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“Semi-semi-automatic” – Gun Control Australia and David Shoebridge hit peak desperation over Verney-Carron speedline

The memes write themselves: From their ABC:

“Mr Casagrande said when the Australian Federal Police inspected the gun, instead of giving it a classification they listed it in a special schedule of prohibited items, banned from importation into Australia.

“Things like machine guns, mortars, any of those military-type weapons that are actually used in war … they can’t come in under any consideration whatsoever,” he said. Mr Casagrande applied for a judicial review in the Federal Court and is awaiting the judgment.

He believes the AFP got it wrong, that the Veloce is a typical lever-action shotgun and should be classified as a category B firearm, one of the two least-restrictive categories.

It (hilariously) continues:

Gun control advocates disagree. They say the Veloce is a dangerous new style of “rapid-fire” gun. Gun Control Australia chair Samantha Lee says it fires faster than typical category A and B lever or bolt-action firearms.

“With this particular firearm the concern is the rapid-fire mechanism. The ability for cartridges to be loaded at a very quick capacity,” she said. It’s been described as like a semi-automatic firearm. It’s quite a different mechanism to what’s been imported into Australia before.”

But far more troubling, according to Ms Lee, is that a rifle version of the shotgun is already available in Australia as a category B gun. It is called the Verney-Carron Speedline.

“We’ll be meeting with the Federal Justice Minister this week and we’ll be raising this issue, our concerns about the import of rapid-style firearms into this country,” she said. Any rapid-style semi-automatic type firearm should not be available to recreational hunters. Any firearm that is rapid style should be at its highest category possible — a category C or D.”

New South Wales Greens MP and gun control advocate David Shoebridge said the guns potentially needed their own unique category.

“This is effectively a new category of weapon, a new dangerous category that a number of firearms experts have described as a semi-semi-automatic weapon, with a high rate of fire. It doesn’t fit neatly into any of our current categories,” he said.

Mr Shoebridge said the Verney-Carron Speedline and Veloce firearms are a step up from the controversial Adler lever-action gun. And he does not understand how the Speedline has achieved a category B rating.

“This weapon though has an even more rapid rate of fire action. It’s designed for an extremely rapid cycling through of shot after shot, after shot, after shot,” he said.”

You can go read the rest for yourself but you get the drift. The same, tired old non-outrage from Shoebridge and Lee.

Gun Control Australia have tried the exact same technique with the Adler, the Pardus and now the Verney-Carron: pick a random firearm, ascribe some arbitrary and non-defined adjectives to it, whinge about how it circumvents the non-legally binding national firearms agreement and then use it as an excuse for more bans.

The ABC also didn’t run this on their social media threads for obvious reasons.

There are several obvious reasons for this latest salvo from Gun Control Australia:

– Trying to drum up as much hysteria as they can in regard to the Tasmanian Firearm Proposals which are open for public comment from 2nd June 2018.

– Are upset about the relationship with GCA Non-Executive Director Piers Grove and the Betoota Advocate/Three Rivers being made public last week.

– Was also cynically timed to coincide with the funerals of the victims of the Osmington mass shooting for maximum emotive value, because grave standing is Gun Control Australia’s standard modus operandi – because a mass shooting in the state with the strictest laws in the country really helps your case for more?

They are also reeling from constant daily examples of our gun laws being proven useless, particularly when criminals in Melbourne are now using grenades.

This also goes to show what a monumental waste of time the firearm classification process is. It would be a far better approach to remove the licence categories completely for those already licenced.

Considering the absolute debacle that Australian Border Force and Peter Dutton had with the Riverman OAF, it would be wise for them not to repeat it.

Funny also what the Australian Federal Police said three years ago about the Adler:

The usual consistent inconsistency from our national law enforcement agencies pertaining to firearms. How is the Verney-Carron any different? How does a firearm that requires manual chambering of a round get anywhere near the definition of a semi-automatic?

An also pressing question is: on a matter currently before the Federal Court, a commercially uninvolved prohibition activist organisation gets a face-to-face meeting with a Federal Minister?

But above all, what the hell is a “semi-semi-automatic?”

Guess all those Category B centrefire bolt actions in circulation might have to be reclassified as semi-semi-automatics:

I actually agree with Shoebridge: the non-legally binding national firearms agreement has got to go. It serves no purpose.

