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Jackboot Jacinda following the exact same playbook as Jackboot Johnny

Talk about Ctrl C + Ctrl V:

Speaking after a Cabinet meeting on the country’s gun laws and security after the mosque attacks that killed 50 people last week, Ms Ardern said an “in principle” agreement about the decisions on gun reform had been made. When asked about the delay, the Prime Minister said: “There’s details to work through.

“These aren’t simple areas of law. So that’s simply what we’ll be taking the time to get right.”

She added: “We haven’t made a specific decision around the nature of the inquiry.

“So, there are three options — royal commission, public inquiry and ministerial inquiry. There’s very few differences between the first two.

“The third one gives you a little bit more ability to manage timelines and a few options around the management of classified information.

“What we’ll be looking at and making a decision over the nature of the inquiry is timeliness, public confidence and dealing with classified information.”

Meanwhile, other reports say that an agreement has been reached within 72 hours:

“She announced her cabinet’s “in principle decision” 72 hours after Friday’s mass shooting left 50 dead and 36 in hospital, adding that the details would need to be finalised.

Ms Ardern said there would also be an inquiry into the events leading up to the attack. It took Australia 12 days to agree upon gun reform after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996.”

72 hours is a record. Royal Commission? 22 years and waiting on this side of the ditch, so don’t hold your breath.

This is the exact same playbook. We’ve had the instant calls for gun control less than 24 hours afterwards. All the candlelit vigils, hashtags, and high emotion etc.

Right now is the “who will we blame” anger phase, and on cue we have the waves of hacks and presstitutes in the MSM crying for blood from gun owners 24/7:

“Why does anyone need a semiautomatic?”
“Think of the children!”
“You murderer!”
“We don’t want to become America”
“Ban them”
“I’m a (fudd) gun owner and I think we should change the laws”

As well as that, we have the “we are united in Parliament” which is code for “who do we threaten or blackmail” and if reports are true, it appears Winston Peters and NZ First has sold out already.

Up next will come the “we will listen to the firearms community” but whether this amounts to anything more than a platitude will shall see. Given the 72 hour “in-principle” agreement one can be cynical.

All it needs now, is Jacinda donning a bullet proof vest in front of a crowd in a rural town yelling “I’m sorry there is nothing we can do.”

All that is happening here is the jackboot coming down on the throat of New Zealand, arguably the last “free” Commonwealth country. You’re not going to be safer or more protected. Police with AR15s couldn’t stop what happened in Christchurch and you believe that they should be the only ones with them?

There is no registration on certain categories and as we’ve seen in Australia, most won’t comply and the black market will become now infinitely massive. Congratulations, you’ve just got yourself a lucrative illegal firearms trade.

And I’m sure the Chinese are rubbing their hands with glee at the disarmament of the local population, considering their overt political influence in the country.

Ardern’s logic is the first public mass killings in nearly 30 years in New Zealand, despite already having tough gun laws and vetting procedures that even Australia doesn’t have, is reason enough to collectively punish and confiscate the property of 250,000 people who had nothing to do with a very well planned mass killing of immigrants by an immigrant.

Insane but as we’ve said, Groundhog Day.

However, you can also wake up to a different alarm clock if you so choose.

Law abiding firearm owners should not allow themselves to be emotionally bullied by weak-minded political control freaks, fifth column filth in the press and emotionally-naïve useful idiots in the public sphere who do not understand or have a stake in the issue. This is exactly what happened in Australia in 1996.

Just a polite ‘no thanks’, as you purchase more firearms and remind your MP’s to do their job and prosecute the psycho who shot up the mosque, not the 250,000 of you going about your daily business.

Take it from Australia, you don’t want to go down our road as soon enough your lever actions shotguns will be what they are coming for – ignore this at your own peril.

Failing that, go long boating accidents.

And to those firearm owners who have allegedly been handing their firearms in, hand your balls in with them as well because it’s clear you won’t be needing those either.

Watch your language: How politicians and the media warp Australians’ perception of firearms

It’s obvious to many that the Australian media and politicians have been at the forefront of shaping Australians’ perception on firearms, particularly to those who are indifferent or against firearms in general.

The level of astounding mistruths and misinformation that are promulgated on this topic in Australia is of epic proportions, but like any issue, unless you’re a firearm owner or clued on about guns in some way you aren’t going to know that. Frankly, most Australian journalists and politicians are rubbish when it comes to the issue of firearms.

It’s important to understand how they have been able to achieve this and it’s very simple: through language. In reality, they nearly always employ a barrage of emotive buzzwords in place of any sane debate or discussion on this topic in Australia. It is exactly the same trick as yelling “racist” or “bigot” when you want to shut down a debate on immigration or any other issue.

There many terms used by the Australian media and politicians to stifle debate on firearms and we’ve identified the five worst phrases.

