at all. It could also very likely be one of the usual Labor/Greens/anti-firearm sock puppet accounts that love to infest any firearm thread to undermine it – the “I’m a gun owner but…” etc type of comment. You don’t know who is behind that keyboard.

Gun World also ran into another local Helen Lovejoy feigning outrage over another of their billboards earlier in the year.

Put simply, Gun World is a legal business selling legal products. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. The fact that a Queensland MP went out on a personal vendetta against a business that was doing nothing wrong was what invoked a strong backlash, and rightfully so.

In other words, Leanne Enoch picked a fight, lost and tried to run away screaming ‘victim!’

God forbid you ever step foot in 4Chan, Leanne.

Queensland Labor are a train wreck. Revolving door Police Ministers, Jackie Stalin-Trad’s numerous anti-gun rants, Enoch and now Annastacia Palaszczuk’s underhanded stunt against the KAP and their staffers.

Just another in a long list of many reasons not to vote for Team Red (or Team Blue or Green) and another reason to defund the ABC.

It’s their NPC: 4 Corners produces yet another biased anti-firearm whinge

When Port Arthur is stated within the first 30 seconds you know which way it’s going, but that’s no surprise.

The ABC’s latest piece on firearms aired on the 4 Corners program (program being the operative word) on Monday night and as expected it was the same biased, formulaic drivel that we are used to.

It was essentially targeted at NIOA, KAP and SIFA due to their recent lobbying work at the Queensland state election and the Flick’Em campaign.

In other words, a section of the Australian community lobbies politically to protect their own interests because they feel they are being treated badly and you should be outraged. Yes, god forbid people who actually know something about firearms be involved in the process. How is that different from any other lobby group?

They also followed up with this article:

“The Shooting Industry Foundation of Australia (SIFA)’s corporate members have bankrolled its activities with more than $1.2 million since late 2014.

Its members are directors of local firms Nioa — which calls itself Australia’s largest privately-owned supplier of small arms and ammunition — Raytrade, Outdoor Sporting Agencies and the Australian offshoots of international gun manufacturers Winchester and Beretta.

SIFA is leading a fresh bid to lobby governments over gun laws, 22 years after the Port Arthur massacre which saw the states and territories sign up to the National Firearms Agreement.

It has sponsored “shooting days” for federal politicians and donated tens of thousands of dollars to firearms-friendly political parties.”

Wow, a whole $1.2 million.

If the ABC was interested in providing a balanced view of this complete non-issue, then they would also hold Gun Control Australia and the Unions’ feet to the fire about their continued financial and political involvement on the other side of the fence.

They would also ask the question of the amount of financial backing and unrelenting media access the anti-firearm lobby has had in this country for 22 years. Oh that’s right, Gun Control Australia refuse to disclose their financials and membership, even in front of a Senate Inquiry in 2015. Alas, the ABC did not explore that at all but Rebecca Peters already admitted her financial backing from billionaire George Soros earlier in the year.

Twitter was full of the usual narcissistic reactionaries feigning outrage on something they didn’t know anything about, but that’s par for the course. The ABC also followed up with a Yes/No poll asking “Do you think Australia’s gun laws should be changed?” on their Facebook page which could easily be filtered with a “Do you actually know what the gun laws are in Australia?” to the No respondents.

Michelle Fernando did her best to avoid mentioning that she knew about her sister’s condition and failed to report it, let alone the fact that she stole a firearm from a gun club – but somehow that’s entirely the fault of gun owners. She also lied about the P650 option being available to shooters since 2008 – it’s been available before then.

And the fact that the ABC continue to cite fake professor Philip Alpers as any kind of ‘expert’ sums up their credibility, but that’s rarer to find in Ultimo these days than a non-soy drinker.