It’s not as if three lawyers working for an anti-firearm lobby would know that though.

Protected by guns, no-one turns up to Gun Control Australia’s Sydney protest

Gun Control Australia staged their “#MarchForChange” solidarity rally in Sydney on Friday afternoon to a capacity crowd.

Standing room only apparently:

Don’t worry, they’re all firearm experts, every single one of them. Politicians seemed to outnumber the protestors as well. Tanya Plibersek, Lee Rhiannon, David Shoebridge and Sam Lee accounting for at least 25% of the protestors.

The most hypocritical part? Thanks to footage sent to us, NSW Police were protecting the protestors with firearms at Martin Place.

Sam Lee and David Shoebridge:

And the Police protecting them:

What a great way to take the moral high ground about so-called gun violence, protected by the objects you are complaining about. Why did you need guns there?

Furthermore, the event took place at Martin Place – the site of the Lindt Café siege where guess what, an illegally acquired firearm was used to bring Sydney to a halt and more people ended up being shot by Police than Man Monis. Also note the bollards at the entrance of Martin Place to protect against vehicle attacks.

Sam Lee then managed to get in front of a microphone for her usual incoherent babble:

Hold on tight – to what exactly? Credibility?

The same old sophist drivel from Sam. As if Donald Trump knows or cares about your message. I’m sure the 10 people there didn’t either.

The fact that virtually no-one turned up to the Sydney protest bar a few Greens supporters from the Left Renewal chapter shows you just how much Australians’ care about Gun Control Australia’s views.

This Australian exceptionalism attitude about lecturing Americans about gun laws, while not knowing anything about either Australia or the United States when it comes to firearms, is becoming a cringeworthy trend that needs to end.

David Shoebridge apologises to FOU for “Hitler” tweet

You may recall a few weeks ago, the Guardian ran a story about FOU President James Buckle that contained defamatory and grossly untrue content.

Furthermore, Greens MP David Shoebridge put out this tweet in response to the article:

After we reviewed the content of the article and Mr Shoebridge’s tweet and undertook comprehensive consideration of our legal options , we sent this to both Mr Shoebridge and Michael McGowan at the Guardian:

Yesterday, David Shoebridge tweeted this:


We unreservedly accept David Shoebridge’s retraction and apology.

The Guardian has notified us that it has pulled the article from it’s website, pending review. We have yet to hear anything more from the Guardian.

We remind our members and the public that we will under no circumstances tolerate slanderous and baseless defamatory attacks like this on our organisation, which has no affiliation with any other political organisation and is solely interested in the preservation, protection and promotion of firearm rights in Australia.

Yours in unity,

The FOU team.

Sam Lee and David Shoebridge to host gun control echo chamber in Sydney pub

When you’re 2 ammunitions short of a full magazine, go full potato.

Hoping to ride the wave of pathetic anti-gun screeching being permeated in the Australian MSM, Gun Control Australia’s Sam Lee and Greens MP David Shoebridge are going to be hosting an hour’s worth of drivel at a Politics in the Pub event in Sydney entitled Freedom through gun controls or unlimited firearms?”

Yes, who better than the Greens to be giving a talk on freedoms and individual liberties. The title of the talk gives you a feel for the intended deliberate polarisation of the subject matter.

What couldn’t be more balanced about this talk? Two virulent anti-firearm activists; one a paid activist who has proven time and again that she doesn’t know what end of a firearm a bullet comes out of and the other an unhinged, ultracrepidarian Greens MP that has made it his personal mission to witch hunt everyone he doesn’t like?

One can imagine how this will play out. An audience full of bussed in Greens supporters in an already left leaning pub, screened questions (if any) and everyone nodding in furious agreement with each other.

As usual, no pro-gun counter balance from someone such as Dr Samara McPhedran because differing opinions would be offensive, you bigot. If it’s anything like Shoebridge’s Facebook page, he’ll be banning and blocking dissenting opinions all over the place.

In other words, a CNN Town Hall in a pub.

Much like the “solidarity protest” they are planning outside the US consulate in Sydney on March 23.

Now, the other question is will they change the location at the last minute like they did two years ago, when SFFP members showed up to confront them at their media conference? Or will they chicken out like their compatriot Philip Alpers did in New Zealand last month in Otago when faced with a hostile pro-gun crowd?