“Port Arthur!”

Google just about any article on firearms in Australia and it’s a safe bet that the Port Arthur Massacre is in some way mentioned.

This is, in reality, a form of trauma-based neurolinguistic programming. When Port Arthur is uttered, the average Australians’ thought process goes something like this: “Port Arthur Massacre – man killed lots of people – semi autos are bad – John Howard changed gun laws – no mass shootings since.”

All of these points are demonstrably false when explored with an open, objective mindset and a hint of critical thinking. There’s little to no discussion by the media of where the AR15 used allegedly came from, the Police response time, the active role John Howard and Tim Fischer took in ensuring there was no Coronial Inquiry or Royal Commission or any discussion about how the National Firearms Agreement was formulated as far back as 1991 by Labor. There’s no exploration of the relationship between NFA architect Rebecca Peters and her personal financier, George Soros.

It was infamously said that the reason for no Royal Commission into the events at Port Arthur was because of ‘trauma to the victims’, but it seems that goes out the window whenever there is some issue regarding firearms in this country and it’s ok to keep bringing it up and put the victims’ through it every time.

It is the go-to weapon of the media but fortunately, the knife has really started to become blunt. Continually relying on Port Arthur as your primary argument for gun control is in fact, a weak one.

“American style gun culture!”

Another buzzword deemed fail safe and arguably the 2nd worst used. If in doubt, just bring up some vague comparison to the USA and the debate is, apparently, over.

There’s never any discussion about the complete disparity between the two nations which add validity to any discussion: levels of income disparity, population size, gang activity, health services, demographic crime trends, etc. It’s just a straight up, superficial black and white reference.

Comparing Australia to the United States is an intellectually dishonest, false binary argument. There’s never any mention of the daily examples of firearm self-defence by US citizens which far outweigh the total number of homicides ever year. There’s no discussion about disproportionately higher African-American crime rates or the scourge of Mexican cartel violence spilling onto US soil. Those who cite this argument also almost always don’t know what the laws actually are or the wide variance of laws at the federal, state and county level.

There’s also no comparison to other western countries such as Canada, Switzerland, Czech Republic, etc which have far more liberal gun laws and comparable crime rates to Australia.

The reality is the per capita murder rate in the US has declined 49% over the last 25 years while firearm sales and concealed carry permit holders have nearly trebled. Meanwhile, south of the border, Mexico just posted a record number of homicides for 2017 in a country with gun laws stricter than the UK. Don’t worry though, their lives don’t count.

It’s also amazing that Australians’ are so open to sledging the US on this issue, yet we complain about not being able to defend ourselves in our own homes and are 100% reliant on the ANZUS treaty for military protection against foreign threats.


The amount of lies told about self-loading, semi-automatic rifles in Australia is astounding.

The biggest one being is that they’re banned completely in Australia. Well no, they’re still legal. Semi-auto handguns are also still available. However, the restrictions on both of them are absolutely ridiculous and make very little common or legislative sense that they are virtually banned.

The doublespeak around semi-automatic rifles is even more blatant when Police are praised for having them yet citizens are demonized for the same. When the Police have them they are deemed “proper and necessary tools to protect the public” but when the public have them they are “killing machines designed purely to commit the next Port Arthur”. Seems fair and reasonable.

Semi-autophobia is one of the leading causes of ignorance in Australia in the firearm debate. Meanwhile, over the ditch in New Zealand (and a slew of other countries), one of these can be hand on the lowest category of licence and remains the most popular rifle in NZ. No “mass shootings” there in 21 years either.

“Firearm Buyback!”

First of all, you cannot buy back something you did not own in the first place – this is sleight of hand. The use of this term is deliberate and invokes a sense of mutual agreement. “Don’t worry mate, we’ll be a good government and give you some cash for that gun and she’ll be right”. The reality, as we have seen, was far more sinister than that.

Call it for what it was: compensated confiscation with the threat of imprisonment. Seriously, does this look like a passive buy back to you?

Further, the number of number of firearms that were confiscated by the government seems to inflate year on year and depends on who is doing the reporting. There’s also no mention of several of those firearms re-entering circulation due to negligence and corruption in 1998 either. Or you could ask Michael Keenan about how many were recently handed in.

“No mass shootings since 1996!”

Patently false and one of the more annoying catch cries. If we want to get technical, then the last mass shooting in Australia honour goes to NSW Police, who shot an escaped mental patient with a pair of scissors and three old ladies out for morning tea at Westfield Hornsby in 2016. But that’s ok, because the government did it.

There is no international consensus on what constitutes a mass shooting. The FBI uses mass killing as 4 or more. Interpol use 4 or more, some countries use 3 or more. Should it be people shot or people shot and killed? Who is right?