This latest piece is essentially a result of the major parties, the Howard-era prohibitionists and the legacy media being scared that they are well and truly losing the information war on firearms. This is exactly why the Gun Safety Alliance rebranding nonsense happened and now this latest outburst. For around 20 years they have not had any real organised opposition to their one-way program of indoctrination on firearms, and now the push back is coming in fast and accurate they don’t know what to do expect play the same old trick.

The whole premise of the 4 Corners program was the usual schtick of only groups the ABC approves of can lobby to protect their interests.

Gun lobby money bad, anti-gun lobby good.

If the ABC is concerned about private organisations using $1.2 million of their own money to lobby for their interests, then Australians have every right to be concerned about over $1 billion of their own money being used to lobby by the ABC on a variety of issues they don’t agree with and were never asked about.

And the fact that Australian journalists continue to attempt to lord it over people who actually know something about this topic, makes them look even more ridiculous.

The case to defund the ABC only gets stronger by the day.

Wankers: WA Police trying to shut down Ella Valla Range because they don’t like guns

We reported last week about the “Very Powerful Firearm” nonsense and the bureaucrats inside WAPOL Firearms Licensing that have decided to take the law into their own hands.

It now goes further than that, with WAPOL now actively trying to shut down Ella Valla Station and it’s Widji Bandi Sports Association, known for it’s .50 calibre shoots:

 More from ABC North West:

“Last week, several members of the Ella Valla Station’s Widji Bandi shooting club had their 50 calibre rifles confiscated by police. Members of the sport shooting club, Widji Bandi Sports Association, say they’ve been unfairly targeted.

The members were ‘club approved’ license holders, which means they can own firearms because of they are part of a recreational shooting club. However, several club members recently received letters asking to provide information to show they’re compliant with their firearm license.

A WA Police Force Spokesperson said club members failed to provide that information, and their licenses were revoked, and firearms seized.

“The application and enforcement of firearm legislation is critical to keeping our community safe,” the spokesperson said. The spokesperson said it was not a general ban on 50-calibre firearms.”

Spare us the public safety and “not a general ban” garbage WAPOL, we know how those games are played. There’s absolutely no evidence that the firearms being used at Ella Valla prove a ‘public safety’ threat – where are all these armed hold-ups and murders being committed with .50 cals?

Great work from Ross Williamson:

“Lawyer Ross Williamson is representing the group, and he said clients didn’t have to provide that information, and it was unlawful to ask in the first place.

“The decision has already been made. The firearm license holder has already justified his reason for having it, and the police have accepted that. A short time later they are writing another letter saying, effectively, ‘please reapply’. The law doesn’t allow that.”

Mr Williamson is appealing the matter in the State Administrative Tribunal.

The WA Police Force is arguing the letters were part of a random license audit on club members.”

That sure looks ‘random’ to us – 4 members in the same club with the same calibre of firearm all being issued the same notice. ‘Random’ indeed.

Good work also from Liberal Democrats’ Aaron Stonehouse:

WAPOL is essentially trying to shut down a legal business because a few gutless bureaucrats have decided they want to further the civilian disarmament cause, by any means necessary. From what we’ve also learned it appears that this may be a personal crusade from some of the WAPOL ranks against Ella Valla.

Station owner Shane Aylmore has setup a legal defence fund and outlines the situation:

“It is no secret that the Western Australian Police Licensing Enforcement Division (WAPOL) have an intense disliking for firearms owners.  Whilst there are laws that have been passed through parliament that allow firearms ownership under specific circumstances, WAPOL believe it is their mandate to try and prevent ownership altogether by interpreting the Firearms Act and Regulations in their own new and inventive ways.  This approach has become far more acute in recent months with WAPOL making it their mission to prevent law abiding people from obtaining licenses for large calibre long range firearms (amongst others) or, if you have one already, they are also trying to get your existing firearm off you by revoking licenses, making illegal seizures, making frequent requisitions for information in which they are not legally entitled, and/or threatening you under sections of the Act that are not even applicable or relevant to you, your circumstances, or your licence conditions.  They are the ones acting unlawfully and well beyond their powers and remit.  Now, they see the easiest target is to attack the very venue which provides these shooters with the facility that their firearms can be safely used – the range at Ella Valla.