It would be great to see fellow firearm owners turn up and really ruffle some feathers, as it’s been shown before that it really doesn’t take much to ruin an echo chamber with these intellectual lightweights.

Fake News: Victorian Greens claim you can buy a firearm legally without a licence

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party of Victoria MLC Jeff Bourman introduced a bill into Victorian Parliament this week to allow the advertisement of individual online firearm sales, bringing Victoria into line with the rest of the country.

Unfortunately for those in attendance at the upper house debate, the Greens opened their mouths via Sue Pennicuik:

No, that is not the case at all. You need a valid firearms licence to purchase any firearm legally in Victoria. Sure, you can fill out the paperwork for a Permit To Acquire when you apply for your first licence at the same time but you’ll find that there’s a little something on top of that application:

Good luck picking that firearm up from a dealer without a licence.

Sue got salty when we confronted her about this on Twitter:

Let’s take a look at the Victoria Police website shall we?


So as you can see, more of a case that Sue only read the part that suited her and her corrupt party’s agenda. If Sue can provide evidence of a PTA being approved without a valid firearms licence then we’ll stand corrected.

We’ll wait.

The rest of Sue’s litany was just the usual Greens’ emotive rhetoric and even David Shoebridge got a mention – what better way to bolster your credibility on this issue.

Further, these comments point out the total uselessness of the PTA system. A PTA is essentially another licence you must apply for after you’ve already been granted a licence to own firearms. Essentially it is a licence within a licence – completely and utterly useless authoritarian bureaucracy for no proven benefit and a lazy cash grab to boot.

A licence within a licence? Reminds me of a movie with Leonardo Di Caprio.

This is nothing really surprising from the Victorian Greens, with their former leader and anti-hunting hypocrite Greg Barber recently resigning so he could “go do some fishing.” It’s not hunting when it’s fishing according to the Greens.

And it’s just the usual authoritarian hysterics from a fake environmental party that had nothing to say about the ongoing invasive species disaster unfolding in this country, after Australia was found to have the 2nd worst biodiversity loss in the world last week. Further restrictive gun laws and hunting laws that the Greens continually call for just throw kerosene on that massive dumpster fire.

The Greens ‘care’ about diversity – just not diversity of Australia’s native wildlife.

A better solution to this mess would be to dump PTA’s completely and move to ten year licences, as is the case in New Zealand where they also don’t waste their time on pointless bureaucracy with firearm registration. The Northern Territory also recently introduced ten year licences, there is no reason Victoria can’t do the same when it already does this with motor vehicle licences.

The bill has proceeded to the lower house for debate.

Were the Greens and Gun Control Australia waiting for another tragedy to happen before releasing report?

Gun Control Australia’s recent media blitz in the wake of the Las Vegas tragedy to attempt to push for new laws has come under scrutiny.

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of reading through Philip Alpers’ recent “report”, in which some real Olympics-grade mental gymnastics has been performed to attempt to blame lax enforcement of the National Firearms Agreement at the state level on an already non-legally binding agreement, you might dig in a little deeper and find this:

Now, this may not seem like much and indeed be nothing, but it begs the question: Were Gun Control Australia waiting for another tragedy to happen before releasing the report?

Why wait until another Las Vegas happened on October 1st? Why not release the report publicly as soon as it was ready? The only other possible explanation was the end of the national firearm amnesty, however, that was merely a whimper among the chest beating and posturing from the Australian media last week.

All we can say is, leopards don’t change their spots. And given now they are trying to target the Pardus our money is on a firm “yes’ to the original question.

This is an identical play to John Howard’s 1996 stunt where he admitted having the National Firearms Agreement, literally a copy and paste job from the 1991 Keating Government proposals, ready to go and low and behold, Port Arthur happened.

It’s also identical to the 12-month campaign Gun Control Australia led in the prelude to the Adler ban, hoping to capitalise on the 20th anniversary of the Port Arthur Massacre and we all saw what happened there. We’re surprised there was no incident during that whole affair.

And given the level of political opportunism being taken over the Las Vegas shooting by GCA, the AMA and AMF calling for centralised storage, the QLD Labor Govt forcing through the lever action reclassification and Globalist Mal using it to try for facial recognition and a data grab, it’s not at all surprising.