Australia has changed the definition of mass murder multiple times since 1996 and the latest research by the notoriously anti-firearm University of Sydney used “5 or more killed by one or more perpetrators” to get around the Logan shootings in 2014. They also were forced to concede they couldn’t attribute any decline to the 1996 laws.

They also discount the massive decline in firearm homicide, as shown by the ABS no less, between 1980 and 1995.

Mass shootings are a poor metric of firearm law effectiveness. We now have daily gun crime in our cities, home invasions and car jackings are now a regular occurrence and the public is unable to protect themselves against it with so much as a pepper spray.

Declaring that victims of mass shootings are somehow more dead than those that are killed by other means is also a facile argument. Do victims care how they’re killed or injured? No, they care about why it happened and how it could have been avoided. We have had many sickening mass casualty attacks since Port Arthur, some with and some without firearms, with vehicles now seemingly the latest trend.

There’s absolutely nothing to stop another mass shooting – as Man Monis, Rick Maddison and a slew of other incidents have shown. And the second another major one happens in Australia, the apologists won’t know what to do with themselves.

There’s also been no mass shootings in New Zealand for the last 21 years either despite not changing the laws, but that doesn’t count for some reason.

Obviously, the above is not an exhaustive list. There are several other terms that they employ like “assault rifle”, “high powered”, etc, which are equally as dishonest and have the same objective.

Again, education and experience are key in the firearm debate. The media and political class know this, hence why they invest so much time and energy in emotive linguistics to keep the debate in a juvenile context.

However, you can only cry wolf so many times before the magic wears off and the fake news MSM seem not to have learnt their lesson.

It’s not all bad though, in 2017 during the firearm amnesty Channel 9’s Brett MacLeod interviewed Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MLC Jeff Bourman in a very balanced and noteworthy interview. This is the standard the debate should be at in the media and kudos to Brett MacLeod for providing some much needed balance.

Note to the media: Brett is smart.

Be Like Brett.

NSW Police firearm amnesty raises more questions than it answers

Keen to pat themselves on the pat back and keep attention away from their continued mistreatment of David Dunstan, NSW Police put out this release regarding the firearm amnesty:

Nearly 10,000 firearms and firearm-related items – including 602 handguns and 1575 shotguns – have been surrendered to police and dealers in NSW as part of the National Firearms Amnesty. The three-month campaign which ran from 1 July to 30 September 2017 also saw 13,729 firearms were handed in for registration and 2101 were acquired by dealers.

Of the top ten local area commands (LACs) to receive the most surrendered firearms, firearm-related items and prohibited weapons, nine were in areas outside of metropolitan Sydney. Oxley LAC received the most with 1322 items. NSW Police Force Deputy Commissioner Regional Field Operations, Gary Worboys, says the response from the community has been overwhelming, especially in regional areas.

“It’s extremely encouraging to see community members recognising the danger posed by these weapons and doing the right thing by handing them in or having them registered,” Deputy Commissioner Worboys said.“There has been a really strong response across the state which means there are now fewer unwanted or unregistered guns on our streets.

Deputy Commissioner Metropolitan Field Operations, Jeff Loy, said gun crime affects everyone.

“In the wrong-hands, guns are a lethal weapon so it’s pleasing to see people are keen to do the right thing and have used the opportunity to dispose of firearms and other weapons to ensure they don’t end up in the wrong hands,” Deputy Commissioner Loy said.

Surrendered items of interest include 20 SKS assault rifles, eight M1 carbine military self-loading rifles, four sub-machine guns, a Colt AR-15 rifle, a .44 calibre magnum revolver, an Adler 110 shotgun, and a Mauser model 1918 T-Gewehr-Bolt Action anti-tank rifle.

“It’s concerning these high-powered weapons and modified guns were in our community but they have now been destroyed under amnesty arrangements,” Deputy Commissioner Loy said.

Under the amnesty 130 prohibited weapons including 14 crossbows, 27 suppressors, samurai swords, knives, and other edged weapons were also handed in.

Anyone with information concerning gun crime in NSW should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Remember, information can be provided anonymously. We don’t need to know who you are; all we need is the information you have to hand. It may just help us get illegal guns of the street, and save lives in the process.

Apart from the usual false claims of SKS rifles being ‘assault rifles’, we hope that T-Gewehr is handed in to a museum or a dealer. And we’re thankful that cannon is off the streets and Australian Border Force can rest easy from the threat of piracy.

Is David Dunstan’s .22 rifle also counted among those handed in as ‘involuntary’?

The EF88 Austeyr handed in was not an EF88 and was actually an AUG, given the raised rail, lack of ADI moulding on the buttstock and the lack of lockout button for semi-auto fire. Plus one to NSW Police on it’s substandard level of firearm identification and still apparently being able to justify the military appearance law.

One also has to question why an Adler 110 was handed in. Was this a legitimate hand-in or pure propaganda from NSW Police? Or was it the infamous Adler that was alleged to have been stolen and shortened from Broken Hill last year, that just amazingly happened to pop up in the news a week before the reclassification?