WAPOL’s strategy is quite clear to every shooter involved in these actions and that is WAPOL are abusing their position of power to make life as complicated as possible even in the complete absence of any complaint, an allegation of wronging, or suspicion of criminally activity.  They use the strength of the Government’s cheque book with State funded lawyers to force as many sporting shooters as possible to either concede to their demands or be forced to spend their after-tax money to fight a fight started with resources funded by the taxes you paid.  It’s a despicable misuse of public resources and it must be stopped.  The only recourse to remedy WAPOL’s misuse of powers is to take matters to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) or, if necessary or that fails, the Supreme Court.”

Absolutely spot on.

It’s this repeated kind of authoritarian garbage from Police towards firearm owners around Australia that is further driving a wedge into the community – there’s no need for it.

If you’d like to contribute to Ella Valla’s legal defence fund and tell WA Police where to go, you can contribute here – it’s already more than halfway to the target amount.

Remember, an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us and this incremental disarmament nonsense has to be stopped. WAPOL should stick to going after hardened criminals and illegal firearms, instead of being the local strong arm of the globalist civilian disarmament cause in WA.

If you haven’t chosen a line in the sand, Ella Valla has plenty you can draw one in.

ABC 4 Corners to run another anti-gun hit piece

Yeh, this looks real impartial and objective:


The very fact that the ABC has wheeled out fake professor Philip Alpers for comment instantly undermines the ABC’s credibility, not that it has much these days anyway.

We’ll reserve judgment until we’ve seen this in it’s entirety but if the grab is anything to go by, then it’s going to be more of the same ABC formula. That being, anti-firearm with lip service to a few pro-gun opinions. The premise also seems to be the usual confected outrage re: how dare the million plus Australians who own firearms be represented politically?

The main reason this is being aired is an attack against the Flick’Em campaign and Bob Katter for their campaigns at the Queensland election. Put simply, the majors are scared of the rising minor party and firearm owner vote.

Michelle Fernando seems to be the token victim they’ve dragged out. Access to guns is “so casual” hey Michelle? Spoken like someone who has no idea about the process involved. Illegally yes, legally no.

Story airs tonight at 8:30pm AEST.

Tasmanian Firearm “Inquiry” is a waste of time and taxpayer money

The Tasmanian Government looks like it has caved to the anti-gun loonies and is announcing an Inquiry into the proposed changes:

“The Tasmanian Government has agreed to open up controversial gun law reform to scrutiny by the state’s Upper House, as pressure is applied to the Prime Minister to stop the proposed changes.

Tasmania’s Police Minister Michael Ferguson has confirmed the State Government will support a Legislative Council inquiry into gun reform, called for this week by the Independent MLC Ivan Dean.

The Liberal policy, revealed earlier this month on the eve of the state election, would allow greater access to category C firearms such as self-loading rifles and pump-action shotguns for farm workers and sporting shooters. Licence holders in category C would also be allowed gun silencers.

“We have made it very clear we will not do anything that puts Tasmanians at risk or is inconsistent with the National Firearms Agreement, and the inquiry will be a chance for everyone concerned to have their say on these proposals,” Mr Ferguson said.

“It will also allow Labor to explain how they managed to both oppose the proposals, while at the same time promising many of the exact same measures.”

Mr Ferguson also hit back at Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten over proposed changes to the state’s gun laws, saying he did not know what he was talking about.”

Rabid Roland also chimed in:

“Roland Browne from Gun Control Australia said the State Government appeared increasingly confused about its own policy.

“The Premier says his advice is it doesn’t breach the National Firearms Agreement, now the Upper House wants to have an inquiry into whether it does breach the National Firearms Agreement or not, and then the current Minister says he wants to clarify whether it breaches it,” he said.