Not as surprising as shotguns being able to take AR15 ammunition though.

Greens and Australian media fail to generate hysteria about legally owned firearms

In the next episode of Gun Control Australia’s “exploit Las Vegas” agenda, they took to the ABC, among other publications, with this about how many firearms are stored in each suburb and how the sky is apparently falling:

“Private gun owners are stockpiling arsenals of more than 300 firearms in suburban homes in some parts of the country, according to new data obtained by the Greens. The trend is thought to be driving an overall increase in gun ownership nationally.

Gun-control advocates say the private caches are “honeypots for criminals”, and also pose a public safety risk if their owners become mentally unstable. The most comprehensive figures are in New South Wales, where figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws from NSW Police reveal the top 100 private arsenals across the state.”

This data is not new, having been released almost a year ago by David Shoebridge and the fifth columnists at the ABC are making it clear whose side they are on, if they hadn’t already.

Shoebridge also whinged about how he couldn’t get access to the number of legally owned firearms within the community within different states, but doesn’t seem to mind when Gun Control Australia repeatedly deny requests to disclose membership and funding sources as they did at the last Senate Inquiry.

The Greens and GCA want a “special blitz on licence holders” and now also want Police to conduct pre-purchase inspections. Cool story, I’m sure they will appreciate the extra workload on top of their lack of resources. And if the Greens and GCA are worried about “mental instability” then they can start with some introspection.

The Las Vegas card was pulled yet again. Totally different country, different laws and a whole lot of questions still being asked about Stephen Paddock and the entire event including possible second shooters. Further, you can only use one firearm at a time. Automatic firearms and bump fire stocks are not legal in Australia but that doesn’t stop them being acquired either – ask Rick Maddison how he got his.

In summary, Las Vegas is not at all relevant to Australia but that won’t stop GCA and the Greens getting mileage out of it.

If Shoebridge is upset about storage laws then he can also ask about where Victoria Police’s 200 firearms went, why Queensland Police seem to keep losing firearms and ammunition and just how Barry’s Firearms was knocked off despite having the toughest storage requirements. We listed a number of facilities broken into in the past year which have the storage GCA want and there has been deafening silence from them on that, for obvious reasons.

And of course, this “special blitz” won’t cover any of the people using their firearms incorrectly in certain suburbs of Sydney, nor will it cover any of the overwhelming majority of shipping containers and international mail coming through our borders unchecked.

This was all part of the Greens and Gun Control Australia’s predictable plan – ie complain about firearm numbers, falsely claim that thefts have increased (they haven’t as proved by an entire Senate Inquiry) and then use them to step by step lobby for firearm limits.

Not once did the ABC question how David Shoebridge releasing this information wasn’t putting firearm owners at risk of theft. Nor did they ask if any of these firearm owners had used their firearms illegally – because they haven’t and because their ABC couldn’t spin it as such.

This is also part of a larger push for a national firearm registry, just like the ones both Canada and New Zealand got rid of because they weren’t worth the cost or effort for no benefit. It’s pretty obvious to see why GCA have done this on the back of Globalist Mal wanting states to hand over their driver’s licence databases.

All this is also in part an acknowledgement and a whinge about how legally owned firearms are increasing, firearm ownership as a whole is increasing and strangely enough there’s no correlating massive explosion in shootings with legal firearms.

Basically, this is Sam Lee and Shoebridge’s tears.

Be right back, going to go buy another gun now.

George Soros’ civilian disarmament lackey Rebecca Peters bombs again on the ABC

Rebecca Peters reared her head in the Australian media last week on the back of accepting an Order of Australia for her work on gun control.

Peters had taken time off from her work in Guatemela to accept the award. Considering it is ranked 10th worldwide for per capita homicide, seems like she has “work” cut out for her. Surely a National Firearms Agreement will solve that one.

Peters was only outdone in the farcical award stakes just two days later by Gillian Triggs being given an award for freedom of speech. It just goes to show that these institutions have been cheapened beyond redemption and are no longer about contribution to Australia, but rather just blatant politicisation.

The former head of the Coalition for Gun Control, Peters’ took to the ABC in full force. She first appeared on ABC Radio to call for a “national firearms audit” but completely avoided explaining how that would actually work, how much it would cost, how it would account for illegal firearms and what benefit it would have other than for any government bureaucracy to leak data from.