The stats are also disingenuous when this claim from Oxley that 950 firearm barrels were handed in. How many more were purely firearm parts and not complete firearms? It’s safe to suspect that there has been a pretty decent massaging of the statistics from NSW Police.

Well, plenty of questions remain about the amnesty:

What was the breakdown per category of firearm handed in?

How many were from deceased estates?

How many were handed in by known criminals?

How many were functioning firearms?

How many were purely firearm parts counted as firearms?

Are the non-firearms surrendered during the amnesty counted as part of the total?

Without access to this information or data, the amnesty is just another PR stunt from NSW Police and another kicking of the can from Michael Keenan. Given that there were 6 shootings in 4 days last week, including two people shot on Friday night, it’s pretty fair to assume the criminals didn’t hand theirs in.

We also remember what happened the last time there was a firearm amnesty in 1997 in NSW and many of those so called surrendered firearms ending up back on the street.

It’s also meaningless considering how many firearms there are 915,000 firearms and counting in NSW and on average 120k guns a year are being imported across Australia:

While a permanent amnesty is a far better option as is the case in several states already, it seems that common sense, as always, has not prevailed.

It’s also interesting that the NSW Police press conference was notably silent about illegally imported firearms, such as the one recovered by NSWPOL literally two days earlier.

But they’re just an ‘urban myth’ according to Philip Alpers.

“50,000 firearms” handed in during firearm amnesty virtue signal

The 3 month virtue signal exercise aka the National Firearms Amnesty from Justice Minister Michael Keenan came to an end this week.

This statement from the Prime Minister’s Office:

“Australia’s 3 month National Firearms Amnesty has led to more than 50,000 firearms being handed in across Australia. This is an overwhelming response and represents a significant reduction in the number of unregistered firearms in the Australian community.

Australia has some of the strongest gun laws in the world but illicit firearms remain a threat to community safety. As a result of this successful amnesty, there are now 50,000 fewer firearms on the streets.

While the amnesty has now finished, the Justice Minister Michael Keenan is encouraging people who still have an unregistered firearm, or who come into possession of an unregistered firearm, to contact their local police station or firearm registry. The firearms surrendered under the amnesty ranged from historic pre-1900 weapons and guns from both World Wars, to modern semi-automatic firearms, a homemade machine gun and even a rocket launcher.

A number of more unusual items were also handed in. These included a sawn-off shotgun found at a local tip in 1995, a handgun used in the early 1900s for personal protection, a pistol small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, and a heavily modified Russian shotgun.

The Turnbull Government is continuing the Howard legacy of strong gun control laws. We are also seeking to increase penalties for gun traffickers, including with mandatory minimum sentences. But Labor opposes this change. They’ve blocked it in the parliament three times. Labor and Bill Shorten are a soft touch on gun control and would rather have gun smugglers roaming the streets.

This amnesty has succeeded in keeping Australians safe, and confirms the resolute commitment of the Turnbull Government to national security. Contact details for state and territory firearm registries can still be found on the firearms amnesty website.”

All this as Turnbull was using an event that happened in another country to justify more attacks on Australians’ freedoms, through facial recognition and subverting states’ rights and forcing them to hand over drivers’ licence details. The usual from globalist Mal.

What was not made public was the break down of what type of firearms were handed in. The only state to do so was Tasmania Police, which already have a permanent amnesty, although it was merely a Facebook statement:

“Tasmanians have handed in almost 2,000 unregistered and unwanted firearms during the National Firearms Amnesty.

Surrendered firearms consisted of 745 shotguns, 1071 rifles and 108 handguns, including:

  • 2 x SKS military-style semi-automatic rifles handed in, one in the north and one in the south.
  • .222 calibre rifle handed in anonymously to a North-West firearms dealer and later determined to have been stolen from a man in the North-East in 1995.
  • 150-year-old antique Belgian Lefaucheux 9mm pinfire revolver in good condition, along with a tin of original rounds handed in by a woman in Southern Tasmania. The woman said she believed the revolver was used as protection on mail train services. Discussions are underway to donate it to TMAG.
  • Norinco NZ75 9mm pistol handed in in the south and listed as being stolen since 1995.”

In other words, none of the serious stuff. Still waiting for those M72LAW’s and the remaining 110 Glocks from Sylvania Waters post office to be handed in.

A whopping 2 SKS’ of the literally hundreds of thousands imported into Australia during the 80’s and 90’s and not handed back? Give yourself a round of applause, Michael Keenan. One also has to take into consideration that the numbers are more than likely massively skewed when you take into account that firearm parts are classified as firearms in some states, as was identified in the Senate Inquiry in 2015.