“What needs to happen is less an inquiry and more the Government being straight with the community and saying ‘This is what we were intending to do but we are abandoning those plans’, if that is what they are actually doing — it’s impossible to know.”

Roland was previously whingeing about lack of consultation and now consultation is being offered, he turns around and complains that there shouldn’t be any and a decision should be made.

The guy’s a joke but nothing new there.

Ferguson is 100% correct about Labor. They supported the changes and had virtually the same policy Liberal did coming into the election, only for their federal counterparts to put their foot in their mouths.

Again, the ABC perpetuates the lie that the policy was released on the eve of the election when it clearly wasn’t:


The changes are completely miniscule and are welcomed. As for the ABC calling them silencers, well this is basically all that firearm suppressors do:


Yeh, run for the hills Ma Parker.

A lot of money in public health and pest control could be saved with the deployment of suppressors for professional and recreational use, but it seems hysteria is still the order of the day. Meanwhile, suppressors are in use over in New Zealand and the sky has not fallen in.

The only benefit this inquiry would have if public submissions are advertised and invited, including the larger shooting community.

That being said, it’s still a waste of time and money. The changes were made after already extensive consultation and the voting public had the chance to send the message to the government at the election if they didn’t want it, but went and voted the Hodgman government back in anyway.

If you’re actually going to do it Will Hodgman, just do it and get it over with. There are more important issues facing the state of Tasmania and the hysterical cries of blood in the street from a small minority of anti-gun loonies, are just that.

Relevance Deprivation Syndrome: Flailing Fischer rambles about tariffs on firearms and ammunition

The man responsible for the biggest ever wipe out of the National Party vote in Australian history, came forward with more anti-firearm drivel on the ABC in response to Donald Trump’s tariffs:

“If they are going to whack a 25% tariff on steel, 20% on aluminium and after 15 days not too many exemptions, then let the world apply a 25% tariff on all gun exports from the USA and a 10% tariff on all ammunition produced in the USA and exported to the world. Two-thirds of the crimes in Mexico are committed by guns from the USA. And by the way Australia has a 0% tariff on guns from the USA into Australia. In other words you go down a whack for whack path. It’s not to be recommended as the Reserve Bank points out.”

Deary me. As much as I dislike the RBA, perhaps listen to what they’re saying Tim?

This is a disastrous idea for Australian businesses and will hurt our economy even more. Does Fischer know what impact that will also have on rural businesses, our farmers and in turn, our exports? Further, the United States is not the only country to manufacture firearms and ammunition by a long shot so there are other plenty of other sellers, as there are other buyers for US arms sales. We’re a minor player on the world stage and are purely chopping off our nose to spite our face.

The Coalition, the so-called party of business sending more Australian businesses to the wall. What a surprise.

This is also immensely hypocritical when just weeks ago Malcolm Turnbull was galivanting around stating Australia’s aspirations to become the 10th largest arms exporter in the world. We’re allowed to make them and sell them, but by god we’ll show these Americans with their evil guns.

While the Australian economy is beyond our remit, Australia is in deep trouble and relies solely on selling houses and visas to foreigners. Ironically, it was Tim Fischer and John Howard’s economic policies that started this whole mess years ago – they have less of a clue about economics than they do firearms.

The quote about Mexico is inherently wrong about the types of firearms turning up in the cartels’ hands. Furthermore, to use an example of a country which recorded a record number of homicides last year, far higher than the United States, despite having gun laws tighter than almost any other country is a joke. Why doesn’t Mexico just adopt the “world class” National Firearm Agreement, Tim? That should solve it. Has Rebecca Peters found a fix for the cartels in Guatemala by holding up paper signs?

And to add to that, Barack Obama and Eric Holder were infamously running guns to the cartels through Operation Fast and Furious but Fischer doesn’t want to talk about that.

Mexico is a text book case for the 2nd amendment – they’re held hostage by cartels who have also corrupted the government, with the citizenry being the only ones unarmed and at the mercy of both.