The day of Peters’ appearance on the Drum, 3 people were shot in Keysborough, Victoria and just two days prior a 5 year old child was shot in Sydney. Both of those incidents strangely enough were not mentioned by anyone on the Drum panel.

While wearing her Order of Australia medal to give her apparent credibility, Peters again trotted out the false claim that Australian firearm laws are “being watered down.Apparently, putting a 7 shot lever action shotgun in the same category as an AR15 is “watering down the agreement.”

Loosely translated, Peters meant to say that her master George Soros and his UN cohort weren’t happy with the National Firearms Agreement Review and want it done again.  Further, that aside from one change, spending 18 months on a review that went nowhere, ignored stakeholders and resulted in virtually copying and pasting the previous agreement, is apparently worth doing all over again.

Peters claimed that this alleged watering down was not in the “spirit of the agreement.” What is the “spirit of the agreement?Was it financially blackmailing Queensland and South Australia into accepting the NFA in 1996 by withholding federal funding until they did? That’s about as “spirited” as The Drum not allowing a pro firearm counter argument on their show to rebut Peters’ claims.

Peters’ claimed that the 28 day wait period on a subsequent firearm purchase for licence holders, should be rigorously enforced and that it was being watered down. The only state to enforce the ‘subsequent 28 day PTA’ law is the epicentre of useless bureaucracy, the ACT (on Cat A/B). Queensland and Tasmania (which currently only has one staff member who works part-time to process Permit to Acquire applications, hence the recent backlog) used to have this policy but then dropped it when it was quickly apparent that it was an impractical mess.

Peters’ suggestions are ludicrous but not surprising. Does she really expect that respective Police forces around Australia have the time, energy and manpower to now conduct audits and investigations of each individual licence holder every time they apply for a new firearm? If we take Victoria as an example, according to the Combined Firearms Council of Victoria we find that as of 2014 there are over 214,000 firearm owners and growing in that state at the rate of 2.4% per annum. If just 10% purchase a new firearm in one year, that’s 21,400 “investigations” that Victoria Police, who are already massively understaffed and dealing with a 10% increase in crime, are expected to perform in addition to their daily duties.

Maths, like her knowledge of gun laws or telling the truth generally, is obviously not Peters’ strong suit. By the way Rebecca, when did we make laws based on feelings? “Spirit” of the agreement, indeed.

The other interesting claim that Peters made was “we still have 170 firearm suicides a year.

Well digging into our archives, this is what Peters’ said in 1996:

The ABS data shows that a record 3,027 suicides occurred in 2015. The ABS stopped recording the method of suicide in 2009 but going off those statistics as a guide, we see not much has changed and firearm suicides are a small percentage of all suicide:

So, essentially firearm suicide has not changed, remains a small percentage of overall suicides and that the NFA has essentially no bearing on the suicide rate, which has been steadily increasing in recent years:

This is also what Dr Samara McPhedran found in her study on firearm suicide.

Many of those firearm suicides are rural suicides. Ironically, some of these are by farmers pushed to the brink by the feral pest epidemic  – a by-product of the ridiculous NFA. So, instead of doing something constructive to assist those in rural areas who may be at greater risk of suicide, Peters just wants to take away one tool of many. Right.

The rate of firearm suicide has essentially not changed, while overall suicide is up. So why did we spend $600 million and a ton of other money on pointless restrictions? To prevent mass stabbings too like this morning in Brisbane?

Further, how are heavy restrictions on semi-automatic firearms of any benefit to preventing suicide in the first place? As we all know, it’s those second and third follow up shots that really make the difference in suicide prevention, much like a banker committing suicide by apparently shooting himself seven times with a nail gun.

As we spoke about last week, the upcoming Queensland election has Ms Peters and her ilk well and truly worried. The One Nation factor, the Katter factor and the fact the Queensland Labor are well and truly on the nose, not just for their earlier transgressions against Primary Producers, is what has them spooked. But probably not as spooked as the “one address with over 300 firearms”.

That was a licenced firearm collector by the way, Rebecca. Lay down with David Shoebridge, get up with fleas.


Relevance Deprivation Syndrome: David Shoebridge

Just when we thought that he’d disappeared from the planet completely, our favourite anti-firearm agitprop validation seeker, NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge, reared his head again.