The numbers are further meaningless when you take a look at the legal firearm import figures for the last few years:

So 300,000+ firearms imported for the last 3 years of data available on top of everything else already in Australia. Furthermore, given the pathetic container inspection rates and lax international mail scan rates it makes you think – what is getting through in the illegal market that they don’t know about? A lot.

Furthermore, what is the breakdown of who exactly handed these in? How many were from deceased estates and how many were from known criminals? I’m sure that data would never be publicly released if it was indeed ever kept.

So this amnesty means what exactly?

It’s a stunt which hasn’t achieved anything except look like real estate agent turned politician Michael Keenan look tough and again give Australians the perpetual false impression our borders are secure, where in actual fact they are wide open.


“I’m being bullied!” GCA’s Sam Lee plays the victim card

Gun Control Australia’s grave standing bonanza on the back of the Las Vegas shooting ended today with Sam Lee having this to say:

The chair of the nation’s gun control lobby is urging politicians to be courageous and stop restrictions being rolled back – while revealing the horrific threats she’s faced from shooters.

Gun Control Australia chair Samantha Lee often receives threatening and degrading text messages and communications from gun lobbyists. She’s been a victim of online abuse with videos uploaded to YouTube showing gun enthusiasts shooting at images of her.

“There is a group out there that threatens, harasses and, particularly, that likes to target women,” Ms Lee told reporters on Thursday. “It is threatening, that’s the whole point of it, to stop people like myself speaking out against gun violence here in Australia and advocating for strong gun laws.”

Ms Lee said she’s seen such tactics work in the past with people unable to bear personal attacks. She wants Australia’s politicians – particularly the prime minister and federal opposition leader – to do more, arguing it shouldn’t be up to private individuals to lead the fight for better protections.

“If they are truly concerned about gun safety in this country then they should put their necks out and stand up for strong gun laws in this country,” Ms Lee said. Labor leader Bill Shorten has called for an extension of the commonwealth’s gun amnesty following this week’s deadly shooting in Las Vegas.

Mr Shorten also wants to see gun smugglers – who run criminal syndicates bringing illegal firearms into Australia – face life imprisonment. Malcolm Turnbull wants minimum five-year jail terms for gun runners.

But Ms Lee says that’s not nearly enough. “This is lazy, safe policy, it doesn’t step on any toes of the gun lobby. “We want courage. We want these men to come out and actually tackle the legal firearms market.”

So there we have it. The victim card has been played.

“There is a group out there” – which group, Sam? You can’t open the book and not tell the story.

Sam Lee has used the exact same tactic Lesley Podesta of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation did a couple of months back – out of actual arguments and unable to deal with organised, factual opposition from the pro-gun side of the debate, out comes the “I’m being bullied” and voila, victimhood. Pretty rich for organisations that have been privately funded to bully gun owners for the last 21 years to complain about “bullying”.

There are also plenty of female shooters in this country that think you’re a joke too Sam, so playing the gender card as well is irrelevant. Also kinda like female hunters being bullied to the point of suicide?

And advocating “stepping on the toes of the gun lobby” after complaining about violence? Deary me, it really is amateur hour at Gun Control Australia.

While we in no way condone threats or abuse, it’s pretty clear why this is happening. You can’t run a consistent, authoritarian campaign full of lies, mistruths and sensationalism with the end goal of restricting the freedoms of others, while at the same time avoiding any accountability or opposing views and not expect there to be some kind of backlash.

And as for Shorten and Turnbull’s posturing, who cares? Shorten is just doing the usual Labor virtue signalling and Turnbull is too busy taking more of Australia’s freedoms away and running the country into the ground, so who cares what he thinks? Both of them are rubbish.

You’ve more than made your bed Sam, you’re going to have to sleep in it some time.

Greens’ David Shoebridge dances on the grave of a dead child to push gun control

After a tragic shooting in Sydney on Sunday night which saw a child killed in an apparent accident with an illegal firearm, a full court press has erupted from the mainstream media in desperate defence of “muh world class gun laws.” Not an absolute word was said about how the current amnesty would have prevented the tragedy.

From the freefalling share prices at the depths of Fairfax:

The father of the dead girl was charged on Monday with possessing an unregistered and prohibited weapon and failing to take all reasonable precautions to ensure it was safely kept. A single-barrel sawn-off shotgun, allegedly brought onto the property and left unattended by her father, caused the child’s death.

Well there’s more to the story:

“Domestic violence had previously affected the family. Police had been called to the home before, including in September to reports of gunshots and yelling. On September 20 last year, an AVO was taken out intending to protect the victim’s mother. The order banned Mr Moussa from going to the woman’s house or workplace.” 