We all know that taxation is another weapon used to attack firearm owners with. We’ve seen that with the recent fee increase in Victoria by Lisa Neville to charge re-enactments $330 for a historically free permit, which will affect ANZAC Day and other celebrations.

A report earlier in the year noted the United Nations has specifically made ammunition a target this year. We’ve seen early murmurings of this in Queensland. We’ve also seen this in fee increases in Western Australia for PTA’s and licences for no apparent reason.

We’ve also seen continually that Tim Fischer is a rank anti-gun opportunist with an abnormal hate of the National Rifle Association. I guess the guilt of proclaiming “they’ll never take our guns” in 1993 and then capitulating and disarming your own country a few years later, is still a bitter pill to swallow after all these years.

Outbursts like this just confirms where the rot in the current state of the National Party began.

Back in your tax payer funded box, Tim.

Relevance Deprivation Syndrome: More anti-firearm drivel from Tony Rundle

The conga line of ultracrepidarians spouting unqualified opinions over Will Hodgman’s proposals grew longer this week. This time with another Howard-era fossil, Tony Rundle, on the ABC:

“Tasmania’s former Liberal premier, Tony Rundle, who was in government when the Port Arthur massacre occurred, is urging the current State Government to rethink its controversial gun control policy.

The proposed changes include extending some licences, allowing greater access to category C weapons — such as pump action shotguns — and allowing farmers to use silencers on such weapons.

“I’m not in favour at all of watering down the gun laws of 1996 in any shape or form,” Mr Rundle told 7.30.

“I hope [the Government] will have a rethink and look at the proposal they’ve put up.”

Mr Rundle, who with then-prime minister John Howard led the push to tighten gun laws following the massacre, predicted community consultation on the policy would highlight how controversial it was.

“The main thing that governments have to do is look after the safety of the population at large, and the fewer guns that are in the community, the safer the population are likely to be,” he said.”

Yeh, the usual talking point rubbish. Key word there being former Premier.

And as we called it, the ABC decided to wheel out another Port Arthur survivor, this time Carolyn Loughton:

“Ms Loughton, who was injured during the massacre, said she was “appalled” by the proposed changes.

“I am absolutely horrified. I’m just — I can’t believe it.”

She is already penning a letter to members of the Tasmanian Government, who she said should feel ashamed.

“I have a voice and I intend to use it,” she said.

“[The Port Arthur victims] must be remembered and there was 35 of them, and their lives were cut short and as we know there were two very young, little girls and in this picture about people’s rights to own guns, that mustn’t be forgotten.”

Loughton is the same woman who infamously shouted down Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MP Robert Brown on SBS Insight in 2016 at the height of the Adler debacle.

No-one is denying the tragedy that happened to your daughter or denying that you have a right to voice your opinion, Carolyn. It’s just that victimhood should not be your first and only argument in the debate and it shouldn’t automatically carry more weight than anyone else’s.

As for Tony Rundle, no-one really cares what you think. You would know 100% Tony that the National Firearms Agreement is a non-legally binding agreement. You were initially opposed to it but like other state Premiers, were held to ransom by the Howard Government to enact it by the threat of Federal funding for health and education being withheld. Tasmania and every other state is free to ignore it and aside from some federally controlled import laws, firearms are a state issue and that is that.

The changes proposed by Hodgman are relatively minor. 10-year licences are already in place in the NT, suppressors (which are 100% legal in New Zealand) are a much needed engineering control and public health money-saving initiative and Category C changes are just common sense.

This talk of watering down is a complete lie – no-one is talking about getting rid of licencing or vetting, so it’s a waste of time trying to argue otherwise. 

A more important question for Tony Rundle – why did you not support a Royal Commission into the largest, most politicised spree killing in modern Australian history? Ms Loughton and the other victims of that day deserve some answers and closure.

Answer that, or forever hold your peace.