In the latest instalment of perpetual  failure, Shoebridge tried his hand at “Mean Tweets” a format made popular by Jimmy Kimmel. This was most recently tried by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, which only resulted in more epic fail and ridicule for Senator Sea Patrol.



While we don’t condone these comments (insults, the calling card of the left, don’t contribute anything to the debate) we can also see frustrated firearm owners tired of not being listened to, being forever treated like criminals and having to endure the eternally dishonest likes of Shoebridge and his ilk routinely lie, slander and harass firearm owners, often unchallenged in the media. It’s also freedom of speech whether you agree with it or not, and we all know what the authoritarian Greens are all about when it comes to that issue. Shoebridge is perhaps the epitome of this – a lawyer that is absolutely petrified of any rigorous debate or intellectual challenge on the issue of firearms that he goes out of his way to avoid any such challenge. His version of a safe space differs from ours, greatly.

And herein lies that Greens’ hypocrisy and sophistry we all know and hate – Shoebridge picks a few tweets from firearm owners and makes them representative of the entire 1.3 million plus firearm owners in this country. Could you imagine the outrage if a similar stunt was directed at any of the minority groups the Greens approve of and that were referred to in some of the tweets? Remember, it’s only minorities they care about (and will vote for them) that matter.

Shoebridge actually provides no proof that these  individuals own firearms. It’s fair to say they do however, Shoebridge goes one further and says they are “part of the gun lobby.” Ah yes, the perpetual myth of an NRA style, well funded firearm lobby with limitless media access continues it’s magical neurolinguistic journey in the Australian discourse. It doesn’t exist, however a well funded (meaning with international funds from George Soros’ Open Society, primarily through Rebecca Peters), vocal minority anti-firearm lobby in Australia does exist which can actually be proven.

Further, a sweeping glance of the Facebook pages of Coalition Against Duck Shooting, Hunt the Hunters, etc or any time a firearm article graces the social media pages of the ABC, Guardian, SBS or any other media outlet in this country and the anti-firearm and anti-hunting vitriol begins in earnest. But that doesn’t apply because the Greens approve of it.

And there’s this historical gem from Gun Control Australia (note the free speech invocation):

It’s this kind of pathological conduct from Shoebridge which makes it little wonder the NSW Greens are in complete disarray. It was also quite glaringly obvious that Shoebridge was trying to bait firearm owners into giving him more of the same that he could exploit – much like his laughable recent visit to the Lithgow Arms Factory in NSW. In the trolling game, Shoebridge is not even amateur – he’s just embarrassing.

The kicker in this article – Shoebridge also mentioned that he is travelling to the US to “study the US gun lobby.” Well, we’re sure that will be fair and balanced. The reality is obvious – he’ll travel there, pick some “far right leaning Southern boys” and make them representative of the firearm lobby, in some selectively edited video he’ll put out through his social media channels. No doubt David will also be going to the gun control mecca of Chicago, or perhaps not.

He’s also going on Tom Gresham’s show, and will no doubt attempt to exploit Tom’s lack of knowledge of Australian firearm laws (in fairness Tom probably knows more about our laws than Shoebridge, not difficult) and try to pass off the same garbage narrative about our unsuccessful success and make the same intellectually dishonest comparison between Australia and the USA.  He wouldn’t dream of travelling to New Zealand as that would also be the coup de gras for his gun control fairy tale.

The hypocrisy is ever more rank when one takes into account that Victorian Greens MP Greg Barber called Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Senator’s Daniel Young and Jeffrey Bourman recent journeys to the US to study firearm laws “shooting junkets.”  Well, I can’t wait to see the expenses audit on Shoebridge’s tax payer funded jaunt to the US. Either that or is he using AMF/GCA/Soros money before it all dries up.

I also further note that Shoebridge had nothing to say about the AKM and Tec-9 recently seized by NSW Police. Kinda hurts your narrative when the members of society that should not have automatics have them despite your bans, doesn’t it?

Shoebridge, much like John Howard and Walter Mikac is clearly suffering from Relevance Deprivation Syndrome – and what’s most amusing is that it only took him under a year to do it.

Lesson, David – if you have to tell lies to prove your point, you’ve already failed to make it.

A lesson David appears not to want to learn. Ever.