Not even before the child’s body was cold, Greens MP and serial idiot David Shoebridge placed two feet upon it and used it to push for “tougher gun laws”:

“Greens MP David Shoebridge said every gun death was tragic “but it is especially cruel when the victim is so young. At this time our thoughts are with this little girl’s family and friends. This emphasises how important safe storage laws are and how any weakening of our gun laws can be a matter of life and death,” he said. It was only three months ago that the Coalition and Labor voted in Parliament to water down safe storage laws.

“The law used to provide that if any firearm wasn’t safety stored it was automatically confiscated, this is how the law should be. Parliament should urgently reverse these changes.”

Channel Nine also weighed in with a scare piece that culminated in reporter Gabrielle Boyle using an illegal sawn-off rifle to take the moral high ground. This is the same Channel Nine that chickened out after Peter Overton made a gaffe a few months ago about how many people were killed with illegal firearms and had to pull their footage because they were afraid of being memed out of existence.

So just to sum up: a shooting committed with an illegally shortened, unregistered firearm by an unlicenced individual who was already the subject of an AVO, was breaching that AVO and had previously breached said AVO and committed firearms offences at the same address a year prior – is the fault of legal firearm owners.

Right. The Kool Aid’s over there with that guy named Jim. He’s sitting next to Man Monis who is trying to explain the situation.

Troy Grant, who has a lot to answer for when it comes to firearms laws in NSW and his part in the Adler debacle, is 100% on the money: “there is no way to ensure the safe storage of an unregistered and prohibited firearm.”

In reality, it’s no different to the 21 years and counting that the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, Gun Control Australia, Philip Alpers (who reared his unfunded head yet again) and Rebecca Peters have been standing on the graves of the Port Arthur Massacre victims for the same cause, and being paid for it.

After actually reading the more draconian NSW Firearm Regulations Draft 2017, nothing has been “watered down” to this effect (in terms of safe storage anyway, not the rest of that awful document) and it has actually made the process easier for NSW Police to assess storage requirements and you know, do more important things like go after real criminals with illegal firearms? This kind of deflects from the press announcement last week from Michael Keenan that the black market in Australia for all things illicit is now a $36 billlion a year problem.

A timely reminder of how rare it is for children to be killed by firearm in Australia thanks to, you know, the actual stats:

(It’s also nowhere near what the media report it to be in the United States)

More to the point how is this more tragic than throwing a child off the Westgate Bridge or drowning them with your car? Or that little incident up in Cairns where 8 children were killed with a kitchen knife?

Oh that’s right, a firearm was used so the child was “more dead” because of it and the hysterical Helen Lovejoys’ on the Sunrise Facebook Page ate it up.

This move by the Greens is also an attempt to sway public opinion against the SFFP in the upcoming Cootamunda by-election and as a swipe at Phil Donato’s junior licence proposal.

Well, good luck with that Mr Shoebridge because it now looks like you’ll have two by-elections to be salty about.

Desperados: Australian media launch another pathetic wave of government sponsored anti-firearm propaganda

As three people were shot, a man threatened people with a machete at a McDonald’s, a woman was stabbed in public in Fitzroy and a slew of service stations and a jewellery store were robbed last week the Australian Government again launched another wave of anti-firearm propaganda in order to sell the firearm amnesty and to try and shill for the Nationals, who are in real threat of losing yet another seat to the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party in NSW in the upcoming Cootamunda by-election.

It kicked off in earnest last week when SFFP MP Phil Donato announced he would like to see the age of junior licencing reduced from 12 to 10 in NSW. The Helen Lovejoy’s of the Australian media then all responded on cue with their usual cries of Ragnarok and school shootings, without explaining how exactly the death toll will reach the stratosphere by lowering the supervised junior age two whole years. They also failed to explain New Zealand does not have an age limit under supervision, allows firearms that Australia doesn’t, has a minimum adult licence age of 16 and doesn’t have a whole pile of dead children for the gun control crowd to dance on.

There are currently 7196 junior firearm licences in NSW. Numbers on how many people under 18 killed by gunshot since 1989 according to the ABS:

Yeh, hardly the apocalypse.

The Daily Advertiser also chimed in, attempting to pin the blame for firearm crime on legal firearm owners and theft from said premises, while not mentioning once that theft from licenced owners in NSW is not even .1% of the 915,000 + total firearms owned in that state.

From the article:

“We’re fortunate in Australia that we’ve seen so little gun crime. The United States, for all of it’s freedoms, has an absolutely shocking number of gun-related deaths every year. Walk into any Walmart or Bass Pro Shop and you can find a number of firearms available for sale with far fewer checks and balances on who buys them. There are even the really worrying weapons, like semi-automatic assault rifles, not just the supposed “rapid fire” shotguns that the Greens carried on about earlier in the year. Ammunition for these guns is also cheap and plentiful.”

Comparisons to the USA and defining semi-automatic rifles as “assault rifles” is a clear indication of the quality and intent of this article. Victim blaming is still in vogue.

Arguably the pick of the week was this press conference from NSW Police,  proclaiming that over 6400 firearms had been handed in during the amnesty. This was sleight of hand because that was the total number, including those that were turned in for registration. The real “claimed” number was closer to 2360.

From Yahoo:

“Thousands of firearms, including a .44 Magnum revolver, assault rifles and sub-machine guns have been handed to NSW police as the national gun amnesty reaches the half-way mark. The amnesty which ends on September 30 allows anyone with an unregistered firearm or firearm-related item to legally dispose of, or register, such items with police without penalty.

Since being declared a month ago, 1700 rifles, 460 shotguns and nearly 200 handguns have been surrendered and thousands more firearms submitted for registration. Surrendered items include four SKS assault rifles, a 9mm homemade sub-machine gun, a Colt AR-15 rifle, M1 carbine, a .44 calibre Magnum revolver, and a Leader Dynamics T2 MK5 assault rifle.”

Firstly, it’s not clear if these were genuinely surrendered or were from seizures which NSW Police are trying to claim as surrenders. Given that firearm parts are also being used in the total number, it’s not hard to see the statistical gymnastics in play. Watch out for those deadly scopes, people.

Furthermore the firearms on display during the press conference, in my view, purely looked like they had been plucked straight out of a museum (including a Bren gun), or from previous seizures and not surrenders. No sign of the Sylvania Waters’ Glocks or the M72LAW’s either.

On top of that, they were caught by Ron Owen, coming off yet another win against Queensland Police, recycling stock photos from 2016 as part of their propaganda.

Michael Keenan also took to the media during the week to spruik said apparent success. However, Keenan was purely trying to distract from yet another Australian Border Force smuggling scandal involving organised crime this week. ABF is already embroiled in a scandal with Commissioner Roman Quadvelig.

There was some good news however, with the Lithgow Small Arms Factory proactively trying to save historical firearms being handed in during the amnesty. This comes right after Cleaver Firearms stepped in to rescue an Owen gunnery training camera last month.

Kudos and much respect to both of them.

With another two months of the firearm amnesty to go, more spurious articles and inaccurate claims are such a safe bet, that I doubt even Sportsbet would bother running a market.

Gun Control Australia’s Charles Watson gives train wreck interview on ABC over national firearm amnesty

Desperation stuff.

Gun Control Australia spokesman Charles Watson gave an interview on the ABC this week on the national firearm amnesty. As usual, GCA were allowed to air their view unopposed, with no pro-firearm guest on to counter the myriad of farcical claims made by Watson.

Who is Charles Watson? Well, he has a career in Medicine and academic research. He’s also one of the infamous University of Sydney alumni which houses Philip Alpers, Rebecca Peters and Simon Chapman. Why he’s decided to diminish his other qualifications by jumping on the GCA gravy train while having no expertise or research in firearms, remains a mystery.

The interview was about as formulaic as it gets in terms of standard GCA talking points, with Watson stammering and stuttering his way through it.

Watson conceded that criminals and terrorists wouldn’t turn their guns in at the amnesty. No kidding? He also claims that storage laws need to be tightened but was completely oblivious to the theft at Barry’s Firearms that occurred in the state of his residence, with the strictest storage laws in the country. Not off to a great start.

The usual fallacious claim of “no massacres since 1996” was made straight off the bat as well, which comes as news to the victims of our latest massacre at Bourke Street; the standard “only counts if you get shot” mantra applies here. David Leyonhjelm wrote a great article last week addressing this continually perpetuated “no massacres” myth and the accompanying goal post shifting and mental gymnastics that goes with it, rendering Watson’s claim inert.

Watson then claimed the 1996 firearm steal-back was “effective in getting pump action shotguns and semi-automatic firearms out of the community.” That comes as a surprise to Man Monis, Rick Maddison and the rest.

The perpetually debunked Adler shotgun card was played yet again and Watson then claimed that hunting in national parks was allowed in New South Wales. Aside from a very limited SSAA NSW pest management initiative that has kicked off to a tiny few, that claim is entirely false.

Watson also didn’t mention the recently released report by the NSW Department of Primary Industries, which showed the hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of jobs that hunting in NSW tips into the state’s economy.

This is where it gets entertaining. Watson claimed that “6000 firearms a year were stolen” and that “99% of illicit firearms were stolen from the legal market.” A claim so bold that even the normally biased, ABC host’s expression was one of disbelief.

The National Firearm Theft Monitoring Program produced it’s last report in 2011 and stated that “a total of 1,570 firearms were stolen in 620 reported incidents of firearm theft in 2008–09 from all Australian states and territories excluding Western Australia.”

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s latest report states “Theft accounts for the diversion of 8.5 per cent of firearms traced in 2015–16. While it is likely some of these stolen firearms come into the possession of organised crime groups, the total number is unknown.”

The Senate Inquiry from 2015 is the most damning for Watson’s claims: “Data provided by state and territory police indicated that firearms from a very small percentage of theft incidents (less than 5 per cent) reported in the four year period 2005-06 to 2008-09 were subsequently used to commit a criminal offence or found in the possession of a person charged with a non-firearm related criminal offence.”

Watson also claimed that the AFP were “very good at detecting illegal firearms.” Well that’s not what the Auditor General’s office stated in it’s latest report on the scanning of international mail, where the ANAO’s report indicated that around only 13 per cent of prohibited imports arriving in international mail were seized in 2012-13. The AFP even admitted at the same Senate Inquiry they only knew about what they intercepted. Considering their current struggles with encrypted messages, the plot thickens.

And to top that off, Australian Border Force failed to meet their container inspection targets for 2015-16, which still only accounts for 3% of the 2,300,000 containers on average that arrive in Australia.

Roland Browne then claimed the next day on ABC Radio it was “2000 firearms stolen.” Piers Grove, perhaps the lesser known face of GCA, wrote different numbers in the official GCA press release. It seems that GCA can’t even co-ordinate their propaganda correctly and that the A in GCA might as well stand for amateur.

The entire interview was purely Watson reading off a script and collecting his cheque.

That cheque may be diminishing returns considering that Gun Control Australia’s “fighting fund” has not even met half of their goal at the time of writing (I’m sure GetUp and the rest will ‘anonymously’ donate them the money). According to the same campaign, GCA is “staffed by all volunteers.”

Yeah, sure.

It seems that money can’t buy credibility or popularity for GCA. Charles Watson should stick to medicine because the prognosis for his credibility on firearms is a resounding negative.

“Feel good” amnesty stories and WA Police break their own firearm safety rules

The Australian Government has kept up it’s propaganda drive for the national firearms amnesty, flooding the mainstream media with a wave of “feel good” amnesty stories to validate Justice Minister Michael Keenan’s vanity project.

Tasmania Police claimed that 154 firearms had been handed in across the state in the first week of the amnesty. No details were provided what exactly was handed in and where, not even so much as a photograph.

NSW Police claimed in The Land that 50 firearms had been handed in to Oxley Firearms Station and 25 to Tamworth. The infograph in the article again points out the perspective of just how few that is, given the recent increases in legal ownership ib regional NSW.

The pick of the action came from WA Police. A whopping total of 4 firearms and 115 rounds of ‘ammunitions’ were handed in to Albany Police. WAPOL later claimed that 130 firearms had been handed in during the first week of the amnesty.

It’s kind of redundant when most of these were 99% likely to be from deceased estates and not a threat to the community in the first place, and also when you see how many firearms there are already in WA that aren’t causing problems anyway:

A view of the comment section under their thread showed that most of the public are displaying a general cynicism toward the amnesty as well. WA Police only outdid themselves with this video featuring one of their own:


Well, perhaps WA Police might wish to refer to their own firearm safety booklet:


Sure, the firearm was likely empty (at least you’d like to think so even with the magazine in). However, this doesn’t send a very good message to the community, is quite the double standard and was quite frankly, unnecessary. I don’t see that kind of activity going down very well on any range across the country with a licenced firearm owner. We all know the consequences for a licence holder.

Perhaps WAPOL should focus less on PR and more on trying to locate the 100+ stolen firearms from Barry’s which apparently they still have “no idea” where they are.

Gun crime marks start of National Firearm Amnesty

Obviously not everyone got the memo.

The first week of the national firearm amnesty has not seen a break in gun crime – colour us surprised.

A man in Coburg was shot in the leg outside a motel in the early hours of Sunday morning after a dispute. This was followed on by the shooting death of a 19 year old on the Central Coast just 24 hours later.

Then, a couple were held at gunpoint in their Gold Coast home during a home invasion. This was after a Gold Coast couple were attacked with a machete in another home invasion. A man held up a supermarket in Kangaroo Point with a rifle and then a Cranbourne family were the victims of a ‘random’ drive by shooting on their family home.

It’s also noted that the Australian Government has the press flooded with firearm related stories to try and keep it on the public consciousness. Rebecca Peters reared her Soros funded head again to tell us all how she’s apparently only one National Firearms Agreement away from putting Central American drug cartels out of business. Good luck with that one Rebecca, Knights Templar, MS13 and Sinaloa Cartel generally don’t recognise Order of Australia medals.

There was this completely irrelevant story floating around about a firearm accident from Florida. And 60 Minutes did a story on the city of Chicago and it’s gang violence problem, while failing to mentioning the stringent firearm laws in Illinois, the demographic doing most of the shooting on the South Side of Chicago or the fact that just 2% of the counties in the US are responsible for 51% of the murders. ‘Amazing’ coincidence on the timing and relevance.

One week down, eleven to go.